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Meslian live gives me goosebumps
Sad that mamale blanchard and even spino didnt make effrakata

What minute was Meslian played? The greatest QL song ever. If it were up to me that song would been played at every major concert. I’ve only heard it sung live a few times, which is sad
Yeah at 48:00 just to give you a heads up, Lola messes the song up a bit

Of course Lola would mess the song up LOL

I remember him singing Coco Madimba along with Werrason and him trying to do tenor, Werra then looking like "hhhssss aah petit a gaffe mabe".

from 3:35 min and Werra then looking to his right from 3:38 min


Lol, the way his bodyguard is looking at him when he stars dancing Kiwanzenza. He was looking like  a pimp, the moment they started taking pictures of him along with the dancers

it would be interesting if ado could interview them about academia since the parts about the departure from quartier latin was pretty much done,it would be interesting to hear stories and maybe better explanation of fallouts for example when somono followed sam in kinshasa dressed like a traditional chief with arrows in his back singing bizarre songs,the fallout of sam and modogo(even way after academia  i remember at some point sam and modogo beefed because modogo did not like sam calling him petit and sam reminding to modogo that he is the friend of his little brother and not his friend and things like that
 plus the creation of quartier latin integral(with cnn and his aborted experience with bcbg and in cultura where he came with kindoki to fight against louange and gesac)

lol, Somono. It brought me immediatly back to the interview he made on one of those polemic-VHS, after his departure lol. If you attack a Muyaka, then you can except problems. They don't joke with their arrows and nkisi. Richard King, Jacky de Piolani and Gaspard Love have to wake up and upload those rare interviews.

wasn't it the same CNN who made Gentamicine sick when he came for a test in Quartier Latin, before joining BCBG ?

I can already imagine Modogo's interview. He will avoid all polemic questions and not blame one person (blaming everyone to avoid problems). Lebou and Somono will fire shots the whole interview to Sam. I remember Lebou becoming furious everytime when Stella Olowa was mentioning Sam's name, during a interview he made in 2011 for Congomikili (So sad how Congomikili ended).

I liked that cohesion of Patient Kusangila and Flamme Kapaya alot, its so sad their collaboration didn't last long.

« on: March 28, 2020, 21:54 »
rest in peace

I think that they recorded live and then re-recorded each part separatly, like most Congolese albums, but with the difference that Pitshou added his part. Or maybe that Lebou gave the guitar to Pitshou when that part came. Many Congolese bands don't play mi-solo on their albums, only on concerts. Btw the Viagra-booklet says that there wasn't mi-solo played on the generic

Viagra isn't the only generic where you got two solists. Operation Dragon had Burkina Faso on the lead, but the end was done by Flamme. The same for Anti Terro which was recorded with three solists (Pathy Moleso, Burkina Faso and Patou Solo) and them each having their own part.

Lebou and Pitshou shared the roles on the generic.

Lebou Kabuya played the first part of the generic and Pitshou Concorde the last part of ma-kiliba.

Congolese Music / Re: Wenge Musica 1995
« on: March 28, 2020, 19:16 »
Talking about Zaïko does anyone know what Nyoka Longo was singing about at 7:00?

Nyoka Longo was just singing that they have to pray for god.

Congolese Music / Re: Wenge Musica 1995
« on: March 28, 2020, 19:13 »
thanks for these examples, i will listen to that right away

where does koyimbiko come from? 
Because i heard pépé kalle or other sas singing this... i don’t remember

I already heard Grand Zaiko wawa was singing this famous Celeo’s cri

I know Celeo is a huge fan of Zaiko

lol, looks like I explained it 6 times here. Yimbi is a traditional song of the Kongo, which is apparently about a woman crying about a bird who took his child, crying then that the bird to give her child back. Franco recorded that song in 1958 as his first song in Kikongo (later on he would sing traditional songs like Ma Nkewa and Lombola), but he got arrested because the Belgian people saw it as an attack. Thinking that he was singing about Congo getting her independence back.

The yimbi was often also sung at those Mpeve Ya Longo-chures, when they were exorcing demos out people. In Wemba's Elongi Ya Jesus, they really tried to copy it. Sebaret having the role as pastor and saying in Kikongo that they have to stop with kindoki and sins, and Nouvelle Ecriture singing in the background "look at that Kindoki" and from 4:57 min

That stuff of "mama ehh, mama nzoto na nga", must come from 12 Balles and Isiro 1er of Mbonda Loningana (who were doing the Kiyaka-folklore and created the Swabiwutu-dance and cri that Defao and all other bands used to dance) or Swede Swede of Kintambo one of the two. I don't remember because its already 30 years ago.


Congolese Music / Re: Wenge Musica 1995
« on: March 28, 2020, 16:46 »
If you look wel most cries from the 80s, 90s and 2000s aren't even created by them.

Zaiko took for example many cries from Angolan Bakongo (Bazombo) folkloric groups of N'djili and Kimbanseke and many from Bantandu groups.

for example this one, that Nyoka likes to animate often. (from 3:54 min)

from 4:10 min

Congolese Music / Re: Wenge Musica 1995
« on: March 28, 2020, 16:34 »
Yes, Caludji animated it first. But its not that he created that cri. The origins of that cri are from a tradition Kikongo song. The song was already sung in the 50s  by Manuel d'Oliveira who was an Angolan singer living in Dr Congo, who used mostly to sing his songs in Kikongo. Manuel d'Oliveira is btw Felix Manuaku's grandfather.

Caludji took it surely from a folkoric Bakongo (Bantadu) group from Ngiri Ngiri or it could be that one of his guys took it from those folkloric groups in Bumbu or Selembao, who have plenty folkoric groups who singing in the Kintandu dialect of Kikongo. Since that those who used to live in villages close to Kinshasa, Kasangulu and Madimba went to migrate to Selembao, Makala and Bumbu.


Where’s Mave production these days. He and Laudert Londala (RIP) were often organizing big events in Kinshasa

Till this day I don’t understand why they didn’t put Wenge’s intro on stage in the VHS ?

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