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(No order, I'm excluding generique)

I love the Patrouille des Star, especially the sebene on C'est Mon Choix. It's impossible not to dance with.

Extra Musica's 12 Balles is played with a determination that I've never seen from the band, it commands attention!

Koffi's Gilba because it's a very unique guitar tone yet aggressive and works well with the heavy drums and bass.

Aurlus Mabele has a great song; Bolingo n'gai which understands that there's a measure of perfection in simplicity. It doesn't try to dazzle with distortion or schizophrenic scale changes, but repeats a beautiful scale with occasion chord progressions.

Maybe top three sebene

who played on Tave? The sebene was explosive!

Flamme Kapaya played lead guitar on Tave.

« on: May 15, 2020, 08:08 »

Dolin responding to the backlash and insults he’s been getting from angry BCBG fans and Mosaka
Truth hurts.

I can understand being anger at Mosaka insulting you but Dolain really should focus on music only he will be th BCBG's Celeo if he keeps doing this kimd of.rants. the sad fact is that the video got only 939 views in a week and 25 dislike and 9 likes. People do not.want to hear the truth
 JB is not anywhere musically. Europe people do not know him the way they know Fally and even in Congo people are starting to forget him. JBL, Kibens and RIO must go or work behind the scene because the BCBG fans they do not want them anymore and everyone do not want to see them again

Is he scared of disappointing people? He seems to be close to releasing the album but changes his mind

Good to have him back

i'd say 4X4 won but also using some of the techniques which exists for some artists today "fina bango po biso kaka tobima danger",it has not always been a battle in same conditions
thinking about it except ekokota the other person i would really love ado to interview is marie paul

Ado will waste the whole interview asking about the Pentagone until the 1997 split, despite the fact that El Paris and 4×4 rivalry entertained people for almost a decade.

Did anyone notice how Brigade and Apocalypse were messing each others animations up by interrupting each other especially at 1:06:40. Kinda reminds me of when Beevens would do the same to Somono.

They never got along, so it explains those little petty attacks on each other lol

After the Zenith-tour & recordings of Fula Ngenge, there were issues about money when they returned to Kinshasa, because they weren’t paid. They had some concerts in Kinshasa with Papa Wemba (Cinemax, YMCA, etc., then Wemba returned back to Europe to have concerts with Viva Ka Musica « Cours des Grands ». In meantime Nouvelle Écriture in meantime the musicianship of Nouvelle Ecriture weren’t happy the way they were living, having no money, having paid the instruments they used the rehearsed with their own money and Wenba’s staff giving them a hard time. So Bendoson started to argue about and got suspended. Which made him join Quatier Latin, after getting contacted by Koffi Olomide. But he left quickly, when he Wenba’s wife Amazone convinced him to rejoin Nouvelle Ecriture. He rejoined and they started touring in Africa with Wemba because of Fula Ngenge’s succes (Ghana, Gambia, Ivory Coast, etc.), but they weren’t paid, Wemba claiming that Gerard Akueson who came with those contracts stole his money, while are neighbors in Paris. Then they wen’t to Addis Abeba and Bendoson wasn’t statisfied with the money he received. So after they returned to Kinshasa, he started his own band with Pompom Miyake, Ramazani & Christian na Nzenze. They had some succes in the first months and started working on the album "Les 4 Coins Cardinaux". But quickly things would go wrong. Pompom Miyake left as first and tried to rejoin Nouvelle Ecriture, but wasn’t accepted. Few months later Christian na Nzenze & Ramazani would leave to join Quartier Latin, leaving Bendoson alone. Bendoson tried to finish the album by his own, by making from it a solo album and erasing the songs of his former colleagues. But he started having financial difficulties. After some months he decided to join Jolino along with Babia with the collaboration wasn’t a succes. When Wemba was touring in Europe after Bercy, Bendoson contacted him to rejoin and Wemba accepted. He participated to Somo Trop, putting the song Ileme Eve in that album and a duet with Alpatchino (Esprit ya Sika), not long after it he would become Chef d’Orchestre. But in 2005 he would getting fired by Wemba after critizing Maïsha Parc openly in the media. He started then he own band and recorded his solo album FaceB, inviting Fally Ipupa, Heritier Wantanabe, Thierry Mogratana & Gessac, which would get released in 2007. The album flopped and 2 years after it he decided to immigrate to South Africa. Not long after it he became a brother in christ (I think because the way he felt guilty the way he killed his wife). In 2014 he came to Lubumbashi and formed a karaoke-band and would have some concerts with Wemba. Later on Wemba contacted him to rejoin Viva in Kinshasa to coach the young inexperienced singers and in later stage the band over from him, since that he’s the one of the original co-founder of it (also give the name Nouvelle Ecriture) and knew alot of secrets. He accepted the offer and they started to prepare the Maître d’Ecole-presentation concert which had to have Nyoka Longo, JB Mpiana, Barabara Kanam, Manda Chante and him as guest (he had to be presented in that concert). Before a few weeks before that the concert had to take place, Wemba went with a part of his band to Abidjan and died there. After it Bendoson and the rest of the band tried to fight to defend Wemba’s legacy, but there were alot of conflicts, alot of musians not being happy the way Bendoson became like a leader and starting dominating the band which made some leaving, other getting fired by Amazone and Wemba’s staff being in conflict with Bendoson. Then last year Bendoson got fired by Wemba’s staff.

