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i never though i'd find something more annoying than apocalypse shouting "ntabaaaaa"  :D :D :D :D :D

looool no he is with ibrator and co now

lol the new dance and animation of koffi "mama alobi lelo te dans 4 jours" (the girl said no sex today in 4 days after my period) :D :D :D

the concept of libre parcours started like a joke from singer ronsard kanza in 2009 when they came to finish arsenal and a question from a journalist comparing them to ferre's musicians saying he is surprised that after what was then only their second or third time in europe they were allowed to go wherever they wanted in schengen countries whereas ferre's musicians were kind of limited and kanza replied that they are on "libre parcours" mode(free) because they are not a classic type of group where musicians have almost no rights
and then kanza who did not really plan to say that started to repeat the words when meeting his colleagues and they all started talking about it then sending fally's private writer of then tony buangi "gattuso" to ask if they could record an album since fally wants to take 3 or 4 years between his albums
in 2011 when they start seriously putting pressure on fally he laughs at them,asking them how on earth they want an album when they are not even able to go on tv to promote even their vocals and gives idea to do a maxi single first with a generique one song by him and the two best songs from his musicians which they agree on but the group is left stunned as kanza,equaliser and ibrahimovic left for quartier latin(when koffi and fally are still in a context of mind games/cold war) which infuriates fally who single handedly decides to drop the project
the group members then start giving more energy on stage and being as disciplined and professional as they can to try convince fally again to give them a chance
in 2012 while on tour the musicians discuss between themselves to see who they can use to influence fally and they will agree that the 4 oldest of them tyson,djino liaki,papy kalombo and atele kunianga to try through different ways at different moments to convince him and in early 2013 during a group reunion he will talk to them saying that he has heard from many of them than they still want the group album and he accepts but he has conditions for them,they have to find customers themselves,they have to stop being lazy and go on tv to promote giving his own example saying that people say he was unfairly privileged by koffi but he threw his all to earn the trust koffi had in him he did not wait for koffi to take him by the hand and make him do media round-ups so they should stop acting like hey i am in fally's group so people automatically know me
he will nevertheless fund the whole process of recording for over 80000 dollars and take the musicians on tv a couple of times to promote album before official release and once album is out
but in the meantime fally notices most of his artists still are not promoting their songs while he actually paid tv's for spaces in shows to promote album he decides to punish them by completely neglecting the clips done after the few first ones,to extent that on some clips he just sent his snaps to be inserted in clip
and during one heated reunion he openly confronts them telling them i did everything i could  but it seems you do not want your own good so go ahead stay lazy if you want but dont  criticize me behind the scenes for your own failure,its true that most of you are my friends and older brothers and we had agreed that you were helping me out for my career but i never told anybody to act like a session artist i just keep repeating to you go on tv but do not spoil my image in any way and this way you'll build your own that's the biggest secret
they apologise to him and ask to promote album in concerts when fally is on long europe private trips which he allows them but tells them he'd watch them and see if its worth it
the first concert goes well without him but at the second one many musicians miss out which infuriates fally who orders administration to stop it and to punish them takes a lot of the musicians who barely travel to some concerts outside kinshasa
while in private fally disagrees with his musicians, in public he is attacked for sabotage of album while both parts are equally responsible
at the moment,musicians are slightly improving on the promotion aspect and are starting to hope for another opportunity to prove fally they can correct their mistakes


lol sorry if the title is rude but  given the history  of adolphe feeding 90 per cent of the groups  i anticipate lol
 but i like what he said about wenge reunion concert,it should not be somethng coming from one person  who contacts them one by one
 but the 6 main men of wenge jb,werra,him,blaise bula,alain makaba and didier masela should sit in face of each other and make proper peace with honesty and humility then make the project happen
 haha mosaka at the beginning in from of maison mere's spokesmen i salute everybody including my "haters" sitting right in front

not him you are surely confusing with singer deniama or the choreographer ali loketo who kinda look like him

yes they held peace talks in paris few months  ago

 she is a singer from both congos

and the same gabbana who said he'd rather go back to village to be a farmer than going back to cultura went on his knees 3 times on tv to beg wazekwa to accept him back which the then much more radical wazekwa replied to saying it was an "economic apology" and that he'd take him back if he has ability to find the tears he shed for days when they did him that and get it back into his eyes like nothing happened

« on: September 20, 2017, 13:51 »
prince exactly like bcbg  its not a matter of needing to bring in since plenty are already around but rather how to find a compromise should they keep the older ones  or either be unusually very ruthless and kick them all out
because it is actually the same problem over 25 singers in each of both groups and obviously those who participated the most  on albums sing the most are the most in the frontline when dancing
if i was jb and fally i'd split group in two because at the end of the day the guys deserve to keep feeding their families and being around their friends is the most safe option to be sure that at least something will go right

« on: September 19, 2017, 17:26 »

here is his first interview at koffi's home as a quartier latin member,he does the traditional over praise of the new boss praise of rival of ex boss thing
and he goes back in the days  where his upset with ferre started,when the few musicians who went back when michel synthe,ngwanzou,jus d'orange and co left and ferre promised to let them do some leads to reward them then re did the leads himself in europe and then  went on several examples of how he felt ferre tried everything to unsettle him and that he went to  see him at home to talk to him rather than rush to tv and rant but he got exposed and fired live on national tv
merveille rambo who is never  far away from polemic went on to diss ferre and marchouse(marchouse said that he did not know why people made a big deal of cindy not being in angola because him merveille stepped into the sidekick role )

lol yeah matebu sometimes they even bet some money :D :D

« on: September 19, 2017, 13:16 »
i just saw a video which was taken down for copyright which in the thumbnail showing chikito hand saluting somebody who looked like koffi and looking like at koffi's house

« on: September 19, 2017, 10:44 »
i just had inspiration to do a topic a bit like the light music one,anybody interested?


from 11 30  i honestly prefer this than when journalists are there as if its a beef with the musician

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