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Didier Lacoste being the main guest in Zamba Zamba. Does Lascoste not know that they are just using as an orange ?

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Joyeux Anniversaire

Mukulu wa Bakulu

When watching those extracts of Maison Mere's concert in Tottenham, I didn't see Celeo. So the concert we see on youtube with Celeo animating was their 4th or 5th concert in UK ? Hearing the sound of the rhythm-guitar made me remember that it was actually the audio-version that Jmkstar Dsquared once put on youtube, but the video dissapearing after a few months because of copyrights. Its weird to see hear Bill Clinton animating "Kilumbu ka kiesse" and also sounds totally different. Imagine if Celeo decided to listen to all people in London that adviced him to stay after getting abandoned when WMM moved to Canada. Btw, what's the name of Masela's backup player. I saw him also with Maison Mere in the Villejuif video and their intro at La Madeleine.

Receiving $300.000 from Bracongo/Skol is big money. I see now why Bill was really mad about it behind the scenes of receiving nothing while him having done most work in Tindika Lokito. It would be interesting to hear what Werra's real vision for Miracles was. Because here he says that he wanted to do it in a different rhythm and only 10 songs not more.

It was rare to see a musician of maison mere giving someone of bcbg a shoutout in that era and vice-versa. Did Kakol not get punished later for giving Seguin a shout-out in this interview ? Because I remember both BCBG musiciansand Maison Mere musicians getting problems for greeting or meeting donors who were pro-BCBG or pro-Maison Mere in the years that the beef was hot (1999, 2000 & 2001). I'm surprised to hear Kakol saying that he had 4 back-up drummers (him naming a guy called cocks. what a weird name. i've never heard about him). I only knew Nicolas Wagadugu.

Interesting to hear from Jus d'Ete Mulopwe that he didn't like tour for months in Europe anymore, him prefering short stay of 3/2 weeks in Europe and this trip to UK being the start of it. I remember people in Europe at time also starting complaining about bands over-staying in Europe.

Its a shame that Baby Ndombe got suspended just a few days before the trip. I wonder if already gave all his clothes away to his pire-petit and friends. Ferre did him dirty by snitching him to Werrason about Les Marquis. Baby having at the same time bad luck that late Monib and Elliot Mondobe invented stories to Werra about him to be careful with Baby, because of him being sent by Koffi to take sweat off his face and bring it to Koffi for occult reasons, them later bringing a witchdoctor to werra's house claiming that Baby was about to sleep his wife to get his fame, werrason getting scared and mad at the same time. The fight at la samba against bodyguards being the right occassion to suspend him for two weeks and them modifiying it to a indefinite suspension when coming back from UK to get rid of him. Using the reason of Baby doing an interview in kinshasa when they were in UK to attack Aimelia (the new chief of disicipline). In the interview he justified that he didn't do anything wrong and that Aimelia didn't had the same intellectual capacities like him. In the period of it, Baby started to get broke, not being able to pay rent and chased from the place he was living. He was forced to live at the family-house again, in meantime he did his best to meet Werrason through Emeneya and later Lutumba Simaro to short the problems out. But Werrason was escaping him and refusing to take his calls. At the same time wild rumors were spread everywhere that he had an affair with Werra's wife which wasn't true. The rumors kind of killed his solo-career already before starting it and would follow it almost his whole career. Werrason only making it worser and people thinking that it was true, by saying in interviews "if I will tell you what Baby did wrong, you will started to hate him" while it totally something different and not about his wife but in reality the affair Baby Ndombe had in the past with Mbilia Bel who was Tabu Ley's ex' second wife, a story that dates back from the solola-bien days.


with an extract of their concert in london of 1999


Why does JR Marot not do an interview with Papy Gene, Ado Yuhe or Teddy Mola to bring his name back by talking about his past in Wenge Maison Mere, his collaboration that went wrong with Koffi Central and promote his new song that came out 3 days ago

If I was Baby Ndombe I would have beaten Lacoste after the interview for singing this 41:40 min hahahahaha
Marius has difficulties to not laugh.

