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Those Baby vs Lacoste confrontations didn't start today lol. Lacoste throwing shots to Baby.

It would have been better for Baby Ndombe to join Les Marquis even they didn't  acknowledged about being the brain in the first interview.  From there you make a good jump for a solo-career. Because here he left WMMM without hype after months making multiple interviews to beg Werrason to get him back in WMMM. He left WMMM without hype and that bad story  was following him everywhere. For years he couldn't start an interview without a question about Mampata. Btw why is Baby Ndombe not putting Tour de Babel on digital platforms. The album had good songs like Tony Winkele, Tour de Babel, Mapendo, Adelya and Lets Dance

There will be no artist that would create such events in Masina like Werrason and annoy people for hourse who had to take their plane at N'djil-airport and/or those coming back from a trip. Its a shame that the project of Stade Charletty didn't happen anymore. To be honest, I dont believe Werra's explaination about the way the pushed the concert-date of Stade Charletty.

So it was true that Guy Moller went to Europe on his own for a moment ? Hahaha that transformation in no time. Akomaki matama mbala moko. The food of Europe is totally different than that of Europe. Its crazy to hear him mention the name of Bercy Muana who used to animate for him 1:13:27 min

From the moment that JB Mpiana peformed at Boulevard Triomphale followed by Werrason the week after, created an obsession for artists in 2004 to perform there. Its a shame that Wemba couldn't maintain the succes he had. This were his last moments of real fame. The dance Banzonkion took Kinshasa by storm like the dance Enterrement the previous year.

Rest in Peace Mbuta Nzaya Nzayadio.

Congolese Music / Re: Kabesele For Ever
« on: May 31, 2023, 23:13 »
There's a video on youtube of Werrason touring along with Tshala Muana and comedians like Siatula, Bipendu, etc. around different cities of Congo for those political campaigns of ADFL. When coming in Mbandaka they performed with Pepe Kalle. Its btw there that Pepe Kalle was victim of his first heart attack before his death. Back then people were still not believing that Werrason would make it one day and that he was profiting behind ADFL to still exist. Them calling Maison Mere, Wenge ADFL because of they started to tour with them for those campaigns.

from 1:11:53 min Pépé Kallé coming out the plane
from 1:13:54 min Pépé Kallé singing Monano
from 1:14:33 min Pépé Kallé singing with Tshala Muana

There's also a video of him on youtube performing in N'djili. Gode Lofombe said in one of his many interviews that it was the concert that gave him the inspiration to start Delta Force for Pépé Kallé, because of the intro the singers did.

They had alot of time to prepare the generique. The album came out in octobre 2006 but Danger de Mort is an album was prepared and recorded in 2005, in reality already finished for months.

They probably tried to come with something different compared to the generiques they did in the past. Btw its from this era that atalaku's started to impose guitarists how to play and to do the generiques instead of the guitarist coming with a whole melody and the atalaku putting his cri's above it. You will notice that many generiques that came after 2006 had alot of stops in it. It's also the era where each atalaku came with his own generique and it getting melted in one instead of working as a team together.

Koffi was a little bit lucky. The generique could have flopped if there was one more stop.

Congolese Music / Re: Kabesele For Ever
« on: May 31, 2023, 21:16 »
You were right. Wenge BCBG was at that time stuck in Ivory Coast waiting for the political tensions in Kinshasa to calm down before returning. If they stayed like 1 week more in Kinshasa after performing at Palais du Peuple and Nsele instead of going immediatly to Ivory Coast, JB would also have participated to the song & event and having to be on the same stage with his "brother" Werrason. I wonder if in that case, some politicians of the ADFL-regime would have a different view towards JB Mpiana. JB really suffered in those years while he hadn't done anything wrong nor making political statements.

