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That means that the average age in Nouveaux Missiles was 20 years if you doesn’t Quetin who’s from 1969.


Did somebody notice the way someone tried to throw firework on Koffi when he was about to go on stage ? From 00:00 min until 00:15 min. Must be a BCBG or Wemba-fan. The bodyguards didn’t do their job well.

Congolese Music / Had Tosha Bass divorced parents ?
« on: April 18, 2020, 18:32 »
Had Tosha Bass divorced parents or a father that used to cheat often on his mother? Because the sotryline of these songs is almost the same

Congolese Music / Is this true or not ?
« on: April 17, 2020, 20:49 »

Congolese Music / Why did Siatula not release a new album ?
« on: April 15, 2020, 19:11 »


Fally Ipupa & Werrason performing at Stade de France, representing DRC for the “La Nuit Africain” festival

What did Wenge BCBG and Wenge Maison Mere use, drink or ate to perform that long at Fikin edition 2005 ?
For those who don't know they performed during their fara-fara for 17 hours and 48 minutes long non-stop until that the police interrupted JB's show and later on Werra's show.

from 1:02:59 min (the day of the fara-fara against JB Mpiana)


Which 2005-06 squad was better ? Wenge Musica Maison Mere or Quartier Latin International ?

Wenge Maison Mere Squad

Drums; Papy Kakol "Sebondo Ya Machine"
Percussion; Ali Mbonda "La Main d'Or"
Keyboards; Chevignon Synthe
Guitars; Mayindombe, Coreen Polystar, Thierry Mogratana & Flamme Kapaya
Bass Guitar; Mimiche Bass (RIP)
Singers; Didier Lacoste, Heritier Wantanabe, Aimelia Lias, Eboa Lotin, Jitrois Galliano, Kabose Bulembi, Bonbon Kojack, Cappucinno LBG, Adjani Sesele & Taddet de Monticule (he participated to Alerte Generale, but hadn't the chance to pariticipate on Temoignage and travel to Europe twice)
Atalaku's; Kene-Kene, Roi David & Celeo Scram

Quartier Latin International

Drums; Titina Al Capone, Tshe-Tshe le Balle & Champion Djikapela (in Europe)
Percussion; Nseka Kudifelela "Passe Kosse"
Keyboards; Mboungou-Mboungou, Gires Synthe & Brice Malonga (In Europe)
Guitars; Fofo le Collegien (In Europe), Bourman Idolo, Poumpa Mystique, Mbetenge Domingo & Felly Tyson
Bass Guitar; Binda Bass
Singers; Ferre Gola, Fally Ipupa, Soleil Wanga, Jipson Butukondolo, Montana Kamenga, Junior Kingombe, Shella Mputu, Modogo Balongana (in Europe), Mirage Supersonic, Asso Ferrari & Babia Ndonga
Atalaku's; Apocalyps Cendre "Thierry Henry", Brigade Rwinga, Mukusa Ya Mbwa & Mboshi Lipassa (In Europe)

Congolese Music / My favorite sebenes of the moment
« on: April 09, 2020, 23:08 »

the way the seben starts with alot of emotion (the rhythm guitar, the way Djudju plays drums and Theo Mbala coming with the dokolo-animation)

the seben starts on 3:52min, I like this guitar partition from 4:30 min

the sebene starts from 3:10 min, the way Caien plays lead from 4:08 min reminds me of Pepe Felly Manuaku and Zaiko in the days (1971-1974). Komelecant is an excellent song btw, its about how life his hard in Kinshasa for pensioners and widows asking for understanding to tradespeople, who are rude against them and selling food for prices who are to high for them.

from 4:10 with that typical mongo-seben. It think that Evoloko, Bozi, Wemba were the same guys who started with kind of sebenes when they started Isifi. Having Shora Mukoka "Maillot Jaune" as solist

Congolese Music / Music promoter Cyriaque Bassoka passed away
« on: April 09, 2020, 18:42 »


This Madilu-song perfectly fit for musicians who are/were the boss-favorites and who leave the bands because of gossips from musicians of staff-member who want to get their place as the boss-favorite.


5:19 min

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