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prince the thing with bogus is that he is a very very very very stubborn guy when he thinks he is in his own right,i saw today a live he did to hit back at people  who insulted him and his mother in the name of werra and he went quite hard to an extent that i think even jb will distance himself from him for a moment and he warned that its just the beginning since they insulted his mother he will be on their back till the end

Kkkkkk JV

Bro I can’t stand Apocalypse lol
LOL JV can you imagine if Apocalypse was still around QL in Kin when Gessac joined, Imagine that noisy duo "C'est le moment, Ntaba!"  ;D ;D

Koffi would of gotten sick of them and kick them out after a month of noise....“vrema vrema bino bokomisi orchestre oyo zando ya Gambela”.

HAHAHAHAHA bro i was at one latino rehearsal at bibi play i think when koffi started getting tired of gessac,koffi just came to rehearsal which was then under direction of asso and mbetenge as joss diena left,and by 10 times koffi stood of his chair and shouted " vraiment mutu pasi quoi o na moyi makasi boye ozo gangela nga na matoyi,yo petit gessac ozalaki receveur avant obeta musique,d'ailleurs kutu tika micro pesa mbasu abuaka" one of the musician was like ahhhhhh vieux malembe
and the singers who sat during rehearsals laughing hard behind koffi's back

Lol on that concert of ivory coast cambodge could make somebody faint with a simple  slap,the guy is too powerful

 the leaders of the group in itself are ramatoulaye and sonor,bebert was meant to be manager(to find tours abroad to them) and producer of their album and now with them having signed with universal he is now more of a manager,he had at some point a similar fonction next to jb  until their contract ended
hahahaha levyson aka the most charismatic musician of the world according to himself,last i saw of him he was presenting his atalaku and in another video he was saying he wants to challenge kinshasa musicians


lol musicians of europe love that system it seems of quick response, he is saying brigade lied that he was the one who said to koffi that fally should do droit chemin and jipson confirmed with ado that it was apocalypse and by the way he does not want to say it but after that reunion koffi told him to wait while everybody went back home and koffi told him face to face they he'll know who koffi is,as he was upset with him supporting fally and apoca says him and fally were not any close and its from that moment that fally's consideration towards him rised
and he feels that he was punished because of that by missing the famous senegal concert just before ferre's arrival but one of koffi's employees at  some point told him that koffi was not angry anymore and it relieved him and he worked harder and made it to europe list again
 he does not understand why decades after brigade is still obsessed with him because its not him who gives visas or makes lists its koffi
 he also reacted about the video we laughed about  of him and brigade and he said it was the concert of brigade's return after first maison mere spell and instead of doing animation he started doing nonsense(actually brigade was throwing shade at apoca in his impro) so him as the guy who did monde arabe had to show authority to tell him to let him do animation like it was  and he is not the type to say things about people behind their back so he said silence to brigade to tell him to shut up
he reacted to brigade saying he did only kisanola on longitima and he said it seems brigade does not know how to count and maybe celeo is right that he did not go to class enough which surprises nolly as apoca used to roast celeo at any opportunity in the name of...
apoca says he is  one of the rare atalakus who "broke the code" of having tenor and falsetto atalaku as he could adapt to both he had  a style which was not strictly fitting in any of the two genres
he has no reason to be jealous of brigade since he was not even rehearsing with them for a while when he joined koffi told him he had 4 atalakus it was already a lot so he took him to rehearse with female dancers only in private rehearsals,so he waited for his chance he did not join quartier latin to steal somebody's spot otherwise he would have gone to sorcerers like brigade does  and he says brigade went to see sorcerers several times to attack him with mbasu thinking he was the reason of him staying behind on tours  and he tells him koffi is in france so he should go and look for koffi to know and not keep hate for decades against him
he says the feats brigade did with naza were destined to him but they created something to make naza believe he was stuck in lockdown in kinshasa and that naza is his petit even before naza became a musician he knows his parents he eats at their house even sometimes,and when naza was looking for him to record his generique and they lied to him and he wanted to show to nolly messages of naza's dad and naza's dad wanted to remove brigade's voices when he realised he got tricked but he told him to let it go and he says to nolly he can call during the interview if he has doubt
and that they had project with naza long ago but naza was still with bomaye musik so it was stalling and now he is independent but he wont reclaim by force what was destined to him

Congolese Music / Re: Is 'Nkosi' Exaucee's middle name?
« on: August 10, 2020, 22:18 »
yes its her middle name,as funny as it seems very few of the old people of werra's family have same family name(and its the same in several tribes) so they pass  names of grandparents or ancestors as middle name and last name at times
for example the 4 guys of werra's mother are
-jonas mbese
-patrice ngoy musoko
-noel ngiama makanda
-guy nkoyi
somebody who is not used to it could think its different families

« on: August 10, 2020, 18:15 »
Patou is attacking Pitshou for being 50% west-african, but he forgets that Depitcho who he's praising, is also 50% west-african (his dad from Guinee Conkary). I never like it when they attack people for being foreign, then crying that white people are xenophobic, but they are doing the same thing.

