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Congolese Music / Re: Kabesele For Ever
« on: May 29, 2023, 12:25 »
Wym about competition being the same like back in the days? By the way do you think that if Koffi felt that he was about to be forgotten right now, would have adapted to the current Kinsahsa House/Afro House trend? Because on the other side Zaiko never adapted to modern times but they are still strong after more then 50 years of activity.

Back in the days artists used to release every year top-albums.  1 or 2 flops in a row could already mean your grave in the Congolese music-world. Like Adolphe for example, Affaire Mouna was so/so and in no time Wazekwa passed him. He had a dance to be back on the race, but he missed that opportunity because of his album Jugement Dernier "25 Minutes" flopping.

If you would miss out for 1 or 2 years on the market as Congolese artist it would immediatly have effect on your succes. Good example is King Kester Emeneya. He was back in the race after Stade des Martyrs and Mboka Mboka but it took him 2 years to release Longue Histoire after Mboka Mboka in meantime his fans started to get impatient and those who were young decided to move towards Werrason. Spokemen King Tekila used to be a Emeneya-fanatic before joining Maison Mère. JB Mpiana was lucky that he had a solid fanbase and feeling sorry for the way he was blocked in Kinshasa because of having alot of enemies in both music and politics. His sponsor Bralima/Primus started to doubt of him. If he didn't release the single Pelisa Ngwasuma in 2003 they could have cut or change his contract. Him not listening to his fanatics made a few years later, a part who were young and only wanting to be on the winning side going to Ferre Gola and a part to Fally Ipupa, when the G-5 Revolution started.

Zaiko is a legendary band. Nothing can break them because they have a solid fanbase. Most fans being +60 years +70s years old and always thinking back about nostalgia and them not having anything to prove the public a point like Bana Ok back in the days. Also it is not that Zaiko had only succes from the start until this day. There were multiple times that they were in a big dip. Its their past that makes them exist and when a single or album hitting the topcharts them in no-time being back. For example the period of Sans Issue (1996) which flopped followed by Backline Lesson One (1997) until Nous Y Sommes (1998) which brought their succes back. Another example is the period when they got stuck in Europe because of Nyoka Longo's problems with justice (2003-2009). Multiple articles being written about Zaiko being dead, what Zaiko would be without Nyoka Longo, etc. Then when Zaiko finally returned the succes didn't return immediatly. It came back when their concert at GHK (2010/11) got on the market where they presented the new dance "Vimba" and the release of EP Bande Annonce bringing back where they were. The lack of new dances of huge impact in other bands made Zaiko dominate for like 3 years in Kinshasa with DVD/videos of their concerts being huge succes (FIKIN 2012 & Masina 2013), with the dance Maman Siska in 2012 & Voler n'est pas Bon in 2013. Since that there's no sebene-band anymore, even youngster started to dance Zaiko from 2012-13 at parties. The old generation now even complaining that they dont have a moment for themselves at parties/weddings, because of the dancefloor always being full. Something that nobody could imagine 15/20 years ago. Because youngsters would never dance on Zaiko which was/is seen as a band of old people. Them only dancing on Clan Wenge, Quartier Latin and Nouvelle Ecriture. Zaiko now doesn't have to release anything with pressure. It took them 8 years to release Sève. Before Nyoka Longo joining Socoda, Zaiko was always booked to perform every week from thursday to sunday.

Koffi Olomide in Legend adapted on Tokoos music by making multiple featerings with Davido, Tiwa Savage, Ninho. Which is/was on vogue in Kinshasa for several years next to Nigerian music. The new generation is mostly listening to French-speaking artists living in Europe (Damso, Ninho, Aya Nakamura, Dadju, etc.). Legend is not a project of today. It's just that it took some time for him to get it on the market. If he would work on an album today it would surely be on the rhythm of Brazza-music and the new tchatcho rumba.

I wonder how it would be if Les Marquis was created in Kinshasa instead of Europe. Baby Ndombé said that there were alot of influent donors ready to support them and Claude Maluma being ready to let them sign with Bralima/Primus.

During splits when they occur in Kinshasa we see always them choosing one side like we saw with Viva la Musica and Victoria Eleison. Which made me wonder if the same thing would happen with Werrason and if he would not affect his succes ? For example, would a big part of the fanatics follow Les Marquis like the way many fanatics decided to switch to Heritier when he left ? Because in 2004 you had only Maison Mère in Kinshasa, those who were neutral and/or fans of Bill & Ferre just kept coming to concerts and rehearshals. Altough fans complaining in public concerts about Bill Clinton & Ferre's absence but it didn't had any effect on Werra's succes. On the end the fanatics ended up by remaining in Maison Mère because the hype of the split was already with the succes of Alerte Generale which made it more difficult to steal fanatics. When both Ferre & Bill finally arrived in Kinshasa they both split. Ferre after some weeks going back to Europe and later joining Quartier Latin. Bill just relying on JB fanatics and a small piece of WMM fans. Werrason when coming back from his long Europe tour still having his "Majorité Plurielle" fans intact.

