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CNN is a good dancer. Not special but he knows how to dance. I think that his conflict with Koffi already started when they were recording the videoclips for Force de Frappe. In Attentat volume 1 apart the generique, Koffi didn't film his singers. He just filmed himself and dancers.

John Scott probably did something wrong which made Koffi wanting to get rid of him quickly and with Kerozene seeing the golden occasion with it. Back then Koffi was really obssesed with Maison Mere. Especially Bill & Ferre praising both guys often in interviews. In Kerozene he saw a raw diamond and a new bill clinton. He recruited Ile de Cambodge for the same reasons, in which he saw Kakol 2.0. When coming in Europe he was about to recruit Papy Jah of Extra Musica but the whole band being against saying and Fally openly saying that he was starting copying Werrason. When coming in Ivory Coast he recruited Lady Miyembe of Anti Choc wanting him to do that role of Ferre but all big singers didn't like him and did everything to make him leave.

About Kerozene and Brigade not dancing in clips. Both guys dont really know how to dance although Koffi next to old QL-videos giving them alot of videotapes of Maison Mère to train on Bill. You will notice that in their first year they were trying to do famous Bill-turn that Bill used to do in concerts of Maison Mere but them not really succeeding in it.

Mboshi was a talented artist but was not a big dancer and also didnt had the looks to appear in clips. For example, Champion was a drummer but Koffi made him appear often in clips and Binda Bass also a few times. This boosted the popularity of both guys alot. Back in the late 90s and early 2000s Champion was the most famous drummer in Africa. When talking about atalaku's in West-Africa,
they were often mentioning Theo Mbala, Tutu Kaluji and Bill Clinton. But not Mboshi because despite his work they weren't knowing his name and some even not his face because of not appearing in clips,  himself not mentioning his name often in his work and his boss also not mentioning much when animating.

Thats true Defao was one of the most kinded artists in our music-scene. When he was alive everybody used to praise about how nice he was and the way he liked to help people out. Even pastor Denis Lessie remind him about the past when nobody knew him but Defao still allowing him to use Big Stars' materials to preach with it. While bands like Langa Langa Stars, Viva la Musica were not allowing JB & Werra and co to come close to them and doing them dirty when trying to negoiate for first-parts. Defao was allowing them to come to his house in Ngiri-Ngiri and borrow so much clothes if they want for their concerts and playbacks. Defao would often visit their rehearshals. He was also the one who made them get finally a producer to release their first album Bouger Bouger (aka Mulolo) and became their official godfather but when they arrived on the top they moved more towards Papa Wemba who first used to denigrate them openly on tv. It were one of the reasons about many people being mad about JB & Werrason not really being involved in Defao's funeral and mourning while he was the one who contributed the most to their breakthrough from all 3th generation artists. Defao had just one bad side and that was that he would get easily mad. When being mad, he really mad. This made him having times that he would disband his band and sometimes fire his musicians. But apart that side, he was really loved. Him not being in same circle like nyoka longo, manda chante, werrason and co for political stuff made his funeral kind being neglected

I was just to not really liking Zaiko’s style at that time. I was more into Quartier Latin, Wenge, etc. When listening to Zaïko I was preferring those of the old era 1980s and early 1990s. But I would still prefer Quartier Latin and co

ya cheta layi layi. ya aah cheta eeh 

When I watched the interview for the first I replayed that part 20 times hahahahha

How can this video be 8 years old ? It feels likes 2 years ago.

Here you can see all of the European concerts that he had in 2006:

It's impressive how Koffi filled Bataclan while they already spend 5 months in Europe and him doing two weeks later the same at Elysée Montmartre. Such concerts are normally often flops unless they are goodbye-concerts. The success of DVD "Kisanola le peigne" that came out during the tour had a big contribution in the succes of it. But at the same time its sad how Congolese music went down at that time from performing at big halls like Bercy and Zenith to small halls like Elysee Montmartre. The African-diaspora press did everything to hype Coupé Décale and barely promoted Congolese music. Although having filled both halls the reviews of both concerts at that time were not good. Many fans complaining that they were missing the fire that used to be in concerts during the early 2000s.

the facebook interview didn't include the way he got in touch with Wenge 4x4 and the part of Didier Masela's conflict with Werrason

They probably cancelled it. I dont remember articles being written about that event, having seen posters of it or people talking about it. The Europe-tour of 2005/06 was the last where Koffi brought the whole Kinshasa-team. After it started mixing the team with Europe-based musicians. But in the period towards the end of 2006, Europe-based musicians like Champion, Junior and co were helping Fally out in that period for concerts with Maika Munan to promote Droit Chemin. If I remember well Koffi had concerts in Brazzaville in the same period to celebrate Quartier Latin's 20th anniversary. Back then everybody was talking about Fally's show at Dock Eiffel and wondering if there would be still concerts in Europe after a double event of Werra in Paris getting cancelled by combattans in Paris and a concert in Brussels being sabotated by them with them. But Werrason making peace with them and performing at Elysee Montmarte. From Koffi's return to Kinshasa in August 06 to early 2007 most of Koffi's concerts were flopping, the press making use of it to denigrate him and comparing him with Fally. Some concerts of Fally himself weren't also going well but the press making people believe that it was big succes like the way they used to do with Werra & JB in the past.

« on: May 19, 2023, 23:09 »
I think that Koffi would have been a great guitarist and bassplayer at the same time if he didn't decided to be a singer. In his early solo-career used to play rhythm and bass in his studio-albums

Because of y'all praising Heritier's albums. I will try to listen to them next week all songs from the begin to the start.

