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bana ok live at olympia 2001.

pierre monzale wanted to organize a tour for them and a concert at olympia. they all received visa's and the musicians who were young serge kabangu (today a big sound engineer in paris), shakembo, niclette started to make noise on tv. only to see lutumba cancelling the project. it created tensions in the end and all musicians being frustrated and not understanding lutumba's decision. but simaro didn't want to experience a bad tour like that of 1998 which was not well organised. gerry dialungana who had

10 years ago a saw an old interview of the tour promoter on i think digitalcongo and himself saying that there's was no date for bana ok to perform at olympia yet and him waiting for bana ok to come to Europe and from there looking when they could perform at olympia. it was already a bad sign. they could have performed at olympia but "et apres?".

erreur grave. apart abeti masikini who performed at olympia on age of 19 without album on her name, there's no artist that did olympia straight away. people will maybe name fally or jb mpiana, but fally also had a 7 years background with quartier latin and served himself with the quartier latin fanbase in his first 3 years of his solo-career. jb mpiana had a background with wenge 4x4 and wenge bcbg. when i think of adolphe, i think how zacle said brutally "adolphe kutu abeta olympia ya meiway" hahaha. he made the mistake to start with lsc and end with olympia. it had to be the other side around.

anyway those dreams go in small steps. also the music karmapa makes doesn't target the right public. he wants to do original rumba, but that music targets "ba tata". with such dreams you never perform at olympia or you need to be lutumba simaro or madilu. but they are legends and have a long list of hits on their name. that's why clan wenge-fanatics always like to attack koffi. by saying if he didn't do "wenge music" and stayed with the original tchatcho style of the 1980s he would never performed at olympia, zenith & bercy.

karmapa is unlucky that he's from matete. most are interested in martical sports and those being interested in music all support wazekwa. if he was from n'djili, yolo, matonge, kv, ngiri-ngiri, bandalungwa or kintambo he would have massive support.

until this day its not clear. some say that it was about a sidechick. But it doesn't make sense because in the 90s they often argued about girls and ended up by reconciling. it will probably get known after 10 or 15 years like usually or maybe stay a secret for life. i think that its something terribly because wemba would never get mad at someone for nothing.

I may have forgotten alot. But these came on my mind

-Trio Madjesi et l'Orchestre Sosoliso live at l'Olympia Bruno Coquatrix (1975). Franco Luambo Makiadi couldn't accept of still not having performed at Olympia and after Tabu Ley & Abeti Masikini another act from Congo performing there. He did everything to plot against the band and he succeed. Sosoliso received a 6 months suspension and weren't allowed to perform anywhere (national and abroad). This made their show at Olympia being cancelled. Trio Madjesi wasn't able to pay their musicians and dancers since that they weren't performing anymore. Some went to join Tp Ok Jazz, other Afrisa, some stopped with music. The three leaders were really hurt. Loko Massengo decided to return to his home country Congo Brazzaville, Mario Matididi went to Angola (the country of his parents), late Saak Saakul (he passed away yesterday) went to Europe. Saak Saakul never forgot how his career was killed and years later during Franco's burial he started to mock and insult the body.

-Zaiko Langa Langa live at Zenith de Paris (1988) it got cancelled because of the split occured a few months before. Abeti Masinki was quick grabbed the opportunity of being the first Congolese artist to perform there

-Wenge El Paris vs Wenge Musica 4x4 Tout Terrain (1994)

TabaCongo offered both bands 15.000 dollars (back at that time it was big money) to perform against each other. Everybody waited for the event. But Wenge 4x4 refused. It would created a buzz like that of Zaiko Langa Langa vs Wenge Musica 4x4

fara-fara of Viva La Musica "Cour des Grands" vs Viva la Musica "Nouvelle Ecriture" (1998)

Both bands of Papa Wemba had to perform against each other in Paris. However, musicians like Stino, Gloria and co were against and said to Wemba that they would leave the band if the event would happen. Papa Wemba listened to them and decided to let only Cour des Grands perform, inviting only Bendoson and Pompom Miyake of Nouvelle Ecriture and Ivorian singer Meiway as guest star. Many people were informed about it and didn't show up, which made the show being a big flop. The concertpromoter was mad because of losing alot of money and wanting to beat Wemba. But Wemba then gave him a big headbutt and the concertpromoter falling down K.O. hahahahaha

-Koffi Olomidé live at Parc des Princes (2001)

the admininstration of complicating Koffi's management. They pushed it to 2002, then 2004 until Koffi and his management getting tired.