I dont remember if it was Lassa Lacoyte or somebody else saying that Jolino's vocal of the song Tokufa Pona Congo was first done by Marie Paul in the studio because of Jolino being afraid about LD Kabila's regime falling down and getting punished for it in the case that RCD Goma take power. But when seeing in the following days that the army was getting more control back over the country, he ended up by accepting doing the vocal.

A good song. But I can't take But na Filet serious for whatever reason. The question is if this song will be a succes. I hope that it will open the eyes of other bandleaders to make more kind of these songs instead of only focussing on love.

This song fits really to Reddy. He have just replace But na Filet voice with that of Reddy. It are these songs that Reddy needed for his album Bailo Canto. He needs just need to put his pride aside and accept to work with ghostwriters. He's limiting himself for years

Oh was it Montana ? I thought that it was the guy himself hahahaha.

Sometimes I regret to not have saved those pre-versions that Ndombohino, Bjone and co used to post on their skyrock-pages. Ba archives ekenda boye. The way people and staffmembers were mad about generiques and songs getting leaked while most of times it were the leaders themselves doing it to test the temperature

This version of Danger de Mort that the guy is dancing on sounds different. apart the part that the guy modified himself by talking on koffi's space (00:26 min to 00:34), you will hear no mabanga. The drum sounds different, the bass being stronger and the lead guitar having that steinbeiger-sound. The keyboards not really being audible. It seems that its the final version just before the mix. I wonder if its also not the version that got leaked on internet a few weeks before Danger de Mort's release.

From 3:56 min you can hear Apocalyps animating on Brigade's space by animating on that part "betu tu kwendila ba tata ba maman kuna Camp Luka". But that part getting erased and Koffi talking on that part in the final version "aaaah systeme eza ya 4/4 bien basé sur endurance, veut dire keba na but ya prolongation nde". Also the part where Apocalyps screams Tshouba along with Brigade to end it by screaming "elengi eeh"

Congolese Music / Re: Kabesele For Ever
« on: May 31, 2023, 01:49 »
Yes, his ex’wife Liliane used to live in France along with her children and the children Emeneya had with his first wife Francine (Afimiko, Yannick and Samantha). Btw Liliane’s dauthger Marily Emenya got recently married to JB Mpiana’s son Abraham. Here you can see Emeneya with his two sons Kevin & Miles Emeneya in a barbershop when being interviewed by Addy Londole

from 27:25 min

Kevin Emeneya sadly became paralysed in war of Afghanistan. He was shown in a documentary on the French television. Miles Emeneya often appears in anniversaries of Emeneya death to represent the children. He also appeared a few times in the media to attack Lolo Mutima.

I dont think that his ex’wife Liliane pushed him to stay in Europe. I think that Emeneya himself was not really motivated to spent a lot time in Kinshasa to fight against Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomidé and co for the n1 spot although making alot of noise on tv. But the same Emeneya would a few years later ending up by spending more time in Kinshasa than Europe.

Emeneya was barely touring abroad when being in Congo.  He was mostly spending time in Kinshasa. He was not the only one, most of these Kinshasa-based artists were spending most of the time in Kinshasa. In a year they would apart Brazzaville just go to 1 or 2 african countries in a year (on rare occasion 3  in a year). It were only Koffi Olomidé and Defao who would go to multiple African countries. Apart from the concerts in Kenya, Tanzania & Zambia in 2000. Emeneya only went to Mbanza-Kongo in Angola and Brazzaville in 2001. In 1999 he gave a concert in Pointe Noire.

You will never go forwards financially by performing in Kinshasa. Some of these concerts in the early 2000s were organized by bandleaders themselves to still exist. It were those tours in Europe, the ngulu’s and donors/fans of Europe that were saving bandleaders and the big amount of money they were getting from diamond businessmen based in Lunda. Its only when giving concerts at l’Esplanade de Palais du Peuple, Stade 20 Mai or Stade des Martyrs that there were opportunities to get some big money. Most of these concerts also generated peanuts. In the era of LD Kabila, most artists didn’t had contracts anymore with beercompanies like Unibra (Bracongo later) and Bralima like it used to be in time of Zaire, them only collaborating for some shows. Its from 2003 that it started to come back and bandleaders being able to breathe a little bit more, especially that the success of europe-tours started to become less. 

