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Babia's problem haven't anything to do with being spiritually sacrificied. It's was his own fault. When he joined Quartier Latin he didn't use drugs or alcohol. He came in touch with drugs when staying after getting released from prison and Quartier Latin being in Kinshasa. He got introduced to it, by drugsdealers from N'djili and from then he became addicted to it and it became worser when he returned to Kinshasa, the fame getting into his head and his ex'wife Nicky also getting addicted. But people outside Quartier Latin didn't notice it. Only when he was left behind by Koffi for Ultimatum.
Koffi helped him multiple times through the years, by spending his money to get him in the rehab, if it wasn't Koffi he wouldn't been death a long time ago. It's because of Koffi and his new wife Alima Djamal that he became normal. Journalists used to mock him when he used to sing in the streets and market for some little money, food and drugs and no other band wanted to get him anymore, because of his drugproblems. His cousin Kisindjora, got fired by Fally, because of Babia, since that she knew that Koffi would gave them money to get Babia in the hospital.

Babia used to sing in the streets for money and food ? Damn Kin is no joke.
When Willy Bula had drug problem was it when he was left behind in 1995 or when he joined Zaiko after being left behind again in 1997 ?

What happened with Suzuki after Viagra ? He didn't return to Kinshasa until 2006 right ?

TH who came out somewhere in June 2000. It was JB Mpiana's second album. The album was a huge succes with songs like 48 Heures Gecoco, Walay Danico, Grace a Toi Germain, Education, Kinshasa, Sultan de Bruneil Kaskinto, etc. JB Mpiana would receive several prices with this album in Congo (Best Star of the year, best singer of the year,  best album of the year, best song of the year &  best songwriter of the year)

In July 2000, King Kester Emeneya finally released his long awaited solo album Longue Histoire. The album was able to get drop Magic Sytem's 1er Gaou out of number one spot at the Kilimadjaro music charts of Radio Africa N1 (presented by Robert Brazza). The dances Kiwanzenza & Tchaku Libonas, who were already "stolen" by all bands (Quartier Latin, Wenge BCBG and Wenge Maison Mere) took Kinshasa and a big part of Africa by storm. There was a concert at La Madeleine and a little planned towards the end, who never came and resulted in a conflict within the band who were fed to wait.

The Maison Mere wasn't sleeping when JB Mpiana released TH and they decided to support Adricha Tipo Tipo with his album H.T., which was made to fight JB's album. It's release created alot buzz and also controversy because of it's album title. The album had several guest-stars Werrason, King Kester Emeneya, Tabu Ley, Bill Clinton Kalonji, Roi Babel and Manda Chante.

The old veterans of Zaiko, Papa Wemba, Bozi Boziana, Evoloko and Gina Efonge, who reunited in 1998 together for an album Grand Job. Decided to record a new one, after some criticism that Grand Job wasn't well promoted and quickly recorded. They also invited big maestro Pepe Felly Manuaku, which made them give the album title +1.

General Defao, who fired his whole band after touring in USA, recorded his a solo album with session musicians. The came out in the first days of september 2000. It was well received, while he didn't even promote it through concerts. The album was Defao's last succesful album and start of problems. I still not understand why he didn't return to Kinshasa immediatly to boost his succes.

I always thought Longue Histoire was released in June 2000. I saw the booklet of Mboka Mboka (released in May 1998) and Longue Histoire was already announced back then. Why it took Emeneya so long to record and release that album ? Was it a label issue ? 

Congolese Music / Re: Apparently Lebou Kabuya passed away
« on: May 17, 2021, 17:13 »
Damn... RIP how old was he ?

Congolese Music / Re: WTF Jordan Kusa
« on: February 11, 2021, 11:08 »

Kiekiekiekie it seems like Sam was always dissing Koffi back in Academia days

Congolese Music / Re: The most underrated animators EVER
« on: February 06, 2021, 23:07 »
Underrated ? Come on man.