He killed his wife?! Why isn't he in jail?

So even he knew Maïsha Parc was a fraud attempt at unity?

Great singer but he needs to grow up,the same goes for the chronifuatis,if i were a journalist i would not entertain nonsense when am interviewing someone but it seems our brothers are just used to this shit. Before yoou do polemique with someone,make sure you match their level artistically and where business strategy is concerned.

The problem with kabose too that he is a bit hot tempered at time his uncle felix who was also a bit like that often tells him to slow down people do not know it since its kabose and he does not have that much of attention around him but its an habit for him to have i remember once he went to diss fally and ferre that they are blocking his songs on trace tv and so on and journalist put him in his place he literally insulted that woman and she said she'd not finish interview unless he apologized,which he did when there was 3 minutes left and just gave shoutouts and left
Kabose aza complexe, he is always accusing others of trying to destabilize him, why would anyone block his music on Trace Music, does he mean Ferre and Fally pay Trace not to play Kabose's music, sounds ridiculous.

Honestly, I don't think he has any hard feeling against Ferre. This might be clout chasing for promo in his career

I think Ferre Gola should forgive Sankara but he does not have any obligation to talk to Sankara ever again. I think Ferre Gola just needs to focus on reconciling with Werrason. I think Ferre cares for Werrason but like everyone knows "Wenge Mentality" will prevent Ferre and Werra from fully reconciling. Werrason and Ferre Gola will need to have someone like Heritier to come and get them in a private room where they hash out their differences.

I'm sure Ferre doesn't pay attention to Sankara, there's no need for an apology

My apologies to all Congolese in this platform but Congolese men are pathetic, weak and stupid......... Seriously all these stories about them imagine, attacking someone because you think he is better than you, who does that.

Its not only this imagine Ambulance, R Kelly and Co. Left a full functioning band to form their own that flopped in less than a month........ Seriously mpre than 6 men agreeing on something and they all fail.

Some leave groups and come back, Koffi kicking girls

Stop it with this nonsense. Are congolese musicians the only ones doing this? Musicians of so called great genre do worse. Booba and Kaaris fought in an airport, were they congolese? Americans rappers are congolese? R Kelly pissing on minors, is he Congolese?

Stop it. It's normal to disagree with these behaviors but it does not give you the right to freely insult congolese men.

