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Congolese Music / Happy Birthday to Ferre Gola
« on: March 04, 2020, 05:25 »
Happy 44th birthday to Ferre Gola Jesus De Nuance Le Padre!

« on: March 02, 2020, 10:50 »
@Archos, @Jdog, @JV, @Mfumu Vata where are you? You guys have been dead silent since the concert went ahead  ;D ;D :D

I enjoyed this concert, even better his musician didn’t get vocals lol best concert ever
Lol Nathan and Ambassy can sing Emmany is decent its the rest of them who should've had their mics cut off.

« on: March 02, 2020, 10:33 »
So happy Fally got to play this concert so many people of all ages and origins came out and showed support towards Fally. Like Ndombolinho Leader said slavery went on for 400 years and that came to end so ten years without the liberty to attend concerts had to eventually come to an end.

Just look at people's reaction, this really meant a lot. Fally made history.

QLI Family. Jipson attended Bercy.

4500 out of 6000 they call it congolese...

This is. What i call a mpiaka ..

Disregard of the even that led to it i see a mpiaka .. But filling 4500 out of 6000 to me its a could have been a mpiaka if it was jus 500 or 1000 place filled .
C'mon now, that's when the combattants really started to come alive, Fally was lucky to even play that concert.

Fally and Koffi maybe Werrason but as for the others I'm not sure to be honest (sucks saying that about Ferre)

I just heard that many singers aren’t happy for not having received any vocal (singers also do mabanga throught vocals), just doing the chorus the whole concert and want to stay in Europe. Also that many mabanga-customers are furious, because they paid Fally’s musicians to do mabanga.
If that's the case Fally's singers should've been left because they barely get any vocals, only do chrouses and dance in music videos. That's one of the reasons the combattants thing started, because of names not being mentioned, hopefully that'll be sorted and how much time did the customers thing the singers will sing because like previously said Fally doesn't have much songs where his singers sing with him although it changed in Control.

Congrats to Fally Ipupa for doing the French Grand Slam! Living Legend!

Congolese Music / Re: FABREGAS - KAYLOVE CLIP
« on: March 02, 2020, 10:10 »
One of my favorite songs from Cible, to be honest it's like this album came out like it never came out which isn't good for an artist of Fabregas's stature and it's actually a good album.

I think that it will be in June or July, because you must rent the hall 3 months before the show.

I wonder if he will be able to fill Zenith two days in the row, because back in 2010 his show was mpiaka despite Qui est Derriere Toi being number one in the musiccharts.
Ferre's Zenith looked like a good crowd to me, I think he could easily fill out these days he has a large fanbase and a good music catalog
guy's life is sweet lol he can talk about fally,koffi,werra easily,i saw an interview where he said he meets werra often at casino and  he talks about ferre with werra
Lol yeah he said he met with Sankara, has previously said he goes to Koffi's house often and talks good about Fally.

What did he say in this press conference?
translation please!
He said it was Congolese people attacking him and that the number one of Congolese people are Congolese people themselves and that they have to start to learn how to like each other. He said he has played in Goma and Beni (where a lot of the crimes in Congo are occurring) and that they have told him because they see it as a positive distraction and that music still plays there. He says that combattants go online and try to defend Beni to get some attention,girls etc. and he finds that disrespectful to the people who are victims of those massacres. Fally said he wants peace and that he only wants to do his job as an artist. He says he has respect only for  the combattants who do their job accordingly. He talked about Bercy saying that it 's going to be a spectacle and that whoever missed it would've been like "oh damn" and that he had security all set up to protect fans.

Paris police says that any protests in the direct vicinity of the concert will result in a 7,500 Euro fine and or a six month jail sentence.

« on: February 26, 2020, 03:46 »
This song has been on repeat for the past week, good work by Maniango.

Congolese Music / Re: Singuila - Belle Feat. Fally Ipupa
« on: February 26, 2020, 03:43 »
This song is actually good, I like it.

kiekie, one of my friends showed me this and said instead of stressing and doing all this security work because of combattants they should just have immigration officers on site on Saturday.
Haha for real, then we'll see if they are really about it.

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