This was in october 2003, during halloween. A lawyer called Samba organised an event of two dates at Starford Rex and Tottenham. A few days before the trip Baby Ndombe got suddenly suspended, when they were about to go to UK. He got also stripped off, from his function as "chief of discipline" which was giving to Aimelia. The week Maison Mere was spending their time in U.K., Baby Ndombe made some tv-appareance, saying that he didn't deserve to get suspended and that Aimelia couldn't be the "chief of discipline", because he hadn't the same intellectual capacities like him. After spending a week, Maison Mere came back and Baby Ndombe saw his 2 weeks suspension going to an indefinite suspension. Maison Mere went to diamondvillage Canfunfu in Angola, where they celebrated Angola's independece anniversary. When coming back Baby Ndombe tried to reconcilate with Werrason, by coming his with his dad Ndombe Opetum, but Werrason kept running away. Baby Ndombe even came with Lutumba Simaro to Werra's house, but he ordered his doorman to not open the door. He once talked to his yanzi-brother King Kester Emeneya to get Werrason at King Ranch, Werrason also came, but when he saw Baby Ndombe's car he made an U-turn. Baby Ndombe started to get financial difficulties and got chased away from the hotel he was living and forced to live with his family again. In meantime Werrason hold several concerts in Kinshasa with Maison Mere, at Hall de la Gombe, Boulevard Triomphale, Village Bercy, etc. They also signed a deal with the UK-embassady, getting a 3 years-workpermit visa and making a lot noise about it on tv. In meantime rumors were spread by admin-members like Elliot Mondombe & Monib Production, who gossiped that Baby Ndombe was suspended because of sleeping with Werrason's wife (which wasn't true), that Koffi gave him a paper to get sweat from Werra's face and give it to him,etc. Just to get him hated by WMM-fanatics. In feb. 2004, Maison Mere went back to the UK for a serie of concerts in various cities. Journalists were asking why Werrason don't want to forgive Baby Ndombe, Werrason then giving the reaction "If wil say what he did, you will all hate him", which made people think that the rumors about Baby sleeping with his wife were true, while it was about Baby Ndombe having dated Mbilia Bel, who used to be with Tabu Ley. Werrason himself didn't want Baby Ndombe back, because he saw him as a traitor and the head of Les Marquis-project (still not having forgotten what happended at the Kora Awards 2000, before Adolphe's departure), and admins like Monib scaring him with the story about giving sending him to get his sweat and Baby having visited a witchdoctor who gave him the condition to sleep with his wife for spiritual reasons to get Werra's fame, while it were all false stories. The time that Maison Mere was spending time in UK, tensions who already existed since Kinshasa when Baby Ndombe was around became bigger. Ferre crying after getting beated by Werrason, Bill and Ferre not talking to Werrason, Bill throwing shots at Werrason in concerts (became mad about the money of Tindika Lokito, while he had to get some percentage from it as promised), etc. Then in May 2004, when they had to return to celebrate the 7th anniversary of LD Kabila's coup and prepare the missed event of Stade Charletty for July 2004, Ferre Gola, JDT and Bill Clinton didn't show at the airport. The three guys hadn't officially left. JDT was seriously sick and following medical treatment in London, since that he was in Kinshasa victim of a serious car-accident. Ferre Gola doubting about starting his solo career and going back to Paris to think about his future, taking care of his wife and children, he had already songs to record a solo albums (songs like Diata Locataire credited to Japonais and Detresse credited to Mimiche, were normally his songs bought from songwriters, hence why he was singing it when he started his own band). Bill was still in London. Werrason, who knew about Les Marquis since Kinshasa, using spies in Kinshasa, who saw them spending time with songwriters, donors, underground musicians, etc. talking about the project, wrote a open letter giving them a 48 hours ultimatum to come back to Kinshasa and saying that those who leave their leader, don't go far in their career. Sankara de Nkuta then immediatly making an interview with (I think Yves Kambala) in Paris and insulting JDT, Ferre Gola & Bill Clinton, going even far to insult Ferre Gola's mother. Sankara's interview made the three guys angry and from then they really decided to form Les Marquis and meeting each in Paris. Contacting Baby Ndombe in Kinshasa, who part of the original project and giving an interview with Yves Kambala to confirm Les Marquis-project. Baby was to join Les Marquis in Paris, having already his visa and contacted Bralima (Primus) for contracts. But after seeing their interview with Yves Kambala, he decided to no take part of the project, because they weren't calling him the iniator of the project and he was saw that they won't far for the way they were all three bragging about themselves.

I thought they went to UK in October 2003 and in April 2004. So they spend 2 months in UK before the Marquis split ? I know Baby Ndombe announced Tour de Babel in early 2004 as a maxi-single (it would become a full album released in January-February 2006). Did Baby Ndombe decided to leave officially Maison Mère only when les Marquis was formed in May 2004 or he knew there was no chance for him to come back after Werrason kept running away from him from late 2003 to early 2004 ? Is it true that BCBG & Quartier Latin approached him when he was suspended. To me it's not a suspension he was indirectly fired. I would also like to know how long he stayed in Kinshasa after he refused to join les Marquis was he recording Tour de Babel ? What about the time Ferre wanted to create a band with him ? Why he went to USA to finish his album and not to Europe ? I think he stayed in USA a little while after the release of his album. 

Damn Bill was dark kiekiekiekie

I just saw the video. It's crazy to see Babia was still there. He didn't fit in the Effrakata-Affaire d'État lineup.
I thought Koffi fired Eric Tutsi after he threatened Chamberton.

Brigade was 21 when he joined Quartier Latin.

If I understand well CNN was still coming to concerts animating with Brigade before they go to Europe ? (By the way is it true they had a fight back then ?) Zenith was really the first concert of Kerozene ? Waw that's a strong  beginning.

Was CNN still coming to concerts after he saw Koffi f.... Sandralina ?

« on: December 17, 2020, 13:19 »
and he's calmed down loool first time i ever saw him without knowing his name or what was at a wenge 4X4 concert man literally praised tata who came freshly from europe with a couple of gifts to him during a straight 20 30,praising him from head to toe
one of his praise sentences can not get out of my head until today "adolphe dominguez soki alobi oyoki munoko solo ya parfum ya versace,poso lokola bebe ya 3 jours" :D :D :D

Yes he was crazier then. So he already knew  Adolphe before the split ?

Congolese Music / Re: Ado Yuhe & Eric Tutsi
« on: December 12, 2020, 13:44 »
I didn't know Momo (the tenorist in "Pas de Faux Pas") died back then in Brazzaville. Now he admit that after V12 he starts to neglect his work (coming late, drugs..). But he didn't say that he sang in the first version in Ultimatum they recorded in Kenya. I would like to know more about his song from Ultimatum. I would pay to hear that version hahaha.

He's lying about "Dulcinée" I really doubt the song was about Koffi. And like Mfumu Vata said Suzuki said "Dulcinée" was already prepared in the 90s

Loooool you posted this on purpose because of that crap we got from him today. This was decent but I didn't like it so much because of the many changements de frequence. But if you compare it to everything we've been getting the past few years then I'd say its good.

Indeed too many changement de fréquence. This is crap. It's not on the same level of the generiques of Affaire d'État, Force de Frappe and others.

Congolese Music / Re: RIP Diego Maradona
« on: November 25, 2020, 17:47 »
I'm so shocked, such a legend man.
I would have loved to witness the time he played.

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