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Who votes? If its in congo ferre would have won but sometimes or if it was fally who has a good following in other countries even non franchophone. Congrats ti Werra. With the more than 15 ingeta songs l have listened to we expect more awards. Was impressed, l rate ingeta second to kibwisa so far. Hope they don't change much.

It would be great to know whether this is an annual award and what the basis for the award was. Who were the nominees for the award and who nominates? I f you ask zambians who the best congolese musician is. They wil tell you Werra, Fally...Koffi.

Expect some new face as well either this week or next week. Ingeta part reserved for Bill will most likely be given to Bercy.

He does a lot of work and not well paid as you think.  Nico and Ferre came a long way. If those close were well paid he wouldn't dare. He did want to leave even if all logic tells us he shouldn't and he wasn't offered that much. A lot goes on with these bands than we see. Only after they leave that's when we learn the truth.

Did Bercy and Nicodem say they would leave for WMM whilst with Ferre. When Werra goes to livingstone and ghk is it to practice? If they make good cash from concerts why secretely beg for mabanga money on facebook? Musicians of werra and JB class cannot fail to get concerts if they want to accept anything. When you lose flower pots and other useless musicians the best is to thank the person who picks them as the burden is less and at least they can have a lttle to sustain themselves.

I have come to understand these musicians. They do a hell lot but don't get much.  I'm one of the few guys who never blamed Ferre and company for leaving Werra. Ferre was Werra's chief and had previlledges others didn't hav but he left.These guys are adults and know wht is good for them. Ferre is also a bit stingy and its true marchouse wanted to leave but nico did a quick one and sankara also blew it up. So he remained and decided to impress Ferre hoping he will gain other than just trust.

WMM is a difficult ground. Marchouse would never retain not even half the influence he has under ferre. Japonaise came back as Artistic Director but he understood you cant be more powerful than Kakol, Herritier. My point is that look at Avator. He was a star when he was busy dissing Brigade but what did he gain he had to eat the humble pie. This kind of talk should be for the admin chaps. On coreen the guy is equally massively talented but he can only do what he is allowed to do.

My advice to musicians from both camps is to leave this crap to admin staff who don't easily switch. Congo knows who is who so spending so much time on TV talking about this is energy consuming. There is nothing special about these movements. No one can give Marchouse a geep and house to deputise coreen. The only person who would make a difference at the moment is Kunzardo. He would be perfect replacement for celeo. The rest wouldn't make any difference.

« on: April 15, 2014, 18:18 »
Ferre makes work easier for WMM. He has modeled his musicians along WMM philosophies. Let me explain a bit on the on-going Ferre-Werra polemique. Its all politics and publicity.
1. Werra and Ferre are using the polemique to spar their musicians to keep arguing and aim to outperform each other. Werra and Ferre don't bother commenting much on the issue. Ferre learnt the power of polemique in WMM and he knows its used to drive musicians and keep fans wanting to watch and listen to new releases, concerts etc. Ferre knows that its the polemique which made Bill insult JB but Bill did not mean it. he went fast and reconciled with JB. So this is all for the fans.
2. Ferre knows that he is an excellent singer/ musician and modelling his band on the WMM philosophy would make them compete with Werra and his direct rival Fally. He also deliberately chose a place close to Werra. The negative side of his grand plan is that he has raised the best crop of singers in Congo at the moment. These singers are as good as in one WMM house but in different bedrooms as Werra's crop. Werra on the other hand says time to focus on raising musicians from scratch who may end up leaving for Europe is tedious and disruptive. He has short term incentives for his trusted musicians such as linking them to powerful business men and footballers who buy them expensive cars and give them cash. he allows them to contribute songs and they get something from that and mabangas. He travels with them as he doesn't do solo performances as he is not such a good singer. He has Sankara, Tresor, Yankee to sell the musicians and they feel like real stars. So, he is building a team by getting musicians from the other room because they are ready made for him. Kunzardo will surely move to WMM soon and is loved among the Wenge Admin. Infact he was earlier targeted than Bercy together with Shikito. Ferre hasn't lost anything from this and will never be at a loss. Look at this analysis:

- Kirikou.... He was never a dependable ataluku but the guy is creative with a bad voice. Werra gave him chance to make himself. Ferre has less congestion as a result.
-Arnake.....He was never given much attention by Ferre because he knew Werra would snap him at all costs. Arnake knew that he would never make it under Ferre because he sings like him and only close followers would identify his vocals in a song under Ferre as they would think its Ferre.
-Nicodem.....He has some following for no serious reason. He helped in organizing Ferre's group in Ferre's absence. He has some presence on stage which Werra likes. Its a relief to Ferre as he kept carrying him around at the expense of other good singers. Its a good move for Werra, Ferre and Nico.
-Bercy....Him and WMM is match made in heaven. Ferre has less trouble with Bercy away.