JB Mpiana live at Palais des Congres-Paris (June 2002)

JB Mpiana would be the first Congolese artist to perform there. It was promoted everywhere (MCM, RFI,..) The hall is bigger than Olympia and big stars perform there on rare occassion. Concertpromoter Felix Petit cancelled the event on the last minute. He was mad that JB suddenly asked him a big amount of money (after being adviced by Damien Dimonekene to do so).

-Papa Wemba & King Kester Emeneya - Disque d'Or (2002) The project dated from 1991 after the fara-fara's at Villejuif and Bataclan. But the project never came because of both guys asking a big amount of money and Congolese musicproducers not having that money. Years passed by and the project slowly dissapeard and Koffi quickly coming with Wake Up in 1996. However, many Clan-Viva fanatics in Europe weren't happy with the album because of the project being to much centered around Koffi. After Wemba's show at Forest National it came back and around 2000-01 JPS wanting to produce them both guys, the both guys wanting more money. In 2002 Wemba and Emeneya started to negotiate about it until Wemba messing up by coming with a revelation (private life) that made Emeneya really mad and not wanting to hear about the project again.

-Koffi Olomidé - Triple Olympia (2002)

It was scheduled for June 2002. But Felix Petit had problems with logisitcs and the hall wasn't rented on time, so it got pushed to August 2002. For whatever reasons it also didn't take place in August. Koffi Olomidé already had visa's and decided to do the planned Europe tours dates. The event was pushed to January 2003, but it still didn't take place and was replaced by a Zenith in April 2003

-Koffi Olomidé & Papa Wemba - Double Zenith 7th & 8th february 2003

Everybody in Paris, Brussels, Europe were happy. Finally!! the Wake Up concerts. Both bandleaders started to talk about the show and Wemba even visited one of Koffi's Europe concert with the fioti fioti's that stayed in Europe. But just one month before the event, Koffi decided to break the contract. The event got sadly cancelled.Coco Rubenga who was one of the guys behind the event would years later make several interviews to ask his money back from Koffi.

Werrason - Double Stade des Martyrs (2002)

Junior Mac Kenro planned it for March 2002. But Werrason wanted fully concentrate himself for the Double Zenith show. So they promised that it would come on the return of Wenge Maison Mere after finishing the Europe-tour. But sadly Junior Mac Kenro got financial problems after Koffi's event at Stade des Martyrs and even got death threats which made him move to Brazzaville to go back to the US. When Werrason came back the event didn't take place and he just did a show to prove JB Mpiana a point to break the record of public attendence at the stadium. In 2004 the project came back after Werrason winning 2 kora's at the 2004 edition. They wanted to celebrate it by planned a double event in december 2004, but the authorities were against and didn't want the irregularities that took place during his last show in jan 2003.

Koffi Olomidé vs Werrason at Elysee Montmartre (100 euros) July 2007. The event got cancelled a few days before the show. Werrason said that he couldn't peform because of not getting visa's for his band. But behind the scenes it was said that he was adviced by people around him to not perform on the same stage because of something bad being prepared against him. Badive was really mad against Werrason because he lost alot of money.

JB Mpiana vs Werrason at Stade des Martyrs (27 december 2007). The concert got cancelled on the last minutes by authorities because of security measures. Fans who were already inside the stadium got seriously beaten by soldiers.

Koffi Olomidé - 100 euros acoustic show at Theatre Gymanse Marie Bell (27 december 2008). The event was meant to present Cindy le Coeur. But Koffi Olomidé didn't receive visa's for his band. On the other side it was good that the event got cancelled, because the combattans planned to start the concertban against musicians on that day, being mad for the way Koffi performed in Rwanda while Laurent Nkunda just started war in Eastern Congo

fara-fara Fally Ipupa live at Zenith de Paris & Ferre Gola live at Olympia - 1 jan 2011

Both guys didn't receive visa's because of alot musicians having run away in Europe during their last europe tours. Fallly Ipupa tried still to performing by hiring musicians of Popolipo's band Les Makutanu. But he wasn't satisfied with the result so he decided to cancel his show. On Ferre Gola's side it there was no reaction and people discovered that the hall wasn't even rented. Ferre went to Brazzaville and performed at Residence Elonda.

