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Would Effrakata be any different had Mamale and Spino stayed with the band? Idk how much space they could have gotten. What made Spino leave an established group like Quartier Latin for Wenge Tonya Tonya?

This dude left Kester after Mboka Mboka for Koffi, only to finish with Kester after staying behind in Europe with Wenge Tonya Tonya splitting later lol

There wouldn't be alot of difference, because Effrakata was Koffi's solo album with his singers having just some vocals. Spino left Quartier Latin because of Montana. Spino and Montana don't like each other, because of the way they are really in the La Sape-world. So to put Spino in a bad daylight, Montana said to Koffi that Spino was indirectly challeging him, by the way he was coming with those expensive clothes to the rehearshals. It made Koffi furious. He started ignore Spino and act weird towards him. Spino then that his place wasn't in Quartier Latin anymore and went to join Wenge Tonya Tonya.

Spino was one of the guys who had to be on the Bercy-list, being already promoted on the "Sur La Route de Bercy" VHS, having alot of vocals in Attentat and making alot tv-appearence with Fally, Lola Muana and Jordan Kusa. Being already known for being one of the former keymembers of Emeneya's DTDB. But a conflict with Savanet Depitcho, who had the keys in his hands, made him like Soleil Wanga (he was also in conflict with Depitcho and even fought with him) miss the trip.

I'm not talking about talking about Madilu having written songs or not. But I'm talking the way they are comparing Madilu who started his career with Papa Noel in the late 60s to someone who started his career in 1978 and in 1982 as full musician, being often seen as a 'faux chanteur' until 1991 (which was also true, he was often horrible when singing live, now its even worser, but his fame covers it).

About making rumba's, its more about the melody. They have to credit Rigo Star, Manu Lima, Maika Munan, Beniko Popolipo, Do Akongo & Philipe Guez for Koffi and Shiko Mawatu, Maika Munan, Lokassa Ya Mbongo & Caien Madoka for Madilu. It are the instrumentalists who are creating those rumba's. The text can be good, but if it doesn't match with music, then its another story . A good example is Wazekwa who has good texts, but who failed to have rumba's hits on his name. Since Abacadabra, there isn't a rumba that reached the level of those who were made between Henriquet and B.E.K., because Koffi wasn't working anymore with guys like Fofo Le Collegien, Ramazani, Philiphe Guez, Popolipo. Koffi had difficulties by convincing the public, despite his good texts he relauched his career as solo-artist. But it all changed when he started to work with Rigo Star on the Diva-album, which then also his first big succes after his collaborations with Papa Wemba. He started to learn alot from Rigo Bamundele, who was a big professional in the studios of Europe.


Who played lead ? The solist did like Lofombo a good job. I really wonder how it would be if Lofombo would  play bass on a Reagge-album.

Isn't it a big disrespect towards Madilu who comes from Franco's school. Btw Koffi said years long that he wasn't making rumba music, but that he was mixing rumba of Tabu Ley and Simaro along with that foreign music (Julio Iglesis), calling it Tchatcho. Adding that it was basic-rumba. I think that Koffi would be furious if he heard about it, because he always see it as a big disrespect when his music is compared to his elders during interviews and often says that he isn't on their level.

Real rumba is the music that Tabu Ley, Grand Kalle and Franco were doing, which without programmed music.  Karmapa is also trying follow that musicstyle, but it is not the same.

Congolese Music / Re: RIP Aurlus Mabele
« on: March 23, 2020, 13:05 »
Thank you very much Mfumu, I think the Paris Based Musicians dominated in late 80s and early 90s because, the local congolese music was not circulated in other parts of Africa. Pepe Kale managed to keep pace with the Parisians because he used them as session musicians, most of Pepe Kale Albums of late 80 had Diblo, Dally and Locasa playing guitars. It was until 1993 when Kalayi Boeing was released that the dominance of Paris based Musicians was broken. Kine Bouge which was recorded in 1991 was first head in Tanzania after Kalayi Boieng and I was surprised to learn that Aurlus Mabele copied the entire animation of Ngouma Maguy in Elephant Ambiance which was very popular here in 1992.