Agreed, you can't condemn an entire nationality of men because of the actions of celebrities. A regular Congolese man couldn't get away with half of the things R.Kelly and others have done, it's money, bad character, and influence that make bad behavior common

Yeah, he was the main star of Nouvelle Ecriture back in the days. In the previous album he alot of succes with his songs Mamu Kapinga & Effo Perso. In ‘L he had the chance to put two songs Erreur & Ba Yankee ya Sika and he composed Itshari’s song Veron Bompele.

Back in the days people started comparing Bendoson to Reddy Amisi and it was starting to create polemic, both guys not liking each other and Bendo starting to become big headed because the fame abd starting to ignore Reddy.

What happened to his career? He joined QL when they were in preperation for Attentat, but apparently he left within a few days of joining. Did he sleep with a dancer or were other singers jealous of him?

« on: May 10, 2020, 19:13 »
He also briefly talked about Wenge EL Paris how he joined the group with JDT, Cesar Loboko and co. he joined after through Francis Kalombo who called him to join after studying in europe for over a year. The album Nganga Nzambe is often mistaken for a El Paris album but its actually a Marie Paul Album, and they had huge success in Kin for example performing at Palais du Peuple and RTNC live. Mobotu was the one who brought them to Kin after being in conflict with Wenge 4x4 and they recorded Le Monde a L'Envers in South Africa. He was approached by Koffi to join QL and he signed a 2 year contract to join and made sure his lawyer saw because he wanted to make sure he had a salary. When he joined the group since he was already a proven star he joined just to be a normal member and that the group became a family. Whilst the group was preparing for Zenith in europe him, Koffi and Bouro went to the Kora Awards in and Depitcho saw Michael Jackson and he later told Koffi and Koffi started moaning hard because it was always his dream to meet him, and also Koffi was jealous of Defao  and Depitcho and Bouro told him not to worry and they worked hard on the Choreography. After Academia was formed he says the people he was closest with in the group were Fally, Jordan and Mustapha (he even said if Mustapha is watching the live to come in contact him because it's been a long time since they've spoke since he doesn't know where Mustapha is nowadays). Koffi would spend most of his time in Europe and Depitcho would manage the group in his absence and they would sometimes have concerts without Koffi and Jordan in the comments said if Depitcho didn't like you Koffi wouldn't like you haha. He's grateful to Fally and Jordan for always going out their way to mention him in interviews as their older brother, When going on the trip to Bercy Koffi with Mustapha and the dancers arrived late whilst the rest of the musicians  were already on the plane and Koffi tried to get them to get off the plane but the door was already shut and they hid, Koffi started panicking when the plane flew off because he thought they would run away as soon as they landed and create another Academia, They landed at Brussels and got on the coach and went to the hotel and waited for Koffi. He left after the concert in Switzerland because him and Jordan arrived late and he was told he was not allowed to go on stage which pissed him off because he had mabanga customers and he noticed he was getting 12 for a little while so he preferred to leave and Jordan actually wanted to leave with him but Depitcho told him to go back to the group. After he left he briefly created the group with AGB Stars with JF and Cesar but the group didn't even last 6 months since they had different visions so left and created his own group. He was asked why his Albums are not on streaming and he said it's because of mistakes he made with those labels and signed some bad contracts but he's doing all he can to get them on streaming, his favourite concerts that he participated was Olympia and Bercy, and that him and Bouro were actually fine and their relationship wasn't bad as how people think. For him Mboshi and CNN are some of the best animators to come from kin since Mboshi did such a good job animating alone at Olympia and CNN did such a good job replacing Mboshi.

Great summary; you hit all the points. Jordan was actively commenting and correcting, so we know it was honest interview - the man accepts no BS  :D

Maybe Jordan should be a journalist lol

« on: May 09, 2020, 23:40 »

Ironically enough, his place was never really in any danger from Attentat to Danger de Mort. Who could replace him?

« on: May 09, 2020, 07:34 »
Could you do Momi by King Kester? I feel like it's only Wenge and QL that gets shine on these forums. If you can...

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