When releasing albums like Je m'Apelle Toi, Temps de l'Amour & Riposte. Why did Karmapa not think about doing concerts in small halls like New Morning, Le Divan du Monde, Trabendo, etc. with his mentor Beniko Popolipo and musicians like Tripason, Dede Djascko, Michel Bass and Djudjuchet ? Like Koffi Olomidé used to the period of 1985-1992 with Rigo Star and co.

It would have boosted Karmapa's succes more and having a proper fanbase in Europe. It looks like he totally neglected Europe to focus on Kinshasa. But him in Kinshasa after Temps d'Amour not really do anything special. Just rehearsing and once in a few time giving vip concerts. There was even a moment that Skol/Bracongo was about to cut their contract with him because of them losing of money (since Werra's departure having serious financial issues and loses) and Karmapa not brining anything since that he was barely doing public concerts. Karmapa waisted all his time in Kinshasa for nothing.

Also did Karmapa after Riposte not think about giving his singers the opportunity to put songs and what was the reason of his long silence after Riposte until generique they made in 2011 which

It's shame that he didn't fulfill the potential he had. He came really hard with Je m'appelle toi and the press presenting him in the start as someone of the new generation until discovering that he was old when starting doing polemic with Felix Wazekwa.

How does Karmapa live ? Because I don't think that get big money.

There were wars in Congolese music. But bandleaders would still visit each other in times of war. Franco and Tabu Ley often visited each other and would sometimes joke with each other about diss-tracks or mbwakela. Papa Wemba went to Emeneya's house several times during their rivalerly in the 80s. Wemba was Victoria Eleison's number one fanatic and even visited them a few times in concerts as normal spectator. Even fanatics of rival bands would come to concerts of their rivals. Things changed when Wenge 4x4 split, it coincicided with the changement of mentality people started to have in Kinshasa. You will notice that since the Wenge split there are no fara-fara concerts on the same stage between rival bands. Back in the days you would see Yoka Lokole vs Viva la Musica, Viva la Musica vs Victoria Eleison, Zaiko Langa Langa vs Langa Langa Stars, etc. Maybe that the Nouvelle Generation-effect scares them.

The relationship of Koffi Olomidé and Papa Wemba is complex. People thought that they were hating each other during the mutu-nguba/shamazulu-days. But they would meet each other secretly in private. I remember Asha Movoto once saying that he and other viva-staff members were plotting to beat Koffi in Paris. But when they saw him, Wemba said that they had to leave him alone and went to eat at a Chinese restaurant which made Wemba's staffmembers all being surprised and not being able to talk. From 1993 until maisha parc it was often on and off with Koffi and Wemba. But the moment that Koffi almost got Wemba jailed in 2009, was for Wemba the nail in the coffin and something happened not long after that which made Wemba promise to himself that he would never forgive Koffi. Koffi not being invited for Wemba's wedding, getting shots in interviews and Maitre d'Ecole, Koffi forcing a reconcilation by joining Lions Club but Wemba still refusing and saying that he dont want to see him at this burial.

Its just my opinion. If you remove JB Mpiana's songs from the album there are not 3 tracks that could carry the album. I'm not saying that the songs are bad. But in albums you have always tracks that stood out from the rest. For example in Force de Frappe you had Eternellement & Dulcinée. Except JB songs, I don't see any song doing that in Internet.

ba polemiques ezanga tina. polemique sterile. why aren't they arguing about songs? that will push the rival to work harder instead stories that make sense. they are acting like women.

Did JB Mpiana put many songs on Internet because of being scared that his musicians would fail without his involvement or was it due to huge demand from donors to have songs on the album ? If I remember well in interview he did with Lolo Milolo in Kinshasa just before LSC he said that he would just put 2 songs but he ended by putting 6 (Bea Zodeguem, Sans Te Toucher, Jeannette, Persecusion, Consolation & Feux d'Artifice)


JF Ifongé made some progress as singer

rest in peace


Back in the days Binda Bass would often come to Koffi's house to do his hair

I know that it’s Zaïko backing them. But I mean what is the name of those artists singing

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