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and montana at the start instead of koffi aswell,this version is so better
The drums sound like titina's "real sound" which he kind of lost in latino
this reminds me of the early ndombolhino,bjone,late astone days

Congolese Music / Re: NEW ALBUM BY BUT NA FILET
« on: May 31, 2023, 15:52 »
i think its because he does conception of his generiques himself,he's probably with wazekwa and surely koffi recently the ones who literally start the generique from scratch,most other leaders let the guys do then pick what deserves to remain according to them
 in the case of but na filet he actually comes with his own generiques where his atalakus have to adapt
not gonna lie i like that generique especially as a fan of bassists ,its not your standard generique with ups and downs of tempo or straight sebene but i can see what he is trying to do,a bit like what lacoste and kabose did back in the days,generiques with minimal lead guitar but with a certain groove which makes people dance in bars,and if it takes over bars it takes over nightclubs automatically then it reaches tv then its a success

i think its a "dna"thing with many congolese,i hope i wont be misunterpreted but i have noticed one thing with most of us,we like to take what we heard for long as rumours or what version we heard first and the way we understood it as granted and almost impossible to change
 for example the recent interview of innoss a lot of things were twisted and taken out of context due to bad translation from the goma swahili to lingala(and obviously because of witch hunt) he did a long interview  explaining himself in detail in lingala and there is literally nothing which does not make sense,but it might take about a decade for some people to move away from all the emotional bandwagon they joined just because he did not say the things in the exact formula that people want to hear
he should have just said rwanda is killing and insult kagame and pretend to hate the whole rwanda to look patriotic,and he said we've done enough of that even the international community has said a lot of things even if behind the scenes for their interest they think the opposite,if something does not work you have to try a new strategy
but its too late,now boketshu and co call him "innosbira" for the absolute delight of people and the killing peacefully continues as it would have even if he said fxxk kagame i will never ever perform in rwanda,rwanda is killing
or every of the popular rumours we've had over the years,its complicated to get somebody telling i used to believe but i had a more critical analysis of it and i now have doubts,most once they believe it never changes,thats how sometimes people hold 25 years grudge because they thought a friend had an affair with their sidekick which is not always right but as soon as they hear from one two people its gospel truth
i have a pire vieux who abandoned wife and kids for 20 plus years because of rumours that one of the mobutu guys had an affair with her whereas he was her uncle from gemena and she was often going to his office to get some money to buy stuff for the kids since my vieux was jobless


as soon as he did his interview i knew lol i appreciate jf,but you just cant always be "inspired by God" whenever a hot situation happens,i have never seen him really question a hot topic its always musicians sacrifice so its a sacrifice,musicians treat members bad so its that,its never that the musician can also lie for example


Lokua kanza says there is no number 1 in music,everybody has his style,his touch,you can say that somebody leads charts but he does not agree with the concept of number 1
knowing how some artists(AND THERE IS PLURAL) think number 1 is written on their birth act,if this was not lokua kanza their minions would be insulting already


After about 30 years of back and forth they have finally settled their disagreement

« on: May 27, 2023, 11:55 »

Turns 37 today

he did not say that werra poisoned him but hes been indeed poisoned three times,his friends capuccino and deplick confirmed it 
and also he's been complaining about maison mere using people who are not from his family to claim they are even before ever leaving kinshasa

« on: May 26, 2023, 23:10 »
i think its the fact that brazza's music is not that popular here,we are like 6 max who discuss it regularly
also i think the fact that the song was a hit long before the clip it was like nothing new anymore i dont know if you see what i mean its as if fally releases de la renta,some might just watch to see if the clip matches the hype of the song then thats it

Does Bilbao have biggest African community in Spain ? Because it’s often there where African artists performing. Coming to Congolese artists I recall to have read to have read more articles about them performing Bilbao than Madrid, the rare time they came to Spain

yeah there is a good west african community(ghana nigeria especially)  there i think thats why they always go there

he's backed already by some warriors who see in it revenge for the way celeo wanted to perform in ymca(and the fact he praises fally now,while bashing ferre )

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