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How on earth JB cheated on her? Is stupid that he whines about Amida when he fucked up in the first place.
She cheated too you do know that right?

I doubt it

 To put things in perspective it all started from a misunderstanding,amida was having back pain or something like that and asked one of jb's court jesters to massage her, and he went to do it in her room and it happened that jb's mum who did not like amida in the first place caught the scene and reported to her son as cheating get rid of her and so on you know our mothers
then jb went for revenge and there started the ping pong until today

I knew this thread was coming.. Hehehehe

aswell as youtube videos with title like jb mpiana  will die because of this and things like that

That fine guy with a fine voice....I just would not know what made him leave Cultura...

a misunderstanding,wazekwa had promised him more comfortable conditions as his favourite and almost brother but joss was seeing that it was taking "too long" to come and unfortunately in the meantime wazekwa got visited by gangsters who robbed over 100k(our artists love having thousands in their house since they are asked for help every single day of the year) and it coincided with koffi's offer so joss decided to leave since he was promised even better there which quickly changed once they spend two three months there

Didn't the Wenge Kumbela members already go to Europe, at least once?

some yes,but its a bit like the case of ponderation 8 in the didi oasis topic,a mix of other artists and ngulu before the generation of alvarito and co

« on: February 13, 2019, 21:04 »

one year ago he was saying more or less the same thing,mentioning the same but surely he came to ado's interview too hyped up by desire to promote his album

« on: February 13, 2019, 20:39 »

his interview made me relisten to this song,ahhh reagan,great voice control for a guy of that age then
him and kilimandjaro are my biggest regrets with atalakus along with petit chirac of tonya tonya

 Yes thats why he returned to europe quickly but later he talked with jb who recruited the most members(dolin zakoko makosso police and co ) and jb invited him at concerts  so he did not make a big deal since its musicians who were desperate to go to europe like guys of their generation

the atalaku/singer sounds like Ferre.

I see that Alvarito, Jordan Kusa, Marcation and Champion Vualu already left

That's dolin of les pipiyu bro

« on: February 13, 2019, 19:00 »

He says he is one of the co-founders of ponderation 8
in fact he was already around blaise even before wenge musica split,and was with blaise in wenge bcbg working with him behind the scenes and blaise was meant to record a solo album (while the producer simon was putting pressure on jb to record another solo album and also for jb himself a way to reinforce his authority) but they never started preparing it and it reached a point were blaise starting coming to concerts when he wanted and if he wanted and one day he collapsed at home in front of him didi oasis as he was overwhelmed with thoughts and during his treatment bcbg prepared zenith and nobody except tutu caludji came to visit him,surely seeing it as an occasion to let jb get full leadership since makaba is already on and off as usual
blaise hoped for a sign from jb after zenith and a possible return of him in bcbg but he saw no change so he decided to record his album with motivation of people around including this guy  didi oasis and didi went to recruit most of the band from some street groups and writer and singer eldorado came with petit reagan,didi was then chef d'orchestre and he contributed since he is a writer on songs and says blaise can be a comedian sometimes at home when you came to visit him he'd imitate himself the voice of his employees to pretend he is not at home
When the group had to move to europe strange things happened,a lot of guys did witchcraft on blaise to be on list and some even lost their head or things like that or became pastors after escaping from the backfiring of their witchcraft,and many of those who made the list were not those who participated to album,and himseld didi who was the chef d orchestre was abandoned in kin and when the second part of the list travelled he still did not make the list either and some guys did not make the list in favour of some blaise relatives and ngulu and they were the only group of then who went in europe with zero female dancer(later on guys like gemerose and tresor nzinga went to europe on their own)
he still tried to reunite musicians who were left in kinshasa to work and even got a sponsor for the group but he was seeing no support from blaise,and people around him advised him to stop making efforts and let blaise realise the mess he left behind when he arrives
and years after he left the group and after a break went to bcbg  and was one of the victims of the war of old and new generation along with the like of nathan munkala and co  so he did not get a chance especially as there were experts in bad behaviour( the bullying guys of the group)
he says he is the author of blaise's big hit okota,and he is very disappointed because he got nothing for his contribution in several songs(the song le petrolier also has a lot of parts he was singing in his short bcbg time)
blaise changed some sentences like some colleagues do to writers to pretend its different songs to theirs now and he says blaise should be less obsessed with money,its like he wants to grab every penny for him to try to make up for the gap between him and jb werra but a lot of people complain about how stingy he is while in his situation he should have been more humble and share with people and proof is how rendekita went nowhere with nobody trying to give him help to avoid commercial flop but he admits he learned things with him in terms of art 

Yeah because he did a video with that guy who used to be with marie misamu patrick or something like that,and put as thumbnail patrick and another guy almost in a position of having sex


aww that moment when aime's mother in the audience sings circuit dangereux along with them

yeah you can feel most of this song was his inspiration,it matched his story so much
yesterday i saw a video of vincent wondering whether heritier who has been supported throughout his career by vital kamerhe will ruin his relationship with jb by going to the weeding
(lol yaya correcteur esali yo buzoba okomi marketing lol)

« on: February 13, 2019, 17:17 »
End how? I thought the album was done only waiting for the release

yep the recording was done but they had to remove some parts which were heard in other albums which they did,jb has arrived again in france with the final mixed product, if i am not mistaken he is making final poster tomorrow

« on: February 13, 2019, 14:56 »
 The part yo lata poso ya meme, obimiseli  nga bible was fiston boko,who came from maison mere reserve and is still in extra until today

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