The revelations JF Ifonge made about Werrason and pastor Kutino Fernando in some of his interviews, made me discover that he had personal problem with both guys.

If I remember well, he said once that he would sometimes pick up girls with his former friend Depitcho in Binza, sometimes they would meet pastor Kutino who was dating the same girl l and them arguing against Kutino about the girl. In an interview of last year or 2 years ago, he revealed that he was dating a girl of mixed races in Ma Campagne. It happened that Werrason was actually dating the same girl. The girl appeared in the Intervention Rapide clips and JF himself said that Werrason had one child with her. This made me immediatly understand why he always go hard on the two guys. Maybe that more stuff happened between both guys behind scenes about women.

Altough going hard on Heritier and JB sometimes it happens that he praises both guys but he never praised Werrason. Only when his friend Lassa Lacoyte made some revelations about Werrason in Ado Yuhe's show about how Werra knows how to fight in life and stuff like that, that JF Ifonge said that he was surprised to hear that about Werrason and adding that he had changed his mind about him. Like Bantou de la Capitale sung in the past "makambo mibale ekabola mokili. likambo ya mbongo na oyo ya basi". 

Its for example rare, to see JF going hard on someone he knows really well and being friends while the person in question doing bad stuff of having a bad reputation. For example, he never exposes Jus d'Ete but often goes hard on Depitcho with who he has a problem. The same for Carine Mokonzi, he never attacked her. 

Congolese Music / Re: Kabesele For Ever
« on: May 30, 2023, 23:55 »
Going back to the topic. I noticed that tribute tracks who are recorded in days/weeks after the of a big artists are easily forgotten compared to tribute tracks who are done 2/3/4 years after it.

Seeing the backcover which is a picture of the event Megaconcert “Tokufa Pona Congo” at Stade des Martyrs, made me really being curious to see that video. It’s the first time for me to see the picture.
You can see Werrason with the priest robe he wore on the cover of Intervention Rapide (I heard someone saying that he got it from late Wasenga Kipuni’s father). It’s there where the myth around him started, power of getting welcomed as an hero and getting venues empty when leaving the place.

Djuna Mumbafu said in an interview that it was the first event where they performed with Delta Force but Pepe Kallé having to sing on the floor instead of stage because of his weight. But I’m surprised to see him on stage with all singers. Also where is Marie Paul on the picture, his face hidden the guy with glasses (I’m not sure if it’s Makaba) ? That day was a dark page in music-career. I would like to see that famous entrance he did with Werrason that went wrong.

 I really wonder if the VHS of this event got officially released on the market, the same for Gigaconcert “Hommage à Pépé Kallé” at Stade des Martyrs.

Congolese Music / Re: Kabesele For Ever
« on: May 30, 2023, 23:34 »
Probably because he didn't had money to let them return back to Kinshasa. Often bandleaders abandon their musicians in African countries when they are scammed by concert-promoters or when a concert goes wrong. The bandmembers (and dancers if they are present) collect money by getting sidechicks (dancers finding a boss) or finding someone with a good heart  and them paying tickets on their own to return back to Kinshasa. But the musicians of Victoria were not being able to do that, having an angry CEO of a hotel wanted his money back and still believing that Emeneya would return and bring them to the US but him ending up by staying for like 6 months abroad. Because before things went wrong Emeneya told them that they would perform in Kenya first before joining Guy Moller and co who were abadoned in the US (the question is if he would really let his musicians go the US and him also having the problem with the tourpromoter of the US because of not respectingthe contract and running away without giving any concert).

