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Felix Petit is a musicpromoter who comes from the French West Indies and who used to organise big events for Congolese artists in Paris. For example Ememeya’s Olympia & Zenith were organised by him. He wanted also to let JB Mpiana perform at Palais des Congres-de Paris (not mistaken with the one of Montreuil were Koffi, Roga and Jessy Matador performed) in 2002 as first African artist, but it didn’t happen because of JB asking to much money.

Yes, the first one was in April 2003 just after releasing Affaire d’Etat and the second one in December 2003, being the first Congolese artist based in Kinshasa to perform in Paris after the ngulu-affaire

He shouldnt give throwaways date that’ll be cancel.
Im sure that even the u arena will be the same.
Thats not profesional

The Triple Olympia-event was official, but Felix Petit had money problems so the administration of Olympia decided to cancel the event (music promoters have always to the rante before x date, otherwise it will be cancelled). They postponed the event to August 2002, but Felix had then problems with the materials, so they postponed it to January 2003 which also got cancelled. So later on he ended up by letting Koffi perform at Zenith de Paris.


lol, I've still not listened to Formidable, 7 Jour de la Semaine, Sans Poto, Libre Parcours, Control, Nyataquance, Antidote-Poison, etc. everything that came out after 2014.

What about Defao's Guerre de 100 Ans? Surely it should count since it's named after the Bana Guerre de 100 Ans.

Yea, Defao named it Guerre de 100 Ans for the sapeur group la guerre de 100 Ans, but there wasn’t any praise or cri about them in that generique.

Congolese Music / Re: Albums scan pt2
« on: February 20, 2020, 11:44 »
Were Kibuisa Mpimpa and Noblesse Oblige already added? Also Papa Wemba’s Emotion and Tabu Ley’s Babeti Soukous. I have all, just want to make it wasn’t uploaded already

I have Koffi’s Bercy, but it’s literally just two CD’s and remerciements

Kibuisa, Noblesse Oblige & Emotion were already added



here Marie Paul tries to sing like Gina Efonge, the structure of the song is also like the songs Gina used to make when he was in Zaiko and Grand Libanko.

The voice of Celezino and Arc en Ciel is making the chorus special.

Reagan who was just 9 years old and Petit Chirac later who was 11 years old had rarely false notes in concerts. While Kilimajaro had it almost every concert and it became worser when he came in Europe. Yes he was young, but the music-scene doesn’t function that way, you must be on the point or you are out. People started also to compare and judge Bill to Kaludji when he just joined Maison Mere.

Their departure  hadn’t a lot of attention, because Makaba for example didn’t make a big press-conference or VHS Interview Choc after his departure, also he was les involved in Wenge BCBG after the release of Titanic. The succes of Zenith & Olympia kind of overshadow Blaise Bula departure, who left BCBG through the backdoor (being sick and after getting released from the hospital immediatly working on Ponderation 8 at Studio Ndiaye while BCBG was busy with preparing the Zenith show). I don’t think there would be much difference, because TH was prepared in Kinshasa without Makaba plus TH is JB’s solo album so a few vocals of Blaise wouldn’t make alot of difference.

Congolese Music / Re: What is Durell Loemba talking about here?
« on: February 20, 2020, 08:03 »
There were leadership issues with Quetin Moyascko which made him leave along with Regis Touba, Pinochet Thierry and Cyrille Malonga who had all important roles in Extra Musica International.

Regis Touba was already very popular when Super Helico came out, getting the nickname Grand Tigre. In Z1 International he was like a leader, since that a singer while Durrel Loemba was a guitar player.

Lol, JB’s shot towards Maison Mere after presenting Pina Collada. Saying that he will have his own car after coming back from Europe and he won’t risk that a woman will take his car away (reffering to the cars of some musicians of Maison Mere, who bought by their sugermother and got take away in Kinshasa some months later), since that in Wenge BCBG, all the cars are of themselves.

I remember Adolphe talking about those girls and mother buying cars for musicians, during their last concert in Europe (the one of Franco’s tribute), adding that they have to return with their ex’men. “Toyoki sango que mabala ebele ekufi na poto. Alors bozangana na mibali na bino. Ba petit basombi ba vraie car. Bozo solola bien te.”.

Congolese Music / Re: What is Durell Loemba talking about here?
« on: February 20, 2020, 02:39 »

He’s just correcting Guyguy Fall & Roga Roga about the history the way Extra Musica got founded.

Congolese Music / Re: What is Durell Loemba talking about here?
« on: February 20, 2020, 02:38 »
This guy should of stayed with Quentin, because Z1 International was a flop and he never recovered hs career since.

Z1 International wasn’t a flop. They went to Europe and their first album was a huge succes in Brazzaville with the dance Tchekele, getting then the award of “revelation de l’annee”. Things went wrong when Regis Touba left to form his own band. Then Durell Loemba on his side started to lose all his important musicians Levyson, Rav4 & Kerson Saddam who all went to join Extra Musica Zangul. Durrel didn’t had the same support like Roga, so he had to do some jobs in Francs to be able to finance his band. That’s why he lost it towards the end.

Congolese Music / Re: Fally and F'Victeam rehearse for Bercy
« on: February 20, 2020, 02:34 »
just been  next to the hotel the musicians are,mannn the level of sugar mommies and married woman waiting for atele and co to sleep them is serious,je suis sur bana mayi bakotelaki yango ndaku ya nganga serieusement avant baya :D :D :D :D :D

The young Blanchard Mosaka.

TH was a huge succes in Kinshasa. JB had Kinshasa in his hands when that album came, but they didn’t really spent alot time there like other does, who spent like min. 6/7 months in Kinshasa before going to Europe. Only after 3 months they went already to Europe, starting performing concerts in Kinshasa 2 months after its release with the one at FIKIN being the frist. The tour broke the heart of many musicians, Ali Mbonda, Kilimadjaro, Blanche Neige and the dancer who had purple braids (I don’t know her name, but she appread often on tv along with Monica, Marcation & Blanche Neige).

Where did did the two concerts after the FIKIN- footage took place ? Had JB any concerts outside Kin & Brazza before the Europe-tour, because it seems that he did the Africa-tour after returning back to Kinshasa in 2001 when he Europe-tour finished.

Kilimadjaro’s voice wasn’t good when he started animating.I noticed that he had often problems with his voice during concerts. He hadn’t that charisma that his big brother Bill had.

 Its a shame that Pina Collada stayed in Canada, alot of people credit all sebenes of Internet to Fi-Carré, while Pina Collada played a big part. Many people don’t even know his name. I think that it was bad from JB to not put his name in the credits just because he left.

Lol, the way JB Mpiana used to present JDL,Richard Mukena & Bikou Le Brun like they were special musicians “Bana Poto, them each presenting the Congolese diaspora, Bikou (UK), Mukena (Belgium), JDL (France).

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