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@Felo said:
Bencuri, I have seen similar DVDs from Jeannot Bel Musumbu (who I think produced this one). Are they worth the investment in terms of teaching the techniques? I saw someone on Amazon lamenting that they do not even indicate the chord they are holding as they play.

I think JEannot Bel's DVD is very useful. There are some parts of it uploaded to youtube, he is showing how to play full sebens from Zaiko repertoire, I found them very good. I will get that DVD. I don't think indicating chords is a concern. These are solos in question, so the indentification of chords is a minor problem. I think it is much more inportant in what frets you ahve to play and with what fingers. In that sense Jeannot's DVD is very informative.

This Kenyan guy also released a tutorial DVD, it must be very useful, too:

Congolese Music / Reply To: Problem logging in
« on: July 31, 2013, 13:44 »
Indeed, the Login button doesn't change to Logged in when you sign in. However even so when I scroll down, I can open thread a nd reply. If you cannot, maybe you could try using another web browser. Try Firefox or Google chrome, if you use them, try a newer version, maybe you use an older one that the forum software is not fully compatibile with.


The title seems to be misspelled however...

Actually I would like to have the cover in scanned format to be able to print it in original size. I have the LP, but it is missing the cover.

Does anyone here have this LP?

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