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He should join Jet7...they need that deep voice with Bercy gone

i bet he'll do his single then negotiate with yanki sankara kakol and co to organize a fake test with big buzz while he already is accepted
the way he idolizes bill,i believe he dreams of stepping into bill's shoes in maison mere at some point

 if i am honest,i kind of saw this coming fabregas seemed to suddenly give 3 jours a lot more chances while cedric was supposed to be THE star of the atalaku section of fabregas and he has been getting suspensions for fun in the last months

« on: June 19, 2018, 23:34 »

the title means death row in english

« on: June 19, 2018, 22:58 »

shella went almost a year without work because his favorite group to join then wenge bcbg refused to get him to protect relationship with adolphe
talking about tonya tonya, i was speaking with a friend today who was close to many artists and he told me tonya tonya got broken through sorcery,some artists sent people to throw powders and bury stuff  to curse where they were rehearsing(jb ran away from palm beach rehearsal for suspecting a similar thing) and create mess in the group with musicians then having strong spats with adolphe out of nowhere and that despite them artists claiming to be enemies or being enemies for real ate together in restaurant etoile of grand hotel to celebrate how they destroyed the group

« on: June 19, 2018, 12:01 »
koffi is releasing something soon i dont know whether its a common album with quartier latin but its album legend which has feats with the likes of davido,tiwa savage and another one i forgot
that guy doing cnn's part is not even an official quartier latin member yet,he is on some sort of trial in order to replace kirikou but i guess he will be accepted he does not seem scared and koffi likes that

yes he has a band, i heard at some point him and his best friend brigade pondered idea to mix their groups into one  and work together,no idea why they did not do it ,would be win win

yes lias started hoping to become a chef in bcbg which he never was,with alain mpela being chef d orchestre,titina being in charge of discipline and artistic direction along with kibens

 yes its true him jb koffi werra mama tshala reddy jossart were invited to kingakati,but the guy who call them managed to get up to 25 artists there(so that he can steal some money) and they were waiting for "mbongo ya transport" knowing they could get like 2 3K each or more,then one guy  higher up in hierarchy came and said alors pour le transport on va vous appeller and all of them were very very angry except wazekwa and tshala who went back home without moaning
they consider that with the way they are sometimes treated like puppets they should eat serious money from authorities,contrary to what a lot of people think they got nothing since 2012  Or the odd 5000 here and there from a pire vieux of PPRD  or former classmate
while people think they get millions from them every month

ya jacky says its "photoshop" lol

our musicians gave massive help to combattants by sending people to block each other concerts,even until today,wazekwa's massive support to heritier's olympia concert did not go well at all with his friends among the older guys they saw him like a traitor when they were either actively or passively pulling the strings behind the scenes to reinforce blocking because it would give heritier too much of a boost and make him edge towards entering the league of the really big stars
some were directly involved in blocking some shut their mouth or just talked a bit about blocking him without making a serious statement,while wazekwa personally wrote to all the authorities he knows to try to make heritier's concert possible

fally and ferre did not participate because they ran away,our musicians are on tight control of ANR and  fally ferre managed to move to europe days before campaign which blocked moves of other musicians because guys from PPRD knew if they all find reasons to move like concerts abroad or family stuff they might all go,you'll notice even after elections jb for example threw a lot of shots because he had health issues at that moment and could not see his doctor, plus they did not even receive anywhere around the money promised except some of them only like 4 5  of them especially when katumba mwanke died it was the end of their hope to get their deserved money because he was the one who   was tasked of that whole mission
i recently heard something a bit surprising about tshisekedi,i heard felix contacted jb werra and wazekwa secretly for his father but his father advised them to eat government's money since its congo's money to avoid problems with authorities,and later he did the same with artists who came to his house to offer cd's saying it was best for them not being seen anywhere around or they could be in serious trouble

the highest level of matolo lol

 lol no he said he got told by jb to stop it ASAP,this guy is strange,at the same time people mock him for age or whatever  and belittle him ,at the same time people pay massive attention to him
in wenge's langage,what he did was basically code 24/32 "detecting" naty's indirect hint about jb then throwing a bullet towards naty's boss to show you understood the game
Him and sankara are masters' at that game of "retour a l expediteur"

 koffi gave calls,others like wazekwa for example did a lot of interviews to defend him which is why wemba invited him at his zenith after prison to thank him and many others artists showed support
but then  people around musicians create so much mess,i hear people did their absolute best to convince late bokul that koffi snitched him to authorities then gave a call to pretend he supports plus there was the wake up concert affair aswell
this issue of people around is soo strange,be it experienced guys like late wemba or guys like robinio who barely have 10 years in professional music,things are the same,as soon as two people come with the same story the leader will never one to test the other side for their version

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