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because he wants to act like other leaders who are also self centered,so that all the praise comes for the leader,imagine eclipse got voted twice on some awards in kinshasa as best atalaku of the decade for his consistency and the fact that he does clean animation 0 mention of it,0 event to congratulate him from the group
the musicians who left were those who had the balls to say no to his new behaviour
he was not like that not long ago,even the opinion of an ambulant seller in front of his house would be taken into account,now his idea and those of his brothers are the only ones worthy

What changed him after all these years? Is it his brother's influence? Is he insecure about his place in music? He seemed so chill in the past, this change is radical

If he's not careful, he could lose Eclipse. People have limits for how much disrespect they can take

he is just trying to defend himself and deflect from his own responsabilities this is by a countrymile the concert which had the longest time for promotion and he spent most of the time becoming self centered because of himself wanting to do like others and  listen to the bad influence around him
he never allowed the band to promote until he fired gesac and co then musicians got forced to attack them to redeem themselves,has not given them even just one song for years,and all their songs of the last albums have never been followed with clips released while all of his own singles since then have how would they have been able to bring crowd,i thought what happened would be a wakeup call for him but unfortunately it looks like he is gone too deep into that idea that because he is intelligent its always his idea which is better than the band's who are all less intelligent according to him
he is for example accusing other artists to have bought 100K tickets so that he fails

Why doesn't he listen to his band? Maybe they have good ideas for artistic direction, lately his music hasn't been connecting with people. It could be time for different ideas. Is he afraid that he can't claim credit if he listens to them and the songs turn out successful?

Is that Brian Solo? So he also left?

yes he left on his own when they were made to sign a new contract which had zero advantages to them

What's going on? Wazekwa is literally destroying his band

Joss was in the stadium but wore mask and hoodie so that people do not recognize him including the group

I guess deep down Joss loves Wazekwa,  he couldn't stay away for long

Congolese Music / Ironic Fact of Extra Musica
« on: August 14, 2023, 18:29 »
Despite dominating the choruses and having a lot of vocals on his group's songs, Abillisi barely sings when it comes to his own song


I used to hate on this album harddd back in the days and it’s recently I’ve started loving this album lol it took 17 years to like it  ;D
My question is would it have been better if Koffi left the vocals of Mirage, Asso, Brigade in the album instead of erasing them in favour of Modogo, Bouro and Mboshi who all returned, because the album was recorded in Kin it was meant to even be released before it actually was, and they reworked some parts in Europe.
Bouro replaced Mirages vocals after the latter disappeared in Brussels, Modogo replaced Asso’s vocals and Mboshi replaces some of brigades cries.
I’m only asking because the returnees didn’t even last long in the group and Asso and Mirage were meant to co lead Binda Bass’s song Moustiquaire. I was so disappointed when I realised Koffi left Asso, Brigade, Tshe Tshe de Balle, Mbetenge in kin I was looking forward to seeing them after watching the boma nga n’elengi DVD.

Why did Mirage run away? He had a similar profile to Fally – handsome, good singer, and could dance well. He really did bounce from group to group like QL Integral, Generation A, then QL lol

Libérateur went directly to Italy during Papa Wemba's arrest?

Ah, I see what you mean about the solo songs, but I feel like Papa Wemba was starting to distance himself from Alpa; on the other hand, Apocadero seemed to be gaining momentum, but it was short-lived. I think Bendo didn't have much luck in his career, and his oversized ego prevented him from putting in the effort. He even went to war with Reddy, despite coming out with Reddy's vocal style. His conflicts with Papa Wemba... I actually thought he didn't fit in Nouvel Ecrita. I remember he created a subgroup called 'Les Bagarreurs.'

Wasn't he the one who became a pastor or a brother in Christ in South Africa? Now, on his Facebook or in shows like on Papy Mboma's, he goes on tirades against Jesus Christ.

The singer who was with Bana Malongi and with Ferre is Échappe

Where is Bendoson now? If he's in Congo, can't he still be held legally responsible for his wife's death? Also, was Bendoson a difficult personality like Guy Guy Fall and Reddy because of arrogance or is he labeled that because he's not a "yes man" like the others in the group? I know that being too honest with opinions and holding your ground can be seen as problematic in Congolese groups.