Many  said that "songi-songi ya poto" played a huge role in Les Marquis split. Bill & Ferre not being happy with Jus d'Ete Mulopwe them planning a 12 against in Kinshasa. By having a plan to recruit already musicians in Ngiri-Ngiri without Jus d'Ete Mulopwe knowing, but because of both guys not wanting one of them being the head of each other, them also bts planning 12 against each other. Ferre sending his guys to recruit musicians in Ngiri-Ngiri and Bill also having his own guys recruiting the musicians. On the same moment Ferre & Bill not showing up at the concert that was meant to present Miracles at LSC and them going to Kinshasa the following week. According president PEK it was because the majority of musicians choose Jus d'Ete Mulopwe as president through Jacquie Watunda and them not wanting to wear uniforms like being Jus d'Ete's musicians. Ferre missed his flight to Kinshasa and arriving a few days later than Bill. Trying to meet Bill about planning how to do the first concerts and making clear that the rehearsals had to be on his place but Bill refusing, having his own sponsor and thinking that Les Marquis existed because of him.

Congolese Music / Re: Kabesele For Ever
« on: May 29, 2023, 11:28 »
Gina Efongé, Lokua Kanza, Bozi Boziana, Delvis Salsero, Luciana Demingongo, Stino Mubi, Fafa de Molokai, Thythy le Vallois, Wuta Mayi, Wabalonzo, Faya Tess, Abby Suria & Céline Cheynut from the West-Indies.

Koffi is/was still on the top because he knew how to adapt to eras with his albums. He left his original tchatcho style to make kwassa-kwassa/ndombolo (1990s) and to leave ndombolo music to make rumba/modern tchatcho (2000s). Also the many beefs he had with artists who were on the top. Them being stupid to put alot of energy in reacting on Koffi provocations. They were all claiming that they would finish Koffi but on the end it were them who got finished and Koffi still being there. If the competition in Congolese music was the same like back in the days Koffi would have been finished. The competition being low makes him still survive and rely already for 4 years on Papa Mobimba.

Congolese Music / Fally Ipupa’s Stade Massamba-Debat
« on: May 28, 2023, 16:45 »

Congrats to Fally Ipupa, still  filling the stadium although a big boycott campaign in Brazzaville going on, just because of Fally being foreign. The  stadium exists since 1965 but  not any national artist filling the stadium, them only waking up today and making  hate videos against Kinshasa artists acting like it’s our fault.

I wonder how Roga’s show will be. I saw many fans of Ferre being made because of date being the same like that of Ferre’s SDM. Some Ferre fans of Brazzaville complaining in the comments about it, because of planning to go to Kinshasa.

Does Bilbao have biggest African community in Spain ? Because it’s often there where African artists performing. Coming to Congolese artists I recall to have read to have read more articles about them performing Bilbao than Madrid, the rare time they came to Spain

Lol, by saying that they would do more their best to block him in Congo. Unless he try to get in Europe through Turkey/Greece.

Talking about politics. China did our country very dirty.

l’escroquerie du siècle

Congolese Music / Was Tabu Ley born in 1937 or in 1940
« on: May 24, 2023, 18:59 »

Many pages say 1940 but there are also pages that say that he was born in 1937. Did he lower his age with a few years for academic reasons like many others of the pre-colonial generation or was it just a mistake in a biography written on a website and many just blindly copying it.  If remember well on Top Congo FM "Mindule ya Bakulutu" someone explained that there used to be a Catholic Belgian priest who came with a rule that if you reached a certain age (I think 15 but I'm not sure) you could not go to school anymore, which made many parents in Belgian Congo lower the age of their children on paper.

It think that the solist tried to play a part of Redoutable but on his own way.

from 5:11 min

"yoka ngwasumpa, yoka ngwasumpa" hahahaha

I'm really curious what Adricha said after explaining what Verckys said that Kester & Evoloko (tapis rouge) but they cut that part out. I suspect him being behind the dark years of Emeneya (1987-1990) and Emeneya not having any choice to return back to Ecurie VEVE before settling in Europe. Remember what Djonolo said about late Denewade he got fired from Anti Choc, that he would do anything in music-career, adding that they finished Emile Soki and Djonolo being afraid before recording Fatouma Bineta which was big hit.

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