Really ? I gonna listen to it. These last 10 years I never listened full albums. 2 weeks I tried to do it and finally listened to all the 31 songs of Fally Ipupa's Control. I came to the conclusion that our genre is really dead. I was really dissapointed and wondered how that album was a huge succes 5 years ago. I also wondered why there wasn't an artist that could catch control up at that time.
You didn’t listen to Zaiko - Seve???

I heard a part years ago in my brother's car. But apart the generiques I wasn't really impressed. I am not a real Zaiko-fan and Zaiko never really convinced me after Avis de Recherche. It's only 2 years ago that I starting liking Poison while in past I used to hate that album. Its a few months ago that I forced myself to listen to Eureka which I used to hate back in the days. I was never able to finish the album. Prefering to listening to Affaire d'Etat & A la Que Leu Leu.

All Congolese concerts of big bandleaders at took place at Elysee Montmartre from 2006 to the concert-ban are on youtube. From mid 2004 you had that war of those big dvd-producers about buying images of the biggest in events in Paris and Kinshasa. Them all being uploaded on youtube the last 10 years except Werra's concert at Bataclan in 2005 before returning to Kinshasa.

Koffi just performed twice at Elysee Montmarte in 2006 the following year he performed there on 27 december 2007 without Joss Diena & Gessac. Badive uploaded it on youtube but for whatever reason he closed his channel. Mudjona Dobbs saved the video and re-uploaded but made the mistake by writting that it was at Bataclan.

Congolese Music / Re: Lambio Lambio passed away
« on: May 18, 2023, 14:30 »
Maray Maray just posted it on his Facebook account
That's a sad day for Congolese music, do anyone have his generique he made with Fally? Anyway how was his life was he able to substain himself?

By sometimes collaborating with other bandleaders, side business and also by doing some matolo.  Many artists used to use Lambio and Manda Chante for matolo. Because they knew that with Lambio or Manda they would get easy acces to the office or house of politicians and businessmen to get money. Years ago there was a time that journalists like Vincent Tshiluizi and Jazz Kahvulu used to critize Mamie for inviting Lambio almost every week in her show to give shout-outs instead of real musicians. In reality its sad how artists are forced to make from matolo a living while with the big work they have done in our country they need to be millionaires. 

Congolese Music / Re: Lambio Lambio passed away
« on: May 18, 2023, 12:14 »

Mawa trop. Rest in Peace.

He would have liked to see images of him dancing for late Abeti Masikini & TP OK Jazz.

I felt like Lambert wasn't really concentrated when doing his interview with Mbuta Likasu. Because I remember him doing an interview years ago with I think a girl working for Cleboa or another youtube-channel where Lambert was really calm and didn't praise himself alot. Explaining in  all details  how he started as kid with Chem-Chem Yetu. His time as dancer in nightclubs, the work he did with Kinsekwa when dancing for Abeti Masikini. His friendship with King Kester Emeneya when being in Viva la Musica. His time in TP OK Jazz and the way he used to give late Luambo and Simaro massagas, explaining that decenia wearing heavy guitars killed their back. Also how he left along with other dancers after Luambo's death because of TP OK Jazz being broke and him collaborating with multiple artists in the early/mid- 90s.

Many people dont know that Lambio Lambio actually made the choreography is the dancers and singers in Koffi Olomidé's videoclip Loi. Koffi Olomidé said it once in an interview he did with Papy Mboma before visiting Lambio at his anniversairy for 40 years of music-career. If I remember well he was credited along with late Kinsekwa in the credits of Loi-Clips. Lambio also made the choreography for the singers and dancers of Wenge BCBG's Zenith 1999 Intro.

Lambert was important Reddy's tour in Zaire when he came in 1995, also for the dancers he recruited for Nouvelle Ecriture in 1996 called "Ba Petites Chance Eloko Pamba" (most being those who already danced for Reddy in 1995). When being left behind by Papa Wemba for Zenith 1999, he created in Kinshasa the fioti fioti which revolutioned the Congolese music-scene and from then other bands also wanting to recruit dancers of the age 15,16,17 & 18. The shows of Zenith 2000 & Olympia 2000 made Lambio Lambio being respected by everybody also winning a special award of ACMCO. In the same period he also became important for TV to hype Papa Wemba and Nouvelle Ecriture up and mobilizing people for big events. Because his important contributions behind the scenes for Nouvelle Ecriture and also being one of the key figures to hold the band together after Bendo, Pompom Miyake and Ramazani's departure, Papa Wemba gave him the title of president of Nouvelle Ecriture. In 2001, he created another group of dancers called "Ba Nion-Nion" who performed along with the Fioti-Fioti's at Bercy. In 2003 he was often linked to a departure towards Wenge Maison Mère, but it didn't happen. In 2005 Lambio left after getting fired from his function as president, he started his own band/group called Vidjana and collaborating with other bands at the same time.

Solo-artists need to accept to be directed when recording an album like the way Maika Munan used to direct Papa Wemba in Foridoles, Pole Position and Nouvelle Ecriture. Koffi Olomidé being directed by his friend Rigo Star in his early career. Alain Makaba directing Wenge 4x4, etc. There are no classic albums anymore. Look how Fally's music now is since he stopped working/giving Maika Munan the artistic direction.

According to Olivier Tshimanga. One of the reasons about the conflict he had with Ferre Gola, was about him not wanting to be directed and only wanting one rhythm and no any variation in style of playing guitar while Olivier saw it as monotonous. Ferre then switching to Mbetenge who didn't saw any problem in playing the music he wanted.


I forgot to add this one. If I was an artist that was recording a rumba-album, I would invite Beniko Popolipo to play these kind of solo's towards the end.

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