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Congolese Music / Re: Wenge 4x4 Leadership & Management
« on: January 13, 2021, 10:57 »
Will really appreciate.

Congolese Music / Wenge 4x4 Leadership & Management
« on: January 13, 2021, 09:56 »
Today let me discuss things I do not under about Wenge 4x4. Most of what I read does not add up at all especially on the sharing of money. Wenge 4x4 had Makaba, Masela, Bula, Aldophe, Werra & JB as leaders. This is the group that made decisions on behalf of the bad. Presidency and positions in the group were rotational.

The President provided overall oversight over: Finance, Marketing, Recruitment &Technical Direction. That is basically the job of the President,  you supervise other senior directors and ensure the band is moving in the right.

Money was raised through sale of music, concerts, songs for rich guys, Mabanga and donations to the group. How this money was used was decided by the group chaired by the President. Remember that the whole essence of a band is business and no sane group leader or leaders would allow one person to bulldoze how money is handled. Under normal circumstances the band leaders sit to account for how much was raised and discuss how it is spent and keep records of expenditure.

When I hear Wenge 4x4 stories about how Werrason only paid the big boys and not the small boys and other big boys would be telling the small boys to chase Werra for their pay and that he kept their pay to himself, I start wondering what kind of leaders the group had. How was the money they raised kept? Did Werra call the shorts on how money was used alone? What was JB presiding over if he had no control over the money? Was he also only paid a small share by Werra? Did he put in place methods of paying salaries and people signing for their money or Werrason was giving handouts when he felt like doing so?

Those who know the history better can help explain this. To me looks like there was a lot of infighting and leaders undermining each other and lying to young ones or simply put Wenge 4x4 was poorly organized and managed.

Can you explain more on the light music and Villanova, what was the structure, composition and how did it work?

Congolese Music / Re: Sarah Solo Zenith Researsal
« on: January 01, 2021, 09:15 »
Yes, evidence!

Congolese Music / Sarah Solo Zenith Researsal
« on: January 01, 2021, 06:30 »
Sarah Solo and Hugo Synthe having a meal towards the end of the clip with some big guy....guess she left with some good dollars.

We are digressing from the main discussion. The issue raised is that Sarah Solo was not given chance and I was basically responding to that.

With regards to financial benefits, we have discussed it a countless times. Most bands dont pay as people are made to think that's why band members leave. Arnake left WMMM thinking he would get more money with Heritier but it never happened. We have had so many band members leaving Ferre going to WMMM. Bercy has been moving round. The truth is financial benefits in most of these bands come from donors and fans. Even those that get pay it is too little and makes very little difference, they still depend on donors. So how people only talk about Werra not paying is beyond me. This is the practice for Congolese bands and it's something we have to accept talk about it for all bands. That is my view on this!

One of the highly promoted guitarists in WMMM is Sarah. At concerts Werra always has space for her to show her skill by playing and singing songs from legends and songs played by Kapaya. No guitarist has ever gotten this attention in WMMM. She is further allowed to play at parties and other events, something most band members don't get.

The issue here is very simple. Sarah spent more time doing parttime work and she used to earn a lot. When she returned to DRC, the plan was to go solo but she was advised to join a band get the publicity and go solo. She has been working on her solo career. One of her songs was eeleased a few weeks ago. There is a full album being done with a sponsor. So it is one way of bringing out all these issues so that she can be kicked out.  Sarah has direct access to Mampata and Claudin Kinwa, she can air all her grievances quietly but when you see her go public, it is because she wants to find a way of leaving to focus on solo career and part time playing for bands during concerts.

Is she joining Fally? Werrason would not stop her but Fally would not allow her. Fally is close to both Werra and Mampata. Sarah would never get the chance she gets in WMMM in most bands, that's why she chose Werra because she saw how new musicians are promoted like the young guitarist, in most bands new guys aren't promoted that way. So she has three options, talk issues over as they prepare for Zenith and probably leave afterwards, go solo right away since she has been working on it or join Koffi who enjoys drama. Most Wenge boys are in reconciliation mode and wouldn't want unnecessary drama.

Fans are just a problem. Ferre and Werra are in good books.

The Nicky D one sounds good.

Excellent singing by Werra!

That competition is what keeps them afloat. Ronaldinho formed a band after Kester died. He struggled with the band and was advised to join a bigger band to get the hype and give him a launch pad to his band. He expected that he would automatically be a leader in WMMM but things don't work like that there.

The lead singers in WMMM are Nicole and Cafe Roum. Difference is Cafe Roum is a bad dancer and on the quiter side, less charismatic despite having the best vocals. Nicole is a good dancer and has courage. That makes him come top. That's the way WMMM is. So when Bobby saw he wasn't penetrating he went back to his band and everyone got wind of it. Then he started the side talks of not getting too much space when he was heavily featured on new album. The talks continued and he stepped up side practice with his band. While most band members have these side groups with Bobby he talks too much and sometimes even dissing his boss. This information got to Golf Kizola, the SG and other admins who got pissed off and gave him the boot.

He went to the media and started the Nicole fight and the rest is history. In my view, he knows WMMM and he asked for it. I liked him but unfortunately I think he knew very well that as an individual he could not change the way WMMM operates.

Excellent workfrom Wata Plus! The boy has arrived!!!!!

Congolese Music / Sarah Solo New Song - Papa Malamu
« on: November 30, 2020, 18:20 »

Congolese Music / Diamond feat Koffi official video
« on: November 30, 2020, 10:03 »
Diamond seems to be spicing up his music with Congolese music. Very good video!

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