I dont remember anymore about who being the first to animate the cri Kisanola between Quartier Latin and Maison Mère. To make a conclusion about that, I need to re-watch Quartier Latin’s FIKIN 2005 first, but the concert is sadly not on youtube anymore. But I think its Quartier Latin, because they already were already dancing the dance of moving the knees and shoulders in concerts way before Maison Mère but not that of hands behind the head. Maison Mere spent months abroad at that time. The concerts they did at FIKIN were one of their first in Kinshasa after coming freshly back from Europe. After missing Stade des Martyrs, they did one vip-concert at GHK, the following week they went to Kikwit and the third week being those double FIKIN-confrontations against Koffi and JB Mpiana.

Neither Quartier Latin nor Maison Mere are the creators of the cri and dance. It has actually his origins from a street-band of Ngiri-Ngiri. Some of their cris were animating by Apocalyps in Danger de Mort like for example “sans mochoro kidiba”. which also animated by one of Alain Mpela’s atalaku in Mortel Combat who actually comes from Ngiri-Ngiri.  I was surprised when Mosaka’s brother Mavuzi claimed to be the creator of the cri-Kisanola (sometimes I doubt his declarations on youtube, because he gives the impression to claim all successful cri’s even ndombolo and co). The first known band to animate Kisanola in concerts were Les Samourais of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton ended up by animating the original Kisanola-cri in Kizoba-zoba. But it didn’t had the same impact like that of QL & WMM.

from 6:25 min

The stuff of Werrason being mad about other bands quickly animating their cri’s started waaaaaay before. Already in the time of Force d’Intervention to give people the impression that Bill Clinton was creating all cri’s that Tutu Kaluji was animating. Both guys singing “bango ma mesana koyiba”, “biso tobanda makambo ya tshiluba”, etc. But it became serious from Kibuisa Mpimpa and them wanting to have patent on all cri’s and dance they were animating. Bill Clinton shouting <toza na systeme ya “le corbeau et le renard”. Toboyi kofungola monoko sinon te boko yiba> and Werrason always saying when Baby would dance Koyimbi-ko “bayiba koyimbi-ko kasi babosana loketo” to through shots at QL who danced the first version of Koyimbi-ko that WMM used to dance in the Effrakata-clips. In same Werrason explaining to fanatics in open-air Skol concerts of Kinshasa “we sadly discoverd that other bands started to dance Koyimbi-ko without thanking us” to refer to QL, in V12-clips they danced Kibinda Nkoy and thanked them in the credits and Werrason probably wanted to see the same thing. From the moment they modified the dance a little bit by adding more waist. In the following months they would throw shots at Koffi and Kerozene, them also claiming that they were copying their cheography. Bill openly disrespecting Koffi for his haircut and attacking Kerozene. Werrason keeping saying “balobi moninga a tricher moninga te hein” which also ended up getting recorded in A La Que Leu Leu. After that you had also clashes with fanatics. Them claiming that Koffi copied their double Zenith intro in the bonus/videoclip “No Touch a Ling” which was a tribute to Michael Jackson. In the post-Les Marquis, Werrason would sometimes say in Kinshasa concerts that were aired live on tv-channels like Mirador, about atalaku’s to be careful to not animate the full cri because one band (Quartier Latin) being there to quickly copy it and animate in their album while them being the first. On the other side they were right, because it happened often in the past that Koffi quickly adopted the cri and/or dance that were done in Wenge 4x4, Maison Mère and Victoria Eleison  to use it in his album. Emeneya already attacked Koffi multiple times for doing that

Why is that guy who’s a big Werra fanatic on you “petit na nga Takani Koki” or something like that not a member ? He would comment here that Titina copied Kakol and then a big debate going on hahahaha

His annoying songs, the way he sings, the way does mabanga, etc. I suffer a lot visiting people sometimes and them putting his music. Oorgh horrible

Me to young ? hahahaha I’m a muana serie 7. My first child is the half of my age. Yes and no. But knowing how bandleaders were able to save themselves on longterm I knew that he would succeed. The most important to survive those moments is to hold your instrumentalist section intact. If that’s the case you will be already saved for 60%. Because they hold musical identity of the band

Those Baby vs Lacoste confrontations didn't start today lol. Lacoste throwing shots to Baby.