Emeneya and Victoria didn't enjoy the succes of Longue Histoire which is really sad because they spent all the time abroad when the album had crazy succes in Kinshasa. The hype of the album was already over when they came back, because back then Force de Frappe & A La Une came out. They did one concert at Cinemax after 8 months of absence but nobody showed up because of bad promotion and those newspapers again writting bad about Emeneya. But they quickly erased that bad image by performing the following week at a packed YMCA.

There was alot of frustation in the band because of hard times they went through in Kenya and Tanzania. Also because they were meant to perform at La Madeleine in Brussels and tour in Europe which was organised by tourpromoter José Kapesa, them having to join Europe from Tanzania where they were staying. But Emeneya decided to cancel the tour on the last minute and all bandmember being mad. When coming back to Kinshasa there was still alot of frustration and they were paid peannuts/nothing for the time they spent abroad.

The trip Emeneya did in 2001 to Europe was to finish the clips of Longue Histoire and bring them on the market also to sign new contracts for upcoming tour but he ending up by staying months long. In meantime some of his musicians decided to leave the band. When Emeneya finally signed the contract for Zenith those who left didn't believe it and thought that it was to lure them back. Emeneya himself returned two months prior to Zenith back to Kinshasa, to prepare the show and recruit news musicians. He did his best to convince all members who decided to leave to come back. But they kept all refusing, even when their parents, girlfriends or familymembers got involved. When they would accept the offer they always getting lured back into Dream Team.

Congolese Music / Re: Kabesele For Ever
« on: May 30, 2023, 12:27 »
After Mboka-Mboka Emeneya went to resettle in Europe, because his vision was not live in Kinshasa. It were btw his fans in Kinshasa pushed him to return in 1997 and Mambo de Panama who recruited his musicians. Like in 1997, in 1999 people pushed him to return back to Kinshasa saying that he could not let the succes of Mboka-Mboka go away like that. When going back to Kinshasa he started to prepare Longue Histoire. After that he went back to Europe with the prerecording and producers who wanted to produce his album, wanting to release the album for summer 1999. However, when meeting those producers he disagreed with the amount of money they wanted to give and the contracts.  So he decided like Mboka Mboka to do the album on his own with his friends. In meantime he released the EP "Never Again Plus Jamais" which flopped. After that he went again to Kinshasa to finish the album, adding the new dance Kiwanzenza, the songs going from 13 to 15 tracks. When coming back to Europe, his staff in Kinshasa said that there was a new dance called "Tchaku-Libondas". Emeneya didn't want to miss the opportunity to not have that dance in his album like in Mboka-Mboka (when finishing Mboka Mboka there was a new dance called "Pain na Pain" which all bands danced but Victoria Eleison being the first to make the dance known. However they weren't able to put the cri in the album because of the album already being mixed which made them only dance it in the clips). After getting the call Emeneya went once again back to Kinshasa to add those cri's in the album and adding 3 new songs (Basali Nteke, But na Filet, etc.). This made the album being released in June 2000 after postponing the release date for 1 year (everytime he kept pushing it for 3 months).  People had first doubts before the album came out, but when it came out it took Kinshasa by storm and it used to be n1 in the musicharts of historic panafrican radio Africa N1.

Tayc who's a French artist of Cameroonian origin came two weeks ago to Kinshasa for two concerts. His second concert at Athénée de la Gombé was a big flop with only 200 people showing up, the artist coming late on stage, the organisation not being good, etc. Will French artists now think twice about performing in Kinshasa to not wanting to see their image being damaged ? I saw somewhere a poster of Aya Nakamura having to perform at Showbuzz this month but I didn't hear anything about it later. Got it cancelled ?

I noticed that such problems always occur when foreign artists come to visit Kinshasa. It's not something of today. It used also to happen often in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Kassav, Zouk Machine and Jimmy Cliff although having big succes with their concerts in Kinshasa, them being scammed by the concert-promoter.

To be fair I would never pay my money to visit Lobeso's concert or listen his music.

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