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Support / How to embed SOUNDCLOUD links
« on: August 01, 2015, 19:33 »
Hi everyone!

To make sure your Soundcloud songs will display correctly here, follow these steps when you want to post them in this forum:

1. Select 'Share' below the Soundcloud player:

2. Stay in the 'Share' panel, and copy the link that is displayed:

3. Click the Soundcloud buttons when posting here in the forum, and insert the link you have just copied between the Soundcloud BB Codes: [ soundcloud ]HERE[ /soundcloud ]

There are two buttons, one is for inserting a single track, the button that has 'Set' written on it is for inserting playlists. Inserting playlists must be done the same way.

Congolese Music / Keyboard player of Chiga Chiga
« on: July 09, 2015, 15:20 »
Does anyone know who played keyboards for the band of Chiga Chiga Elongama?

I managed to get hold of the newly released DVD tutorial of Dally Kimoko produced by Safaritv Production.

I have to say this DVD is a very pleasant surprise. On one hand, because of that it covers the repertoire of an icon from the 80's soukous era, secondly because of the songs explained.

The DVD starts with an interview, during which Dally tells a few facts about his career. He also describes what gears he used during various stages of his musicianship. That part is really informative because you can learn about what string gauges he used for various guitars of his, what differences it made, how he sets EQ levels on the amp, what effect pedals he uses. This way you can have a clue about how he created the distinct sound you can hear on his recordings.

The next part consists of a few arpeggio exercises.  This part is not too long, it is just intended to give you a brief insight into the foundations of arpeggios used in soukous, and to improve your playing dynamics.

But the third part includes what really the essence of this DVD is, that most of us, enthusiasts, have been waiting for so long. Dally is showing some songs that he contributed for. The song selection is great, very much accoarding to my preference, and every part of them are described very thoroughly, from the intro until the end, that makes this DVD so valuable. You will realize how great a teacher he is, actually his style of explanation is so easy to follow and detailed, that even less advanced players can understand what's going on.

In this part, first he plays each song through dubbing the playback. Then he plays the song through again without the song playing in the background. Finally he breakes the whole thing down and shows every part of the song slowly, step by step, emphasizing ctitical parts that may require more attention and more detailed comments. He doesn't miss referring to music theory meanwhile, so you will know what chords are fretted, the specific notes played at potentionally problematic parts, and alternatives to fingerring. The gerat thing about all is that you can be accustomed to embellishments that are characteristics of soukous yet you may not be able to figure them out yourself. This latter one is an aspect that puts the crown onto his "masterclass". Once you become familiar with these characteristics, it will be easier for you to learn songs by ear, or compose ones that really sound like soukous should.

Here are the songs actually covered:

Dally Kimoko - We Love You Mandela

Pepe Kalle - Moyibi

Nyboma - Nina

Kanda Bongo Man - Monie

Aurlus Mabele - Embargo

Madilu System - Voisin

As you can see, these are all big hits, full of great lead patterns and interesting guitar licks. What I expect every time when buying a Congolese tutorial DVD is to find as many tunes as possible that really satisfy me instead of ones that may not carry that much ambiance. That's why I was very happy to see Nina in the list, just because it consists of very nice melodies all along. The same applies to Moyibi. Including Kanda Bongo Man's: Monie on the disc was a must, and I am glad the maker of this video realized it. I was trying to figure out so many times how it is played, was never successful. So now this problem of mine is solved.

When I decided to buy this DVD, I expected that it will show solutions that can be found in many songs of that era, and that are essential to understand how you should play certain things properly. So to say, I expected to see those common technical tricks that make this style what it is. That's why I was satisfied to see Embargo by Aurlus Mabele explained for the previous reason: tricks. Though I don't listen to this song too often, this old hit is full of those interesting technical things that are required to become a skilled player. And it really does have a ton of them. The melodic pattern in this song is changed many times, so having this tune is really like a list of exercises that can introduce you the foundations of the style.

The other songs are not very familiar to me, however they were all classics, and you can find things in them that will really add something to your skills. Nelson Mandela, for example have a lick in the seben, that incorporates a complex pattern with hammer ons ad pull offs, it is qutie an advanced pattern that I could hardly figure out by myself.

After this insight of the contents, you can see here a trailer, to make you more enthusiastic provided you wouldn't have become that so far:

All in all, because of the aspects I mentioned above, this tutorial can really fulfil its aim and become a useful aid for anyone who wants to know how Dally actually played things, and reveals the details that have remained hidden up to now about his technique.  This way the DVD really pays off its price. This way it is really an item that's worth to buy. I can only recommend it to anyone, even to those who are more into ndombolo than soukous, just because they can also benefit a lot from learning the tricks Dally is showing on this DVD.