It would have been better for Baby Ndombe to join Les Marquis even they didn't  acknowledged about being the brain in the first interview.  From there you make a good jump for a solo-career. Because here he left WMMM without hype after months making multiple interviews to beg Werrason to get him back in WMMM. He left WMMM without hype and that bad story  was following him everywhere. For years he couldn't start an interview without a question about Mampata. Btw why is Baby Ndombe not putting Tour de Babel on digital platforms. The album had good songs like Tony Winkele, Tour de Babel, Mapendo, Adelya and Lets Dance

There will be no artist that would create such events in Masina like Werrason and annoy people for hourse who had to take their plane at N'djil-airport and/or those coming back from a trip. Its a shame that the project of Stade Charletty didn't happen anymore. To be honest, I dont believe Werra's explaination about the way the pushed the concert-date of Stade Charletty.

So it was true that Guy Moller went to Europe on his own for a moment ? Hahaha that transformation in no time. Akomaki matama mbala moko. The food of Europe is totally different than that of Europe. Its crazy to hear him mention the name of Bercy Muana who used to animate for him 1:13:27 min

From the moment that JB Mpiana peformed at Boulevard Triomphale followed by Werrason the week after, created an obsession for artists in 2004 to perform there. Its a shame that Wemba couldn't maintain the succes he had. This were his last moments of real fame. The dance Banzonkion took Kinshasa by storm like the dance Enterrement the previous year.

Rest in Peace Mbuta Nzaya Nzayadio.

Congolese Music / Re: Kabesele For Ever
« on: May 31, 2023, 23:13 »
There's a video on youtube of Werrason touring along with Tshala Muana and comedians like Siatula, Bipendu, etc. around different cities of Congo for those political campaigns of ADFL. When coming in Mbandaka they performed with Pepe Kalle. Its btw there that Pepe Kalle was victim of his first heart attack before his death. Back then people were still not believing that Werrason would make it one day and that he was profiting behind ADFL to still exist. Them calling Maison Mere, Wenge ADFL because of they started to tour with them for those campaigns.

from 1:11:53 min Pépé Kallé coming out the plane
from 1:13:54 min Pépé Kallé singing Monano
from 1:14:33 min Pépé Kallé singing with Tshala Muana

There's also a video of him on youtube performing in N'djili. Gode Lofombe said in one of his many interviews that it was the concert that gave him the inspiration to start Delta Force for Pépé Kallé, because of the intro the singers did.

They had alot of time to prepare the generique. The album came out in octobre 2006 but Danger de Mort is an album was prepared and recorded in 2005, in reality already finished for months.

They probably tried to come with something different compared to the generiques they did in the past. Btw its from this era that atalaku's started to impose guitarists how to play and to do the generiques instead of the guitarist coming with a whole melody and the atalaku putting his cri's above it. You will notice that many generiques that came after 2006 had alot of stops in it. It's also the era where each atalaku came with his own generique and it getting melted in one instead of working as a team together.

Koffi was a little bit lucky. The generique could have flopped if there was one more stop.

Congolese Music / Re: Kabesele For Ever
« on: May 31, 2023, 21:16 »
You were right. Wenge BCBG was at that time stuck in Ivory Coast waiting for the political tensions in Kinshasa to calm down before returning. If they stayed like 1 week more in Kinshasa after performing at Palais du Peuple and Nsele instead of going immediatly to Ivory Coast, JB would also have participated to the song & event and having to be on the same stage with his "brother" Werrason. I wonder if in that case, some politicians of the ADFL-regime would have a different view towards JB Mpiana. JB really suffered in those years while he hadn't done anything wrong nor making political statements.

I dont remember if it was Lassa Lacoyte or somebody else saying that Jolino's vocal of the song Tokufa Pona Congo was first done by Marie Paul in the studio because of Jolino being afraid about LD Kabila's regime falling down and getting punished for it in the case that RCD Goma take power. But when seeing in the following days that the army was getting more control back over the country, he ended up by accepting doing the vocal.

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