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What was his conditon like at the time that he died? Were his dying symptoms consistent with that of HIV/AIDS? Things such as significant weight loss and skin lesions?

I suppose his early death was some sort of divine mercy, because with Mobutu's regime being snuffed out...he would have fell into the hands of his enemies in or lived a paraniod life in whatever country was willing enough to provide him long-term refuge, cause that little rest stop in Monaco wouldn't have lasted very long!



He was under a considerable amount of stress around that time; his father's regime was collapsing before his very eyes and his fate was hanging in the balance as political enemies felt emboldened during this time. If he had been suffering from HIV, perhaps all of these aggressive changes complicated his illness and further advanced his mortality.

Although, I question if his cause of death was really from AIDS. Wasn't he actively working to undermind the military control of Kinshasa by Kabila, even after his father's death? In none of the last photos of him does he show any known symptoms of HIV/AIDS.

I suspect he was poisoned, but maybe my conspiracy theories are a bit far fetched.


Thanks for the update, I've always wondered what happened to Ondoma. Koffi needs to start hanging on close to his band's travel visas, too many are quick to settle in Europe after touring.

Athough with the recent terrorism in Europe and Trump's administration giving rise to a more conservative view of global immigration, perhaps defections to Europe will becoming increasingly more difficult compared to the 90s and early 2000s

Quarter Latin's long time keyboard player was Ondoma Motema. However for Affaire D'Etat, Koffi had recruited French session keyboard player Philippe Guez to play on the entire album. He is credited on the album as music programmer as well, sharing it with Koffi.


Kongolo "Sadam Hussien" Mobutu really was the Suge Knight of the Congolese music industry! Although his wealth and music taste is responsible for the patronage of classic albums and concerts, his violent and manipulative nature definately damages his legacy.

I heard after Mobutu's government fell to Kabila, he found refuge in Monaco before dying of AIDS. How the hell did this happen? The international community knew very well the stories of violence and sexual predation surrounding him and his cohorts. I'm surprised they allowed him to spend the rest of his days, though short, inside their borders.

Thank you for the history, I bet you NOBODY from 4X4 missed Mobutu ???????????? Adolphe and Alain Mpela will shake their heads in resentment at the sight of old footage of Kongolo hahaha

Congolese Music / Re: FUNNY STORY ABOUT "KIPE YA YO"
« on: March 19, 2018, 10:33 »

That's a funny story! :D

Where was this album recorded? It may have played a role as to why the album's sound wasn't up to par with prior releases. And I guess I'll have to give credit where it's due kiekiekie...Seguin was impressive on the drums.


Lord have mercy, Matebu! Dr. Nico was certainly near death in that footage, he's so gaunt! :-\


Wow, thank you brother for the insight! Even if they had money, ignorance of the disease would have taken them anyway. Plus, the medical help that would have prolonged life wasn't around at that time. Many in America and Europe were dying as well, because they too didn't know about the disease and how to treat it upon catching it.


I agree! What Wenge El Paris needed was a two or three dedicated donors. If the financial backing was there for studio time and proper promotion, they would quickly organize a legitimate band and compete with the others.

Savanet Depitsho is a good vocalist when his contributions are tailored into a song rather than singing the chorus. For example, Koffi's Victoire has Savanet doing a call and response with the chorus members which is exciting and brilliantly utilizes his unique voice. Another example is Malanda Ngombe, where a singer of a slightly different octave starts off the song before passing the baton to him where the transition feels natural.


The 80s were a tough decade for music all over the world, the HIV/AIDS epidemic robbed many artist of long and promising careers!

Does anyone know why Docteur Nico passed away so young? I hear many things like AIDS or alcoholism being the cause. Around a year or so before his death, he just stopped producing guess is he had a health crisis from which he never recovered.


This looks like a case of involuntary manslaughter until he left the scene. The fact that he was drunk and behind the wheel is going to really hurt him when he has his day in court...


The lack of impact was understandable, a follow up generique that equals or surpasses that of Toujour Humble is a tall order.

Why did Monsieur Simon drag his feet in terms of promoting clips for JB Mpiana's albums? He did very well with Pentagone, Toujour Humble, and Titanic but why was there no clips for Feux De L'amour (aside from the title song)?


Without a doubt, Kakol is worse! Seguin has relaxed somewhat because of that fight a little over a decade ago, which cost him a song on Anti-Terror and later almost got him expelled from the band.

But Kakol's taste for violence extends beyond bandmates, I heard he even beat up his wife that one time.

Congolese Music / Re: Extra musica 242 is out
« on: March 16, 2018, 06:31 »

There's NO band in Brazza that can compete with them neck and neck, so that fire to prove something isn't there.

Their best work came from polemic; Trop C'est Trop and Shalai. But ever since Extra Musica International folded and the second split in 2005, Roga Roga felt no need to push the creative envelope because he feels like they've "won".

Congolese Music / Re: ROGA ROGA & EXTRA MUSICA - 242 (AUDIO)
« on: March 16, 2018, 06:26 »
Perhaps it's time to hire a new rhythm guitarist, because the foundational melody of their recent output gives Sonor little to compose impressive solos with.

Either that or Extra Musica has some serious writer's block because it's been rinse and repeat job with them lately.


Interesting observation. Do you think there's a culture in Congolese music that prefers artist or bands to be formed locally as opposed to being imported? Perhaps that explains the difficult start of Damien Aziwa and company.

I also forgot that Internet came out the same year as Kibusia Mpimpa, what was the general response to that album? It definately had heavy competition with rival Werrason releasing a couple months ago, before Koffi followed with Effrakata in November.

I thought Internet was good; it was nice having Ficcare as a main soloist again since Pentagone and he showed that he hasn't missed a step musically. Plus, Tutu Caludji impressed me as a singer with Tshico Londonien and Alain Mpela is a vocal delight as always! What were your opinions on the album?

Simon Music really dropped the ball in terms of promoting the album, the clips were released WAY too late. They were already promoting Anti-Terror by the time those clips were released, which explains Alain Mpela's absences from the clips.

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