 I was thinking the same thing (i think depitsho is senegal too,savanet is a senegalese name)
 we africans jump too easily on that origin thing to attack someboy

yes composition of mosaka and somebody else on some sentences i cant remember maybe late shela,went to ferre was destined to a la queue leu leu basically

« on: August 09, 2020, 20:42 »
the interesting news is that i though it was depitcho who wanted to go or was approached by maison mere and jf by bcbg,it seems its actually the other way round(even though jf was approached by both actually)

As much as we think about what could've been, I'll be frank. I don't think either man would've fit the Wenge offshoots that approached them.
Depitcho in my opinion was a good fit for QL, Jf on the other hand he could've and should've gone to BCBG, There he could've at least been in the group with his friends JDL and Richard Mukena.

and if he did not get paid threaten to beat mpiano :D :D :D :D :D :D

« on: August 09, 2020, 19:24 »
the interesting news is that i though it was depitcho who wanted to go or was approached by maison mere and jf by bcbg,it seems its actually the other way round(even though jf was approached by both actually)

« on: August 09, 2020, 18:08 »

he out of the blue started a rant on his  instagram story
 "is your intelligence finished/gone?is your bullshit over?is it over? is that the level of your impoliteness?since you are done its now the time of el generalissimo la panthere noire"
"the younger brothers put bleaching cream on their face,hands and feet remained black and now they believe they are stars  i will soon hit you hard"

i think it is noticed but since reddy is not an artist who is into daily discussions of people people are more focus on enjoying it i bet 99,999999 per cent of the comments are positive,and as strange as it is i think artists like that are the best because they get few attention but attention for the good reason,you will see some artists who make not even 10000 viewss on  their new albums songs but many people wondering how come album like that did not have great buzz

nayebi pere,nalobaki bongo kaka na titre ya exemple na ndenge ya mabe

because he is the one who talks on that side you are right,but motema ya mutu eza motema ya mutu ndeko ce nest pas tout le monde qui tolere makambu mosusu
it is true that he gives impression that responding to attacks makes him lose time to focus on music,but at the same time it can be seen that sometimes he makes 3 months without appearance yet they still attack him everyday so he ends up coming back again
like i said he refuses to let people deal with his problem,which is not the case of most other artists who have people who can talk for them all year while they live their life
in the art of marketing anybody can decide what they want to give as image,which is why some artists are  seen as fake
for me marketing is in essence fake anyway,science mobimba ata oza na kwiti ya pongi il faut oseka liboso ya batu po opesa image ya bien

ndeko lets take this issue out of fally's name,their situation is not something invented by celeo and fally it existed before them and will surely exist 3 generations after them
tolongola ata kombo ya fally,tozua koffi jb na werra,koffi ye moko a geraka ba polemique na ye na batu ye moko alors retombee eyaka vers ye moko majoritairement,jb na werra bazalaka na ba sankara et les autres bango moko ba vandi silence,alors comment okondima que baza na responsabilite moko direct tangu bango moko balobaka te soki ozo tala kaka makambu na logique,to na sentiment sans ko soupconner que  discours indirect pe ezalaka
c'est le meme cas entre autre entre el mara na celeo,et ndenge kaka na lobaka mbala na mbala fally aza na pouvoir akatisa batu koloba na kombo na ye po etikala penza que silence total ya solo ezala te neti tindika tia cale ndenge tomonaka par exemple na makambu ya wenge
tu vois?
d autres parts tala penza bien banda ba franco ti lelo ezalaka toujours les meilleurs mutu bazalaka reputé na caractere ya mabe
ezala ya solo to te elataka bango kaka d'une maniere ou d'une autre et mingi mingi bayebaka pe ko lakisa contraire te

Olobi bien, JB, Werra na Koffi. Ngai nanu namona te JB abandi ko atake ezalak kaka Koffi mutu abandaka sima aleli victim.
Celeo azali ndenge moko na Koffi kasi sa Lumpemba lokola Koffi.

Soki batu ya Fally fingi ye, ye pe atinda batu na ye bafinga Fally soki alingi ye moko nde azongisa na batu oyo ya Fally bayaki ko finga ye, kasi Fally te.

Yo nde olingi kondimate ke Celeo azali matumboli, ye bisa ngai Manda asalaki ye nini po aya kobanda kofinga ye, meme Heritien alobaki tango bazalaki na WMM ba musicians mingi bazalaki kolobisa Celeo te.   

mais ndeko nalobaka yango que celeo aza matumboli et c est connu mais sauf que matumboli na ye ezalaka ya motema mabe te la preuve ba pire ye na ba artistes baza batu moko tres tres calme  et c est connu na pesa meme exemple ya kester oyo azalaki pe bongo,la preuve meme ya quadra batu mosusu pe ba defendaka que ezalaka nde pesa elengi  pona promotion mais azalaka rancunier te tu vois?eza na sens wana et je comprend que eza supportable na tout le monde te ndenge pe misusu bayina koffi makasi likolo ya simple matumboli tout comme misusu ba comprena que ahh vieux wana eza ndenge na ye soki album ezo bima il faut mua pesa elengi
Nga naza na probleme ni na fally ni na n importe quel artiste au contraire reve na nga ezalaka bazala bomoko

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