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Hehe, okay. :)

The problem is if you message them the message goes to their filtered list due to the fact that we are not friends yet, and they don't get notification about it.

I want to ask something from Sonor, but it is not possible to add him directly on Facebook, nor Roga due to a Facebook limitation for them having too many friends. Want to ask a bandmate to make them reply my message.

Anyone knows the name of recent extra musica singers? I need to contact them to discuss something. If anyone could help with names it would be a big help. Thanks!

Congolese Music / New EU regulation for Youtube copyrights
« on: March 26, 2019, 23:01 »
I have just read in the news that the EU agreed on a new directive to regulate copyrights of video sharing sites, and it means bad for us music collectors. The sites will have to filter more what is uploaded. I suggest you to start downloading as much content as you can because soon even more videos can go missing.

If you want to upload in the future, but Youtube rejects the upload, try Vimeo or 4Shared. I think the latter one still has quite loose policies. Not sure about Vimeo.

Poor guy, not very happy to see him like that. His CD: Fiesta D'or is a masterpiece.

In this clip, who is that old guy appearing at 1:21?

Congolese Music / Re: LONG MAINTENANCE
« on: December 08, 2018, 17:50 »
Working hard to make it be like that!   ;)

Congolese Music / LONG MAINTENANCE
« on: December 08, 2018, 13:00 »
Hello Guys!

Our webhost required us to update our forum to meet their new technical standards, so we had to do a serious upgrade. It took longer than expected, but now it is over. Some further maintenace sessions can be expected in december and january, but they will be shorter, and will take time during midnight hours. Will notify you about them in advance in a post.

If you experience any issues, report it to the Support thread.

Thanks for your understanding!

The admins

Congolese Music / Re: Zaiko
« on: November 12, 2018, 03:34 »
Whats the reason that Nyoka Longa is the one that remained out of anyone else. He doesnt strike me as the most talented at the time when there was evoloko and papa wemba. What made it that he stood the test of time and became the face of Zaiko? Was he already somewhat the face of Zaiko back then? Is he musically inclided and knows how to play a few instruments? What is it about the guy.

He kind of remind me of Werrason. Not the most gifted as far as his voice but somehow ends up the face of a group, and then a whole movement.

On early records Nyoka Longo sang quite well, like in the song: le tout neige. His voice went strange by the end of the 90's.

Once in an interview he said he always tried to be loyal to the congolese musical culture. Maybe that's why he is still so famous, following a recipe that always worked.

And very likely he has pretty good connections, as I remember his wife was a daughter of Mobutu, so he had links that made it easier for him to navigate the band. But he did use this opportunity pretty well during the years I think. I appreciate more what he achieved with the band (not referring to the relations with the bandmates now) than the efforts of Awilo. Both guys are big men but for me Awilo is more a clown than a true leader.

Interestingly, Zaiko is the only big band left from the classic Zaire age bands. There are the two Wenge fractions as well, that is true, but you often hear people referring to them as: JB and Werrason. But you hardly hear people refer to Zaiko as "Nyoka Longo".  Moreover besides the leader Zaiko has some old permanent members like Doudou Adoula.

« on: November 08, 2018, 17:23 »

« on: November 08, 2018, 17:13 »
Don't worry guys it is not like it was in old days. It was a technical issue with the hosting server. Many thanks to those who sent an email.

I have the full album on my drive.

I only like acoustic music from other countries:

I was more in Clan Wengé, Nouvelle Ecriture and Quartier Latin. I started to find Zaiko’s music to old, not innovating and music of “ba tata mibimba” like my friends. Baza ko rond point kaka hahahaha.

I forgot to mention, I liked also Cele Mbonda’s song and the sebene of Monica Bussiness Women (because of papy cocaïne),  the rest of Poison was for me muehh.

I think the reason that you did not find it interesting is because they have not made their studio albums for a long time similar to the Live Versions. Many of the records released since 1999 is better live than on the album. In the studio versions, the sebene melodies are shortened, they are like "trailers" of the live show. Their recent record: Bande Annoance is a step forward in this sense, because they made it very similar to how they play it on stage.

This is why most of their old albums is better to listen to, because it is very much like the stage experience.

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