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When releasing albums like Je m'Apelle Toi, Temps de l'Amour & Riposte. Why did Karmapa not think about doing concerts in small halls like New Morning, Le Divan du Monde, Trabendo, etc. with his mentor Beniko Popolipo and musicians like Tripason, Dede Djascko, Michel Bass and Djudjuchet ? Like Koffi Olomidé used to the period of 1985-1992 with Rigo Star and co.

It would have boosted Karmapa's succes more and having a proper fanbase in Europe. It looks like he totally neglected Europe to focus on Kinshasa. But him in Kinshasa after Temps d'Amour not really do anything special. Just rehearsing and once in a few time giving vip concerts. There was even a moment that Skol/Bracongo was about to cut their contract with him because of them losing of money (since Werra's departure having serious financial issues and loses) and Karmapa not brining anything since that he was barely doing public concerts. Karmapa waisted all his time in Kinshasa for nothing.

Also did Karmapa after Riposte not think about giving his singers the opportunity to put songs and what was the reason of his long silence after Riposte until generique they made in 2011 which

It's shame that he didn't fulfill the potential he had. He came really hard with Je m'appelle toi and the press presenting him in the start as someone of the new generation until discovering that he was old when starting doing polemic with Felix Wazekwa.

How does Karmapa live ? Because I don't think that get big money.

Did JB Mpiana put many songs on Internet because of being scared that his musicians would fail without his involvement or was it due to huge demand from donors to have songs on the album ? If I remember well in interview he did with Lolo Milolo in Kinshasa just before LSC he said that he would just put 2 songs but he ended by putting 6 (Bea Zodeguem, Sans Te Toucher, Jeannette, Persecusion, Consolation & Feux d'Artifice)


JF Ifongé made some progress as singer


Back in the days Binda Bass would often come to Koffi's house to do his hair


It sounds almost like Mongo Folklore or  was it that Zamuangana, Mbuta Matima & Popolipo didn't exactly knew how Bateke folklore is and them just improvising ? or do the Bateke not have guitars in their traditional music like many tribes which made them record the songs just like this ?

Congolese Music / Extracts from Fally's $300 show at Pullman
« on: March 18, 2023, 19:42 »

The problem of concerts these last 7 years is that you will never get a professional video of the show like it used to be for years ago. Only videos filmed through the phone


Will this not create a conflict with their dad ?


Maison Mère's first show after Zenith 2008


RIP Quartier Latin Fashion

Congolese Music / Adricha Tipo Tipo & Mbuta Likasu
« on: March 15, 2023, 21:02 »


RIP Noddy Mataba

The project didn't come anymore because of Mboshi getting in conflict with Somono

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