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Thats sad Archos. You are the most impartial member here. All you do is make posts and do translations, clarifications and it to us to debate. Music is like food. What is well prepared food to DJ Sly may not be to Nkosi. The more we argue the more we develop our skills of analysing music and the more we appreciate music...our food. I will state here that if there is one single artist overally marketed on this site is Werrason. Whenever one bumps into a Werra video it is posted here and what follows are debates...even people who dont know Werra  always wonder why the negative or positive hype about this artist. He gets known that way. He really matters to all of us on this blog coz if an artist is so bad no one gives a damn what they one even bothers criticizes. For an artist publicity is publicity at times  even negative comments have a positive impact. An example is Sankara...everytime he opens his mouth people await eagerly to hear what crazy thing he will say and that way we find ourselves eagerly waiting for him to open his mouth so that others can shoot while others can support. In the long run even non wmm fans find themselves a bit obsessed with what goes on there and post more werra work than artists they like. So lets keep the spirit of arguing as it makes the site thrive. I have personally argued with jdog, sly, valentino and many others especially on werra vs ferre without using a single provocative word. We are more like family now drawn together by different views.

« on: June 15, 2014, 23:15 »
Hahahaha......Music is not all about singing alone. Who listens to music because  musicians can sing alone? Is the ability to sing alone the reason you like music?  I would personally go to church and listen to solo acapela presentations. We want variety. What makes Congolese music sweet is that you don't listen to the same Rihana voice on all songs. There is variety. Ferre has raised a good band because he understands this fact otherwise it would have been way cheaper not to hire anyone but just get temporal musicians to play instruments. People attend concerts for so many reasons other other listening to a person standing still and singing....why not play a cd at home???

An Angolan musician called Junior Belgado and Chikito have been contacted to join WMM.

« on: June 15, 2014, 22:18 »
Hahahaha you....hmmmm......that's serious you even hate clothes. Unfortunately you cant reverse the situation to see what Werra would have been without those people. Its like saying Ferre would have been so great without him going through Wenge, WMM and....bla...bla.... He has the voice but what he went through made him what he is. Its like saying saying JB would have been so great hadn't he gone through what he did....that's serious wishful thinking. As I explained being a musician and being a singer are two different things. You just like Werra so much!!!!

« on: June 15, 2014, 20:24 »
Hahahaha.....Jdog......don't start again. Don't worry the greatness of a musician is not measured by their voices but creativity and a lot more other factors. That's why the Serge Mabiala, Mande Chantes,  are rotting wit their excellent voices.

Congolese Music / Re: Freddy Marchouse in an interview
« on: June 15, 2014, 20:16 »
Spot on DJ Sly its actually debates like these which make the forum interesting. Iam actually getting obsessed to being on this forum like some people are on Facebook. Always looking forward to reading a post from Archos.....always keen to hear how DJ Sly analyses issues.....Ever looking forward to Emo's  opinion. Its a nice forum!!!!

« on: June 15, 2014, 20:09 »
Chikito's situation is similar to Herritier. Let him just stay until he goes solo. He is one of my favorite singers in Ferre's band. Ferre's greatest strength is his band's greatest weakness. He can do an album without most of them. He plays with his voice so well.

Congolese Music / Re: Freddy Marchouse in an interview
« on: June 15, 2014, 19:54 »
Iam a fan of Ferre. he was my favorite in singer in his days in WMM. Iam not a cadre who hates musicians because they have left Werra. They cant be in that band for good. They have to move on at some point....its life. Ferre is the most successful of Werra's offsprings. He arguably has the best voice of the current known Congo artists. There are things I like about him there are also things I want him to improve on and my opinion as his fan should not be disputed. Music is like food. If I say I cant eat chicken everyday for a week its not right for someone to jump up and say Iam wrong because chicken is nice.

Some people cant talk about Ferre without comparing him to Werra. To anyone who can read between the lines they simply make Werra a yardstick. Why not compare how good Ferre is in relation to JB or Koffi. Let me point a few facts here:
- There was a time Deplik was called an artists who is not impressive but a mare photocopy of that he has left Werra he is a darling.
- There was a time Brigade was called not impressive and irritating as he bends down all the time as though he is searching for a needle....the moment he left Werra he was a darling and one of the best tenor atalukus.
-Arnake was a fine artist while with Ferre but now that he is with Werra he is called a foolish guy who doesn't appreciate what Ferre did for him and struggles to sing..... When it comes to Ferre leaving Werra he simply moved on as he was never paid well and it was an excellent move.
- Matadien joins Ferre its a good move as he suits Ferre's style and will get chance. Arnake joins Werra....Werra will never change his bad manners of stealing musicians
- Concerts.....there are Zambian musicians who play for 400 dollars every weekend in all sorts of bars but JK, Danny only go for big deals and have already made their names. They don't need to do a million less profitable trips to be known.

Who is better? It depends on what you want.
Who has done more? Non starter....such arguments can better be left for cadres who would want to sell sand to Arabs in the desert.

