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Wow, did Kilimandjaro create those animations that his older brother used for the album Solola Bien and A La Queue Leu Leu?  If so, I'm really impressed! If the ngulu ngulu situation never went down, maybe his career would be much different because he really had cries that could bring people to their feet and dance!

Could you please translate the lyrics of Proces Mambika by Wenge B.C.B.G. into english? That song is among my favorites by them, but I've wondered what they were singing about? My lingala is pretty basic.

The vocal interplay around the 3:40 mark between Bula and Aimelia is really creative! 


Since Kester has passed on, how is his family doing? Did he leave behind any assets like Maison Blanche? I know he struggled at the very end to make ends meet, but hopefully he had some funds set aside.

What exactly made him so sick his last days? I hear that he had asthma or heart problems, which one was it? Or he did he suffer from both? I know he was a smoker, which likely contributed to his poor health later in life.


That ngulu-affaire really left lasting damage on Congolese music, they lost a lot of international appeal since they couldn't promote their music globally as much anymore.


What ever became of Guy Moller and Willy Ebondaki after departing from Kester?

I was surprised Guy Moller wasn't quickly recruited by another group, because his animations for Longue Histoire were impressive!


Good lord, he's just a child! Blaise Bula and many of the staff associated had children of his own, no one felt morally conflicted about recruiting someone that young to be apart of their band?


I've always felt conflicted about children being thrown into the music industry so young, especially watching videos of him from back then. How old was he then, fourteen or so?

The way those groups tour, a child hanging around men away from the guidence of responsible adults could fall pray to some nasty habits.


That explains the defection of his orchestra shortly after the release of Longue Histoire, I remember being dissapointed when I noticed Guy Moller, Eric Masudi, and Sampayo were absent from Zenith of 2001.

By design, the music business requires legacy artist to tour regularly to make steady income (especially when they don't have access to royalties). Kester suffered later in life because his recent releases weren't popular enough to secure upscale endorsements, so he really had to push himself in terms of concerts. Which is sad considering his bad health before he died...

Congolese Music / Re: Anyone with this album please?
« on: April 25, 2018, 20:08 »

What songs did he write that Koffi took credit for or gave elsewhere?


Sometimes I laugh when I listen to Victime D'Amour from that group album! Werrason was just siting back and happily reciting all those names as he counts that cash that song was ruined with exessive mabangas ????????????

« on: April 25, 2018, 16:13 »

Why are leaders of orchestras so stingy with money? Do they really expect people to work for free?


All those years of loud animations will take a toll on your voice, even if it was more melodic compared to shouting atalakus.


That's a great observation you made about Montana's career around the time Defao lost his band, he was very popular with fans and held a second-in-command position within the group. However, I feel like he made the right decision when he joined Quarter Latin.

At that time, competition was very intense in Congolese music with BCBG, Masion Mere, Extra Musica,  Victoria Eleison, Quarter Latin, among others. It seems like an artist was best posed for success within a group as opposed to a solo venture, unless you're based in Europe with a music label behind you that can advance you a band to record and perform music with.

Guy Guy Fall and Aimelia Lias immediately come to mind as popular individuals who left a large band to pursue solo career...didn't exactly pan out well for either of them! Reddy Amisi was lucky to start solo before ndombolo which put fan interest in catogorizing their support into artists as a collective as opposed to an individual by individual basis of the past.

I'm assuming Montana never released the album, because his recruitment by Koffi was very fast. I'm surprised JPS Production didn't sue, because by abandoning the project like that is sure to be some form of breach of contract.


Did this eighties line-up of Shata Junior (Modogo, Makaba, ect) ever record music professionally or were they just a reheasal music team?


Quick question about the Wake Up polemic, are payments for shoutouts made before the music is recorded? And do you believe that Wemba was justified in his disagreement with Koffi over the money?

I feel like it is Wemba's fault as to why he didn't get paid, because (to my knowledge) it's common practice for patrons to pay for shoutouts on songs and concerts, why would Wemba ever agree to do this for free? Why should Koffi feel compelled to pay Wemba? I feel like Wemba's anger was misguided in this context

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