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Thank you for the reply. I'll talk with my collaborators and we'll present the project to several members.

I also think it would be difficult to interview major figures (especially JB and Werra) and even wanted to skip them and just use archive footage lol, but I'll hook up with their crews
Hopefully you get them cant wait for the finish product

for me Fabro had the best one

word ive been bumpin alot for the past few dayz and it crossed my mind a couple of times

Congolese Music / Before tha year end i need 2 know something
« on: December 31, 2021, 22:01 »
what was koff laughin at in generation bercy and who was he talkin to in gb gros bebe and whos the chick in the etat civil thats on koffis  right side

thats all, happy new year yall i dont have high hopes but we'll see...

JB easily

Ali Deb's is the greatest rumba song ever

« on: December 23, 2021, 20:30 »
the white people who practice racism have trained us black people for decades to be in constant conflict in order for them to maintain their global system of racism and if the people on this forum dont understand that, you will keep asking the same question.

who's a member of quartier latin now days ?

Congolese Music / Re: Verzuz Battle
« on: December 23, 2021, 15:12 »
I'll do it... eazy work, we could go like 10 records each if you like,  i promise i wont post only rumbas from koffi  lol

I think a verzuz betwen JB and Werra would be dope considering the history between the two some posters on this site told me it could never happen but i hope they could squash whatever beef they got.

which songs did he write ?

haha i read like 3 months ago somebody saying that  as a quartier latin fan he despises her 10 times more than he hated wazekwa whereas he was insulting him in comments  in every wazekwa video he could find,but that as a koffi fan he loved her as a singer next to koffi,i guess  many people who think cindy ruined latino can think more or less the same(not as extreme of course)
I think people give Cindy too much flac. Meaning that they Blame Cindy while in reality what killer Quartier Latin was Fally and Ferrè having success in their solo project. Despite Koffi, Werra etc. Being Happy for their ex subordinates's succes, in reality most of them tried to fight their udnerstudies a lot when they First left. Werra with Ferrè and Heritier, Koffi with Fally and even JB with a Mboka Liya Who started his own band but saw JB talking every single.member by gifting them Money, trousers etc
 Koffi doesn't want a second Fally Just like Werra don't want a second Ferrè or Heritier, they are scared that if they push some of this guys hard It Will backfire on them and lode successo.
i dont get the logic in creating a band and then being afraid of the band members having success as individuals... i mean isnt that what the band leaders should want ?

thats what i call CONSTRUCTIVE dancing

why wont he just be honest and say "hey guys I don't feel like dropping music anymore" and leave it at that

nice to see that a doc is coming out about such a legendary African group it would be nice if you could add English subtitles 

Congolese Music / Re: OT: RIP VIRGIL ABLOH
« on: November 28, 2021, 22:14 »
to my knowledge, he never revealed that information Rest in peace

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