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Koffi sended his spokesman to forbid Koffi de Brazza to use his name and making comedy about him

I dont remember Maison Mère having a videoclip in the woods in Malewa.

Its  not what I meant. My question was why Werrason was never giving Coreen Polystar the chance to play lead in generiques and sebene songs ? Back in the days when they used to play in streetbands he had the repution of being a big solist and when being in Anti Choc, many said he would get Congolese music-scene his hands in the future as lead guitarist like Alain Makaba and Beniko Popolipo. But it didn't happen.

He joined WMM just before Double Zenith and when he was still there in Kinshasa after they came back, Bill Clinton gave him the nickname of Coren to refer to Japonais’ depature, saying “The Japanse is gone and the Korean arrived”. Polystar adopting the name. But on the end he never ended up by playing lead next to Flamme and Mogratana who came months later got that privilege. Instead of looking for solists after Flamme, Christian,  later Kimbangu's departure and when fans considered Arc en Ciel as weak to look for a solist next to play next to him, they could easily give Polystar that opportunity.

The guitar Polystar played in Jugement is not a lead but rhythm. Its like how late Simaro lutumba played rhythm in but his guitar having the main role like most rumba’s of the 70s & 80s. Another good example is Mongali of Tabu Ley. Btw Jugement’s rhythm is inspired from Lutumba’s guitar of faute ya commercant.

I thought that he stopped with music

so the album will be 100% in lingala and no french ?


With Prince Bella now being in Kinshasa, it would be nice if Ado Yuhe or Mbuta Likasu could get him to ask question in details about the foundation of Delta Force, the war of Djuna Mumbafu vs Lofombo, Nyoka Longo's arrestation and what they went through in the years they spent in Europe.

lol, I didn't knew that U-Arena, Zenith, Bercy, l'Olympia and Parc des Princes were random places. I also didn't knew about Cirque Royal and BOZAR being big community halls, its sad that western pop-artists sink low to perform every year at a community halls called Forest National.

Congolese Music / Re: Interview of Mamie Ilela & Ferre Gola
« on: June 04, 2023, 23:00 »
In short Ferre Gola said here that he's not afraid about his musicians running away in US, because after Stade des Martyrs they will return back to USA to have a long tour. He will first have a small national tour in DR Congo by performing in 3/4 cities before returning there in July. He excepts Dynastie to be released just before Stade des Martyrs or in that period. The album is already finished and in hands of his label Sony Entertainment Africa. He will invite 3 Congolese artists as guest and 2 foreign artists (I think that the Ivorian Josey being one of the two). Later he named Fabregas and Rebo among his guests.

Congolese Music / Interview of Mamie Ilela & Ferre Gola
« on: June 04, 2023, 14:52 »


Next step being Wembley stadium ?

The album is on YouTube and all digital platforms

You can't compare them to Quartier Latin and Maison Mere. The generations you in those bands and songs on their names which pushed them appear on tv to promote it and also the polemic helped alot. Because bandleaders wouldn't lower themselves to attack their rivals and them just using their musicians and spokemen to diss them and praise/brag about their shows and  tours they did.

Those who hadn't songs on their names or doing vocals, but still making tv-appearances were new-members that bandleaders were presenting in concerts and them getting succes because of those extracts that were shown on tv about doing some improvisations. Them later going to tv-shows to make themselves known. Back in the days you Heritier Watanabe before Double Zenith, Dany Kule of Nouvelle Ecriture, later Mirage Supersonic. Ferre Gola's team had also succes because of those concerts that were shown on tv with the singers getting space to do vocals.

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