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So is Heritier gay?

I remember late ADT Yanki Mpuy claiming that he had videos of Heritier and that he would expose him if he would continue sending people to attack Werrason.

Chris Kale who used to play keyboards for Maison Mere during their tour in UK and Europe before Solola Bien passed away

It's a shame that Werrason never  performed at Olympia with all the succes he had. Him only performing there as one of late Manu Dibangu's main guest in 2001.

The first opportunity was in 1999. The dates they were putting at Villejuif (the first one in May being cancelled because of not receiving visa's) before the planned Olympia were tests. But the event at Olympia for July 10th ended up by being cancelled. It got cancelled out of respect for Papa Wemba, after being contacted by his staff (Eric Kenzo and co). At that time Papa Wemba  planned a show on the same date in Brussels at Forest National to celebrate his 50th birthday and 30 years in music. It created anger among his fanatics in Kinshasa. Werrason and his musicians made interviews in Europe  to calm his fans down and his spokemen in Kinshasa doing the same thing. At the same time they announced his show at Palais des Sports. But back in his head, Werrason was still thinking about Olympia and wanted to perform there after Solola Bien. It had been said that Werrason apparently not being happy for the way JB Mpiana ended up by performing at Olympia before him and being mad for the way media used to hype JB's show at Olympia and that of Zenith. He was really determinated to put a great show at Olympia in 2000. But he had only the (bad)luck that when a vote was planned at La Zamba Playa to choose about where to do a show the following Europe-tour between Zenith, Olympia & Bercy, the majority of fans voting for Bercy.

In 2002, the name Olympia came back during the recordings of A La Que Leu Leu. Seeing that Koffi didn't do his Triple Olympia like planned, they adopted it like the original double Zenith that Koffi wanted to do in 2001. However, it quickly dissapeared when in the same period the project of Stade Charlety for 2003 (and later 2004) appeared that also never happened.

In 2007, the during the tour of Sous Sol and them recording Temps Present & world album Simply the Best "Sans Poteau" at the same time. There were talks about a Double Olympia-event. But Werrason wanted to wait to release his world-album. In 2009, the project reappeared and the show was planned for July 2009 with the intention to release Techno Malewa and his world-album at the same time, also to present solist Petit Poussin as one of the main stars. But for whatever reasons it didn't happen and the show pushed to 2010.

In 2010 when everybody was waiting for Double Olympia. Meganet came with the contract for Zenith. When being asked about why Double Olympia didn't take place, Werrason would like in 1999 give the reason about Olympia being to small and in other interviews that he wanted to re-do Zenith because of the things that happened in 2008 with combattans who tried to sabotate his show and many people saying about the concert of 2008 not being good.

The same year when Werrason returned back to Kinshasa, there were talks to plan it for december 2010 to celebrate christmas and Diego Music claiming that Techno Malewa vol. 1 became gold that they would present it there. But the project dissapeared and Ferre then planning not long after it also Double Olympia but for new year, which also didn't happen. Just before the tour of 2011 that was messed up by combattans, Werrason explained that Double Olympia didn't happen, because of him wanting to release Techno Malewa Suite et Fin first, them pushing it to 2012. But the event would never take place because of the concert-ban by combattans starting


Girls and Cars featering Afrisa International of Tabu Ley Rochereau

The original "échange culturel". Not that everything is being adapted for the Western market. The song Shout for Freedom made with TP Ok Jazz had something special. Their instrumentalist section did a great job. All songs had their own identity. I only wonder why they didn't invite Zaiko Langa Langa or Victoria Eleison as 4th band.

After hearing this album, I would like to hear American popstars making albums backed by Congolese bands. R. Kelly is in jail, but what about Usher, Alicia Keys & Beyonce ? Something that will probably not happen even in my wildest dreams.