-Werra has..Intervention Rapid, Solola Bien, Kibuisa, Ala queue leu leu, Alerte general, Temoignage, Sou Soul, Mayi Yasika, Malewa.......gues these are trash compared to Ferre's three record breaking albums.
- Ferre has done uncomparable concerts while Werra's Zenith, Bercy, Hall de la Gombe, Stade de Matuers, Stade de France, Kora 2005, Angola, Kikwiti 2005, Ivory Cost 2000, London 2000....are all crap.
-Generiques....Who is Werra compared to the great generiques Ferre has done that are household names. people dance to them the world over without knowing who played them.
-Kalay Boeng, Coco madimba, Funny, Anne, Kofi Ayina, Augustine Ngaly, Tave, Obiang, 13 Ans, Blandine, Miss Margo, temoignage, tellephone, wabelo are so monotonous and way below average compared to Ferre's excellent and wide variety of songs.


« on: June 15, 2014, 18:16 »
Chikito is delaying the release of Ingeta. He quickly needs to get into studio and do a song to replace Deplik's song which was erased. They moving very quickly to cover up the gap Herritier imminent departure will leave. They convinced Miel to get back to take up 2nd lead singer position. Taddet wasn't so happy but they managed to calm him down.

Anyway, they offered Chikito a song on Ingeta a way before Arnake and Nico joined. They Admin guys are mute on this issue. Its like he hasnt really left Ferre yet or they haven't convinced him to join WMM.

Spot on DJ Sly

Congolese Music / Re: Werrason Ingeta!!!!!!!
« on: June 14, 2014, 18:36 »
Great staff in both albums. These are good cars and they will make you forgot about the taxis that have been making noise the past years :) :)

When Marc house says Sankara smells, Nicodemus was a flower pot in Ferre's group....people say perfect he is right. When Sankara says Capuccino was a flower pot and Marc house has a big mouth....he is an imbecile, a lunatic and doesn't respect others and those who leave. His boss is like him. What about Ferre??? Where is he when Nico says all those things. He simply has WMM blood in him and no wonder you had the Bercy/ Kunzardo combo which is a Chinese version of Bill/ Celeo. You can identify Sergy Mabialas, Lacostes, Baby Ndombes in his band, He even got his own copy....Arnake. picked a rehearsal close to La zamba and picked on Fally to replicate the JB - Werra polemique. That's why we love him so much even though we cant show it in public as WMM fans because he runs the same philosophy

Congolese Music / Re: Freddy Marchouse in an interview
« on: June 14, 2014, 18:20 »
They are all jokers. The FIFA thing wasn't a good response. You don't have to be the best footballer to be in FIFA. If Herritier says he is Messi and Ferre responds by saying he is Sepp Blater and then we ask the world who is more loved and is a better footballer they will definitely go for Messi. The work of a national team and governing body are very different. He would have scored a point if he said Ferre is Brazil while Werra is Congo DR. Ferre himself used to call WMM equipe nationale when he was part of them. His situation is just like Klinsman. He played for Germany and was one of the key players but he left and is now coaching USA. Should Germany stop calling themselves a national team just because Klinsman left....NO!!!!!.

In terms of impact. That team WMM had was very good. In terms of individual efforts... Among Werra's boys Bill had more impact than all even though what made WMM was a combination of all. What drove and defined WMM at a time JB and Koffi were blazing hot rhumbas were sebenes and Bill did much of the work and his combo with Celeo was fire. When you mention Solola Bien, Kibwisa, Ala queue leu leu.....most people will think about the generiques and latter other things. When you mention Zenith, Bercy, Stade de Matuers....Its the work by bill, the instruments and then latter on you can think about the backing vocals and lines by different artists. In most cases actually people refers to the famous calls by Bill and the instruments on Ala queue leu leu  as Zenith.

On concerts. After the combatants came on the scene musicians no longer make good money from concerts. Its the concerts in europe that gave them good cash and not the pretense loitering within Congo and Africa. There are cost involved in these concerts and most of them prefer not loitering. Look at koffi, JB, Werra, Wemba, Wazekwa..they are all no longer doing concerts not that they cant but the energy put in those compared to what they get. Most of them would go to hotels within Congo, Mayi Ya Pembe and keep their fans busy during practices while hopping the combatant issue is resolved. They still get good cash from beer sponsors, business men and footballers. If a national team is banned playing international games very few are interested in playing face saver games with small local clubs within the country.

So all the talk is just polemique between a tree and its offshoots. WHICH IS NORMAL, AT LEAST THEY GIVE US SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT!!!

Congolese Music / Werrason Ingeta!!!!!!!
« on: June 12, 2014, 12:01 »
We are getting close!!!! Bercy and Lobeso have done justice to the Generique. Arc et Ciel has also performed extremely well. The boy is maturing at a fast rate and he has done exceptionally well. I wish I could post an extract of the generique here!

Congolese Music / Re: Kunzardo in a interview
« on: June 06, 2014, 09:55 »
I like this guy so much. He can chain a generique alone unlike these other guys who do short disjointed calls. If Bercy is harnessed like WMM is doing to him, we would get the closest combo to Bill and Celeo.  Kunzardo is talented and I give Ferre thumbs up coz many leaders would have been confused and ended up not giving him space.

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