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Congolese Music / Adricha Tipo Tipo & Mbuta Likasu
« on: March 15, 2023, 21:02 »


RIP Noddy Mataba

The project didn't come anymore because of Mboshi getting in conflict with Somono


RIP Noddy Mataba

The project didn't come anymore because of Mboshi getting in conflict with Somono


It was a trend in Ndombolo era’s and many solists using this effect in albums or sometimes in concerts. I’m seeing on Instagram and Tiktok some guitarists started to re-use. Looks like Zebuka inspired them.

Back during the JB-Werra war those coming from JB-camp were critizing Werrason for no having sung much on his own in the solo-album Kibuisa Mpimpa and that it was just like a group-album. This made me wonder if it would still be the case if the album was released under Wenge 4x4's name, having sung songs like Nicky D and Surprise Kapangala on his own in the past

The original project was to record the album the next europe-tour along with the bands new album Bue. Some VHS' already writing Kibuisa Mpimpa on their cover (for example their concerts of Abidjan and that of Nairobi) to announce Werra's album and Koffi giving Werra's daughter a shout-out in Motomolo. Werrason himself saying on interviews that he would sing with Koffi Olomidé on his album. Wenge 4x4 sadly split before they even could record the album

When seeing interviews of former Wenge Maison Mère-musicians it seems that most songs came and were prepared after Solola Bien and those done with Burkina Faso, Fiston Zamuangana, Serge Mabiala and co at Werra's house during the Wenge 4x4 not even being picked


Before the release of his single Nzoungou. I wonder if its just "ba grimaces" like ba Kinois say to get attention from the public or him being serious

I noticed that people coming from Brazzaville are not ashamed for the cult of ancestors compared to those coming from Kinshasa (except those who are part of Eglise des Noires or Bundu dia Kongo) who will then act like their are devoted christians but behind the scenes going back to their villages or consult tribal chiefs.

Congolese Music / How is it going with Levyson these days ?
« on: March 12, 2023, 00:45 »
How is it going with Levyson these days ? He's making less noise compared to the past

According Ndombolhino Fally Ipupa will perform coming May at Stade Massamba Debat in Brazzaville


Masina is Cindy's neighborhood


from 5:43 min

I wonder if Nyoka Longo called or send both Bidjana and late Daniel 6000 a message for using their guitar partition and animations in Boh who were performed by Alino Biongo and Tshotsho Matiaba


Announced for december 2002 , it came out on 7 March 2003. The album was a big succes and many songs are still played until this day. Although the press being pro-Maison Mere, Biblia managed to get bronze as best song of year behind Reddy’s Assistant Social (gold) and Jus d’Ete Mulopwe’s Examen (silver). The same ACMCO gave Quartier Latin silver as best group behind Maison Mere (gold) they were followed by Cultura Pays’Vie (bronze).

The group album was Koffi’s last project with his recordlabel Next Music (former Sono/Sonodisc). Quartier Latin’s first concert after the release of Affaire d’Etat was at Zénith de Paris (April 2003) with the album they did several African countries and toured in the US. Quartier Latin ended up by winning the trophee of best group at Kora Awards edition 2003.


Felly Tyson's last concert in Quartier Latin


from 9:44 min

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