It's so sad that there are no videos on TV5 about  the reportages M6 and MCM Africa about this event. I wonder why even Koffi's team doesn't have any BTS videos  of those big events in Koffi's career.


articles of French newpapers Liberation and Le Monde

The Olympia is a renowned music venue in Paris, France, and performing there is considered a major achievement for any French-speaking artist. Koffi Olomidé's show at the Olympia provided him even more international exposure and recognition. It also helped to elevate his status as a prominent figure in the African music industry. Koffi was the third Congolese artist after Tabu Ley (1970) and Abeti Masikini (1973, 1975 & 1986) to perform there. The show also opened the door for Congolese artists to perform over there and other mythic musichalls of Paris.

For those who are younger, Jimmy Cliff is a ska/reagge artist and among Jamaica's biggest legends. In 1987 he came to Kinshasa and performed in a packed Stade 20 Mai (today Stade Tata Raphael). After a few performances, he ended up by living for a short time in Lingwala (Kinshasa) and even married a Congolese woman. In the same period he recorded an EP inviting Tabu Ley's Afrisa International, Grand Zaiko Wawa of Pepe Felly Manuaku and TP OK Jazz of Franco Luambo Makiadi. They made the songs Shout of Freedom, Love Me, Girls and Cars.

Its just a love-song. Deese just singing how she’s crazy about the guy she’s loving. That people are calling her crazy and that she doesn’t want to see the guy with somebody else, etc.

Congolese people of that time liked to get or give old French titles/names from the Middle Age (Sang Bleu, Roi Soleil, Fleur de Lys, etc.). Fleur de Lys is a lily that was often to the French royal family during the Middles Ages era. Until this day some cities in France, Belgium and Quebec in Canada have “fleur de lys” as their coat of arms.

Wenge BCBG because even if you will get recruited you spent your whole life in the reserves and if you are lucky just getting in the 1st team after 5 years spending in the reserve while in every other band many get slowly or immediatly a place in the first team and someone times even becoming in no time one of the main stars.

You were wrong about Nouvelle Ecriture, they didn't had that much singers than Quartier Latin. Just look to the Attentat-squad and that many singers that stayed behind for Attentat-recordings. Also during the Effrakata & Affaire d'Etat were many singers, but they were just unlucky that they weren't known, many then decided to leave except Asso and Junior Kingombe. Many people also don't know that Quartier Latin was overcrowded with singers during the Ultimatum, V12 and Magie-era but many not getting a chance. Celezino was one of those many guys. Also about Nouvelle Ecriture there's no band where musicians were getting space to sing and release songs like Nouvelle Ecriture. Just listen to A La Une, Somo Trop & 'L. In A La Une, there were 3 musicians that released 2 songs; Tosha Bass, Pathy Patcheko & Alpatchino (if we count the song he arranged for late Isthari then it will be 3). Until this day singers of other bands have massive respect for singers coming from Nouvelle Ecriture. Don't you see how the way Ado Yuhe receives them (along with those of Victoria Eleison) and give them massive respect, when interviewing them. Because he knowns that they don't joke when coming to singing, while others are more focused about cars, women and dancing.

His original style fits better to that. I really wonder if he's still able to play in that way. When listening to these sebenes, I really feel like he waisted his time in Quartier Latin

him on the image on 0:58 min

The intro was fire. Solist Pitshou Satiango was right when saying that he and Bizima came with something new when joining El Paris. I wonder solist Ocean Indien didn't wore an uniform like the rest of the band (he plays lead during Ibrahim, Zulu 21, Britanny la Fille du Roi and Kanda Ngobila).


The video used to be on INA Congo's youtube channel, but dissapeared when the original channel got closed for copyrights. The concert took place at Terrain Municipale de Bandalungwa, few weeks before the release of their album Couvre Feu in May '98. It was also shortly after the release of the results ACMCO gave for 1997. Manda Chante then being voted as best singer of the year, Marie Paul as best star of the year and Wenge El Paris as best band. In this concert Marie Paul would at some moment throw some shots to JB Mpiana and Wenge BCBG. Couvre Feu would stay for 6 months on number one in the music-charts until the release of the albums Titanic, Intervention Rapide, Cocktail.

Thanks alot

Could you send it to me ? I would like to re-listen to the album. Apart the song Pesa Wax, I haven't heard the rest of the album for years.

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