More musicians from Ferre will join WMM as Ferre will not always perform with band. He still does excellent and economical concerts with a couple of them accompanying him or even hiring. Werra also does economical concerts as he has so many private sponsors to take care of his clue without banking much on concert money. A good number of Ferre's guys will jump to the other side at the benefit of both. Fans will continue flaming the hype and this will benefit both.

Yes.....Bercy has taken after Bill. Werra knew sebenes used to drive music in Congo and that the only way to beat JB was to be extremely good in generiques since it was so difficult to beat him in rhumbas. So Werra introduced Bill to some 'friend' and Bill introduced Bercy and that's the arm band Bercy keeps yapping about. Bill consistently says Bercy is one of the best alongside Kunzardo. Kunzardo is modeled for WMM and though he is not in good with Bercy the two make the Bill-Celeo combination. Kunzardo does Celeo chants better than any Ataluku at WMM and the plans of WMM are to get Kunzardo reconcile him and unite him with Bercy.

I interacted with Sankara a couple of times. He has very fuel real enemies. He would insult on TV and laugh with the same guys. He insults Bill in the morning he shares a bottle of bear in the evenings and Bill insults him as they chart and laugh. He is the (Dirty /clandestine/ intelligence/ office of the president/ CIA/ FBI) of WMM. He is not a bad guy as he portrays he is just a crazy person. Emo....Sankara is like Bowman Lusambo of MMD. Those who know him just ignore him. Werra is on a serious mission of reconstruction and if the plans go well WMM will be real power.

Werrason thrives on confusion, competition, polemique. Like him or not Bercy Mwana is massively talented and there is no band where he can fit better than WMM. He thrives in confusion and likes fan attention just like the new boss. His biggest weakness is doing short and repeated chants that are at times difficult to dance to. In WMM this will change as the competition from Lobeso, Kirikou, Angola, Prince and Diego will force him to straighten his work. Werra is fully aware of this weakness and was forced to get him as he is more versatile than most of the atalukus in WMM and can do Bill's work pretty well. He created that environment at his La zamba test to give him pressure to impress. Werra and company are seriously in for business.....they are recruiting every week and the weak ones will fall off after Ingeta. Bercy will do well in WMM. I listened to him do Bill's animations at one of the WMM administrators residence which was recorded and taken to Werra shortly before he was tested at La Zamba.

Did any one notice the light guy who sang Cafe Roum's song at la Zamba test on Thursday. The boy has been recruited and is such a good singer. There are two more high profile recruits rumored to join the group soon.

Congolese Music / Re: Ndombolhino about Werra vs Ferre
« on: April 01, 2014, 13:56 »
I personally love Ferre and everyone who sings a bit like him. He arguably has the best voice in Congo amongst the known artists. He is bringing up a good crop of musicians. I wouldn't say he will never be like JB, Werra or Koffi coz he has all the potential to surpass them but whether we hate Werra or not, whether we hate his poaching the truth is that Werra, JB, Koffi, Wemba are not in the same class as Ferre. He could reach their level and probably surpass them but he is just not there yet. He can compete with the likes of Kabose, Lacoste, Fally etc but not yet in the other band. look at Koyimbiko, malewa, muselu, mpunda and all the trademark dances by Werra and JB. Look at generiques like intervention rapid, solola bien, operation dragon, kibuisa mpimpa, tindika lokito, Le qeulea quelea, alerte general, Sous a Sou, malewa....... Songs like Kalay Boeing, Surprise Kapangala, coco madimba, koffi ayina, Augustine, the whole Kibuisa album, wabelo, likambo......... The great concerts at zenith, bercy and other venues.