Lol, asking Karmapa to do that is llike asking to Lutumba or Josky Kiambukuta when being alive, to start to do more generiques with Bana Ok while having a rumba-odemba background. I don’t know if you ever followed Karmapa’s interviews, but he always said that the thing that motivated him to do music, was to stop the big influence of seben/Ndombolo in our music and to bring the old rumba of Vicky Longomba, Grand Kalle Jeff, Lutumba Simaro, Bokelo Isenge, Franco Luambo Makiadi and Tabu Ley back with meaningful songs and not songs with names. Also with the idea that the bandleader should sing more instead of letting the bandmembers doing the most work. He was hoping that it would influence the rest of the music-scene and it also worked. Today all artists are doing rumba. These reasons is also why he came with a reserved “R” in his name when releasing his first album, to refer to an upcoming Revolution in our music.

The thing you can do is just to put with other mad pression on Clan Wenge to release albums with sebene in the hope influence the rest or looking for an upcoming to come with a Sebene-Revolution like the way Karmapa came with the Rumba-Revolution in 2003/04

Karmapa started to do music to stop the influence of Ndombolo/seven

Did any of Karmapa's albums have impact in Congo? I'm not too familiar with his body of work outside of Caligula and the couple vocals he had in Felix Wazekwa's album

They had no idea how difficult it is to go solo lol

Not everything was programmed. The sebenes were played live, its just that the drum-sound of ndiaye wasn't good like all albums recorded over there of 1997, 1998 and 1999. I think that, that was the reason why Lofombo in Delta Force's album Confirmation decided when coming in Europe to do the mix, to erase Ile de Cambodge's drum partition and replace everything with programmed drums.

There's no Congolese band that lack drummers or guitarists. All bands have back-up players even percussioniss. Empire Bakuba had 3 drummers at that time. Lofombo was head of the Cocktail-project. In two or three interviews, he explained that he wasn't convinced of the drummer of Empire Bakuba at that time (Logilo) and prefered to drum do the whole album on his own. Apparently Lofombo was also in conflict with the same Logilo like the way he wasn't in good terms with Rolls Papillon. I saw last year an interview of Logilo talking about his career in Empire, Academia and Zaiko, and he hadn't a good word for Lofombo.

Logilo not drumming in Cocktail created tensions and discontect in the band, musicians being mad at Lofombo. Calling him an egoist and stuff like that. This made Lofombo mad and he decided to erase all his drum-parition and let Logilo, which made Pépé Kalle mad. However, the result was apparently not good in Lofombo's eyes. So he decided to erase Logilo's partition and replay everything on his own.

I wonder if Ile de Cambodge was that good of a drummer with Delta Force being so young or did he really mature as an understudy of Champion in Quartier Latin rehearsals?

Bruno Nsona and Gode Lofombo both played keyboards in Merci Maman. They both shared the role, like the way Gode Lofombo did it with Jean Synthe in Bize Mandundu. I recognized immediatly that it was Gode Lofombo playing because of way of coming in from 00:03 and his interventions on 00:20 min & 00:28 min in this song

I dont have the credits of Merci Maman. But those of Bize Mandundu are on internet.

Does anyone know why Gode preferred programmed drums for Pepe Kalle's Cocktail? Did the group not recruit a drummer yet or did the one they have not convinced yet?

Yaya Zulema replicated the CD voice sound in live concert great stuff. BCBG will still give most 5eme generation pressure when it comes to live concert. They are really machine ya mizik.

yeah that guy is a born singer,barely rehearsed due to his health but was more inform that all the old guard
if he looked like fally or ferre he'd have had one hell of a career

How old is Zulema? Is he of Fally's generation or prior?

« on: August 04, 2023, 18:48 »
What are they saying?


I remember reading in the news that he was in Quartier Latin briefly after leaving Masion Mere, but I'm guessing he got sidelined. He's street level artist now

lol, the same Felix Wazekwa who claimed years long in interviews that he had written all the songs that were released on albums by himself and never made used of ghostwriters and/or crediting songs of his bandmembers to himself. Adding that bandleaders needs to be fair with ghostwriters and their bandmember to credit them on their solo-albums for having written songs. I remember journalist Baby Balukuna once revealing that a few songs on his first album Tetragramme were written by Didier Milla although everything being credited to Wazekwa.

He was using koffi's trick with them,they called it "systeme ya ba chinois",he'd never take the song from the guys fully,like koffi also did with him,so a song could be that it was written by ceden or joss or hono or vicky  but he would always cut a part to add his lyrics or transform their lyrics or create a mix like the head is hono the middle him a couple of lines is vicky then the end is him so its difficult to credit the song to somebody so since he is the leader the credit just goes automatically to him like the generiques

Why was he against group albums? Was he afraid of being overshadowed by his artist?

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