I found someone posted a 4 part video series of Mboka Liya on Youtube. Unfortunately the explanations are not subtitled, but yet one can pick up some useful rhumba licks from what he is showing:

Congolese Music / Recommend old albums to newcomers
« on: June 27, 2015, 05:50 »
I want to set up a section where newbies to Congolese music can get information on which older albums are worth to check. Let me hear your ideas which albums you would like to see there. Make your lists, if it is too long, we will make a poll. Personally I would recommend the following:

Aurlus Mabele - Fiesta D'or
Zaiko - Piéces á Conviction
Grands Maquisards - Meilleurs Success
Dr. Nico - Oluki Likambo Obangi
Sakis - Africa Morning
Dany Engobo - Capricorne
Extra Musica - Trop C'est Trop
OK Jazz - Forever

I will try to be as democratic as possible when making the summarized list in the end, but in one aspect I will be strict: Aurlus Mabele's Fiesta D'or will be included, no matter who says what. Sorry  :P ;D

The first album of Extra Musica: for a long time it has been out of stock on discs. I remember I was searching for it for years until I could buy it on eBay in used condition. Quite a pity, as this album is one of their best according to many of their fans. A milestone in the history of Congolese music. Fortunately, now it can be downloaded from iTunes:


Very smart idea, whoever got it, to make it available, and not very common that a rare recording can be found in such a store, but surely very pleasing.

I tried to find this song performed live by Wenge 4x4 with Alain Makaba on solo, but I couldn't find one that contained the complete seben and has acceptable quality. Most of what I found was done by late 4x4 or the splitted fractions, so it was not Alain on solo, and I noticed the others play the seben differently than Alain. I found some old videos with Alain on lead, but they either show the seben partly, contain a simplified version, or the solo is not audible, here are those ones:

1. Wenge and Zaiko Face To Face
2. 1991 Birthday Concert
3. L'historie En Marche 4

Any other idea to check? I saw there are several other concert videos but not sure which has this song. The concert in Bruxelles that is uploaded in 6 parts to Youtube doesn't have it as I could see.

Congolese Music / Guitar tutorial with Dally Kimoko released
« on: June 26, 2015, 00:44 »
As the longest turotial regarding playing time done by this company, Dally Kimoko: Anatomy Of Soukous Solo Guitar was released this week. I have already placed my order, I am eager to see the techniques of this guy. He is doing many things I couldn't figure out up until today. Here is the trailer:

Congolese Music / Dr. Sakis found his female equivalent
« on: June 25, 2015, 00:24 »

This is a historical video recorded in prefect circumstances. Clear picture, great performance, but channels are missing from the sound, incl. the lead guitar. Very big mistake. I can't believe it. I wonder if the original recording is so poor as well, or the user who posted the video recorded only one channel from the vhs player. It seems as if only one side would be present from the stereo. I wonder if a complete recording is available somewhere with both channels audible.

Congolese Music / Old Extra Musica live clips from Benin
« on: June 09, 2015, 22:34 »
Live recordings of Extra Musica are quite rare on Youtube, especially from the 90's. Here are two from Benin. The show was held in 1999. Songs are: Etat Major and Losambo. Unfortunately the recording is not mixed well, some instruments are inaudible.

Congolese Music / Jeannot Bel - Cherie Na Nga - NEW ALBUM!
« on: May 03, 2015, 20:44 »
Jeannot Bel, the guitarist of Kanda Bongo Man has released his new album under his own name. It is available on iTunes:

I have only listened to the previews yet, but it is already interesting for me. Finally we have an album that contains only Congolese-style songs! Something that is very rare nowdays!

General / Sapeologie
« on: May 02, 2015, 16:32 »

Congolese Lyrics / Zaiko - Revelation (1979) - Lyrics
« on: April 28, 2015, 02:14 »
Texte de la chanson "Revelation"
First featuring Otis Mbuta /Manuaku Waku
And Zaiko Langa Langa 1979.

Mambi nalembi nakobomba di yoka
Naboyi kolata bozoba na nzoto oh
Manso osali nga ekeyi na mopepe
Nazangi kutu merite na bolingo oh
Mama meka ko temporiser nayembi
Na nzembo oh oh oh revelation
Nayembi na nzembo loyembo ya mawa
Na nga lotoko nga banzaka nga mosika
Mosika yo ozali eh oyo ya ngai nzoto ya
Mua kitoko ekomi molinga mama ah ah
Iye yeyeye ye aye yebisa moninga esika
Ya serieux sekele nionso ebongaka ah
Kobomba na motema ah ah yo nalinga
La charmante solo ngai nalinga ah ah
Nayembi na nzembo loyembo ya mawa
Na nga kumisa nga kanisaka nga ah
Mosika ata na ndoto oyo yanga ndambo
Ya mua luzitu esambua na ngambo ya
L'amour ah eh ayo nalinga la charmante
Solo ngai nalinga moto nionso akobungaka
Moto nionso akokosaka linga nga ah eh
Esika ya masanga verre ezangaka kopasuka te
Zongela motema na yo oyo ya ngai nitu ya mua
Mabanzo etikala desespoir Popi eh yo yaya na
Bokumba mama ah yo nalinga la charmante solo
Nga nalinga
Quand l'un veut,l'autre ne veut pas
Et pourtant,je n'aime que toi......
Ecoute ce poème,poème d'amour
A yo nalinga la charmante solo nga
Nalinga ah
Vocal lead:Ye ngai oh motindo kani namilela ah
Bolingo pasi na pasi oh avenir na nga"Otis Mbuta"
Ezalaka se bongo se bongo se bongo oh oh
Mama ah ah "Evoloko Lay"
Epusi malamu boye ngo na bolingo mama
Moko aboyaka mosusu abondela cheri eh"Bozi Boziana"

Prochainement mon nouvel album"Cogito ergo sum"avec la dance Maturin serrez vos ceintures

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