Everything aside coz arguments of who has better hits boarder on tastes. Do I hate what is happening. I would say the movements between the bands have no effect on any of the two bands. Ferre cant crumble even if Werra gets all musicians and Werra can get musicians when he wants to and keeps going regardless of who leaves his band. Werra likes aggressive musicians and if you prove to him then you definitely walk into first line up and get songs regardless of how long you have been with the band. He then creates so much hype around you and always presents something new to the fans unlike seeing the same old faces with so much predictability. He markets you and also benefits in the process. So for aggressive musicians they move into fist line up and get more exposure. So much as he porches musicians they also know that if they are aggressive, they stand a better chance of being given songs and being marketed under Werra as he doesn't get the limelight alone like Ferre and Fally. If Heritier was in any other band even BCBG I don't think he would be known like he is now. Fabregas only spent a few years under Werra and caught the limelight he wanted. Brigade was nothing after leaving Koffi and if he had gone solo then he probably would have been a big flop but just check the attention he gets now. Cafe Roum, Merlin Bouton are arguably the best two singers in WMM but they are not aggressive enough. They need to work on their dancing skills get to travel with Werra on all trips and get to sing pats where other musicians are missing and get to impress and get more songs and limelight. That's what Arnake, Deplik and Fabregas did.

Is Werra a bad Musician ...NO....Is he a good musician...YES. Is he a good singer.....NO. What do we want a singer or a musician....Its up to you. Can a bad singer produce very nice music and best albums....YES......Does a good singer always produce good music....NO.

If I like Ferre, do I have to hate Werra just coz he is getting musicians who have the right to chose association and probably have better reasons for doing so...NO. Does Ferre see Werra as demon for poaching his musicians...NO coz he should see that demon in himself first for ditching Werra for Koffi. Should he curse his musicians for doing that...No coz he did it himself and benefited from it. Who is bothered most by what is happening....FANS and not Werra or Ferre. Do musicians like creating polemique with Werra coz he is the only selfish musician with a bad heart.....NO...Why.......its more profitable to create polemique with Werra coz Sankara will respond and the continuous exchange of insults will put you in the limelight and make people expectant of your music. Is it profitable to do polemique with JB....NO....Why...The guy will keep quite and you will end up making a fool of yourself. Is polemique good for Werra...YES... the band, majority of the fans were brought up from that background during polemique with JB so it gives Werra and his musicians to work hard and try to beat the small rivals. It also keeps people expectant and wanting to watch and see what. Most of the offsprings of Werra are so much into polemique than any other band...Bill vs Brigade.....Ferre vs Lacoste.....Ferre vs Fally.....Ferre vs Werra....Bill vs Celeo......Herritier vs Capuccino.....Herritier vs Brigade.....!!!! Do you think they don't see it beneficial? NO!!! Such things are rare in other bands...GINO is trying it but to no avail.

« on: March 27, 2014, 13:57 »
There is really something going on in Maison Mere. Apparently its like they want to get three musicians from Ferre before end of April not  to piss him off for getting Matedien as they never rated him highly but its an opportunity to openly grab some musicians as part of the rebuilding as some first team members are expected to move on after Ingeta. Werra is impressed with Arc Makaba and will not go for Charly. The real targets are Nicodem, Chikito and Kunzardo. They have identified Kunzardo as a partner to Angola (a Werra favorite) with Diego and Lobeso to drive the post Ingeta error. Werra believes Angola can do both Bill and Brigade animations better than any of the current atalukus and is always showing it hence guys like Prince aren't very pleased. 

Sankara would have loved to present the three at once but Shikito is a bit hesitant as Ferre has done a lot for him even though things haven't been so good between them. He has however told some friends he may be heading to la zamba playa soon. Kunzardo is not sure of whether he would be as influential as he is at Ferre's band but Werra is seriously looking for  high profile ataluku and you never know.

Soon Deplick will follow as he is rumoured to be working on a solo album. They had already started preparing for Miel's departure by recruiting Ferrari who has been interpreting his parts like on the song Le Kallman de Sayo. I guess Chikito's capture is also imminent. The only guy l see who seems to fit in well is Olivier. He mingled so well with the New guys is quick to appreciate praise New talent. I see him assume a lead role when Herritier moves on. I also heard of a possible band being formed by these guys who have left. Brigade, Japonaise, Musikasika, Mimiche, Kene Kene, JR, Deplick, Capucino, Miel some time next year after solo albums and ingeta.

Sankara and co. are also busy trying to porch top talent. The search for a top continues as Werra is convinced none of the present guys can fill Brigade's boots. Names being mentioned include: Equaliser, Jamaique, Rio David's, Blaise & Bercy (Lobeso and not Prince not so keen on having more worse still a person like Bercy).

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