That's not really true. The Congolese music was already circulated in Africa during the 50s with African Jazz of Grand Kalle and later on with Dr Nico & Tabu Ley who were filling stadiums in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone with their band African Fiesta. Franco and later the next generation following them (Lipua Lipua, Mopero Wa Maloba & Langa Langa Stars). Nippon Banzai of Zaiko Langa Langa was a massive hit in Africa. Franco Luambo Makiadi was like a god in Kenya, filling away halls and stadium when he was coming there. Its only Papa Wemba and King Kester Emeneya who weren't able to make their music known outside Zaire, Congo Brazza, Rwanda and Burundi. Papa Wemba started to get known when he released the album Le Voyageur with the song Maria Valencia being a hit and starting to sement a fanbase in Francophone Africa with the album Foridoles, then he became more known in the English speaking countries of Africa, when he released the album Emotion,  with Show me the Way and Rail On being massive hits. King Kester Emeneya started to get in known Francophone Africa when he released Nzinzi.

Congolese Music / Re: RIP Aurlus Mabele
« on: March 23, 2020, 12:06 »
Just as a point of curiosity, I haven't seen any mention of Aurlus' passing on social media platforms of many Congolese artists. The likes of Werra, Ferre, Koffi, Fally, Fabro... It's kinda odd given the stature of Aurlus Mabele in the African continent and outside as well.

I think the congolese based Musicians did not appreciate Paris based Musicians, when Kanda Bongo Man was attracting record crowds in East Africa, Bozi Boziana toured Tanzania and when asked about Kanda Bongo Man he said nobody knows him in Congo. Is that true? that the Soukous legends like Kanda and Mabele were not known in Congo?

Yes, its true. They weren't know in Dr Congo. The few who knew them in Kinshasa, didn't like them, because they saw them as people who tried to kill the authentic Congolese music. Koffi once openly attacked in a video for that. Aurlus Mabele was known in Brazzaville, because they were proud to have finally  a big star who was defending their colors, after the old generation of les Bantou de la Capitals. But the population didn't really like the music, because they saw it as the fast, weird, the lyrics being very basic and not real pure Congolese music.

from 2:19 min

lol, the way Jordan refused to give Jipson the mic, when they were cutting the cakes.

Lola is really talented towards the end of the video, he's playing bass.

Meslian live gives me goosebumps
Sad that mamale blanchard and even spino didnt make effrakata

Spino already joined Tonya Tonya when they were about to prepare Effrakata in Kinshasa.

I fully think Rocky and Binda could’ve potentially shared on Effrakata

Of course, but Koffi didn’t want to bring to bassplayers anymore, after that Pathy Bass & Clovis Nguma ran away and he wanted to play with Blanchard’s mind, by giving him hope and praising him, not knowing that he was about to humilate him. Which made Binda playing some lines that he left during the preparation of that album in Binza (for example the part when Brigade animates muana ndumba maladie kabela nga, yo muana moke okende Masina makolo........).

john scott and cnn already doing some effrakata animation there before kero and brigade

one crie "Kubuata, Kubuata,....", was also be animated by Bill Adricha's HT (don't remember which song) and Mboshi in Viagra, must be from a random folkloric mutandu-artist from Selembao or Bumbu who had every year hits in Kinshasa.

The dance Quartier Latin dancded during  the cri of CNN (which is a converted version of Mbilia's Yamba Nga), was also danced during Werra's entrance at Bercy and was also during some Kibuisa songs where Celeo used to animation


When Ingenieur decided to stop with uploading videos, I thought that I would never see that video in my life.

Congolese Music / Re: Pray for Me and My Family
« on: March 22, 2020, 20:51 »
Nkolo azala nayo

Congolese Music / Re: Songs Inspired by Kassav, Zouk ...
« on: March 22, 2020, 16:10 »
Of course they say it often in interviews,  that were influenced by Kassav who had a huge succes in Francophone Africa during the 80s, filling stadiums when they came (themselves being surpised the way they were loved in Africa). Their succes was so big, that it created a genre in Angola called Kizomba, that was inspired by their musicstyle (Zouk).

There are many songs who have Zouk-parts, a part of Eve Sukali (Wenge Musica), a part of Amie Reviens (Extra Musica), a part of La Vie (Wenge Musica), the whole song of Overdose (Papa Wemba), Experience (Koffi Olomide), Douceur (Mbilia Bel), there are alot of songs like that.

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