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Control is his weakest album in his career, in my opinion.
I don’t think so, Tokoss is his weakest album by far and I prefer Control above Power, if you put the Power generiques in Control then it’s a very solid piece of work. Control is a good album well for today’s releases anyway it’s a good album.
I agree with you...Control is indeed his best album to date.Let's not take that away from him just because it is a marketing strategy...

Congolese Music / Re: Fally Ipupa- Maria PM (clip)
« on: March 12, 2019, 01:25 »
Anyone who can enlighten me on what the song is about...?

I recommend to you...
1. Photo - Fally Ipupa
2. Roi manitou - Fally Ipupa
3. Control - Fally Ipupa
4. Elanga - Ferre Gola
5. Kinshasa - Ferre Gola
6. Abeti faux - Heritier
7. Toure ya gaga - Heritier
8. Ecole - Fally Ipupa
9. Soke - Ferre Gola
10. Tshoutshou- Koffi Olomide...

I am from Kenya...Control is the best album that Fally has ever produced;and a good reaction after all the criticism about deviating from original rumba. I love Soucis, La Guerre, Sans amour, Bafana love, One love, A flye and King Manitou. To me,I lack what to criticize about the album.It's the best thing that happened this year in the world of music...The only thing Fally Ipupa should try to do is to let his guitarists express themselves,especially the solo guitarists...10/10 rating from me...Fantastic...

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