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I can recognize her voice in shoutouts too


Here is them chatting on  a post on celeo's insta,about dj arafat saying bill and extra's arafat are his models,hopefully in  a couple of weeks we wont see their 3504945855th fallout :D :D :D
they are exactly like late arafat and debordo,both too strong characters to have a well balanced relationship


this bodyguard maitre magouch for those who do not known him is one of the former bodyguards of wenge4X4  and younger brother of oss ossango one of the influent staff members of wenge, and they were neighbors to jb and he literally was a friend of jb before becoming their bodyguard
and he says when wenge split,he followed jb and straight after split jb and werra were calling each other,he'd pick jb's phone like he often did when jb was busy and he'd hear werra telling him to pass him jb and they'd talk for a long time
he also reacted about what happened with celeo saying  he disagrees with the fally bodyguard's behaviour because a true sportsman does not beat outside their art ,and reminded how werra sent the 4X4 bodyguards to attack wenge el paris in a concert and he refused to be among those who were beating them because he remembered it would be like betraying their art to beat people for nothing outside of arena
and he says to people who knows if behind the scenes celeo and fally do not talk because jb and werra used to talk while crazy things happened


the crowd surprised with him giving shoutout to werra like it was in one of the songs they sang in concert and him telling them "we cant change history,God blesses people through others,and i was blessed through werrason so i always keep him in my heart and will never refuse to chant his name"
looks like bercy is finally enjoying what he never had in his career,an opportunity to be a number 1 with zero challenger

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this is not to shade herve or whatever
davina has been starting to do a couple of videos as an internet journalist these days,and man she really has exactly the same hair touching antics,arms gesture as her dad,its so striking

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 i just saw news on ivorian tv that  dj arafat passed away after a strong accident


In jb's studio


Like i have said in past days,bouro had been received a lot of attacks from fally's fans and his journalists because he did not praise fally in his interview,did not name him and the way he said in his times with quartier latin he was not under order from chiefs but from koffi himself since chiefs executed koffi's orders,then alvarito and equaliseur also received a lot of attacks for teaming up with  bouro to perform in angola
then fally's journalist ken mpiana sent his journalist to do interview with bouro but with intention of doing most of interview with questions about fally but twisted in a way to make bouro lose it then use it against him but equaliseur who asked to see the questions before interview told the journalist to go back and come with better questions
and it got ken mpiana and prince babia's mother manicke very pissed  and they kept attacking and he says if somebody who you are saying is finished declines interview with your employee to avoid needless polemic does it mean you have to hate him?and asks it to the journalists next to him and she says she was denied interview by ferre after people reported her interview with ken insulting him but she understood
and equaliseur adds that fally's journalists should show respect to bouro because each of them including their boss watched bouro on tv and they ended up being colleagues in the long run
she asked why he does not beef with quartier latin where he performed,with fabregas who he did a feat with,with maison mere( who rejected him because of a fally call)but why he still has trouble with fally and why he does not activate kakipakakokolo like fally if he gets attacked and he replied they have desactivated it themselves
and she tried to say ken and co are not working for fally and just defend them as fans and he says if that was true then he would have told them to stop long ago because it does bad service to his image,but he knows the game of music he knows that group  so its clear that if they have not stopped yet its because he likes it
and he insists that its strange that they say their finished yet they are hurt by them refusing interview
then she asks about the celeo incident,and he says its 12( in fvicteam they call it kati or zamba) and its their habit because that same bodyguard also  attacked him some time ago  in paris ,they love doing that and creating stories about people  to tarnish their reputatio and she says people say celeo is just a jealous guy  who  just attacks fally for buzz and he says no and that its to avoid same claims from people that they decline interview since ken's employee planned to bring fally's name a lot throughout interview
he says he  is not a hypocrite since they have sent several journalists to attack them he will respond and he has been receiving all sorts of attacks since he left in 2011, they did the prison trick on him (which failed thanks to the police authority of that day being somebody he did shoutout to a lot),they sent musicians of f victeam to attack him with tear gas at a tv station( i remember the video on youtube of him and kanza wearing torn clothes after being attacked)
nobody pays his bills,feeds his family and himself so he respects people but he wont accept bullshit
she says fans called her to say he should bow down to fally because his first boxer he wore he bought it thanks to fally,he got europe papers thanks to fally,he got married thanks to fally  he says first point is false because he already wore boxers before joining fally's group( man musicians and their fans argument to ridicule people are so low) and that his father is a very important person at roads office so the fact he does music does not mean he necessarily came from a poor background,he says he is an honest person yes the fact he worked with fally gave him some spotlight naturally but he did required efforts to build from that opportunity,for the papers issues he says its not koffi who gave longterm papers to fally its not the leader who gives you papers and he did not come to europe on lists because he was a relative of the leader but because he did his job which leader found useful for his group because if we go back to genesis of the group there were so many atalakus tested including guys like blaise createur,so if he was picked in final selection its for a reason,and by the way for those europe lists its producers who handle any legal responsability of musicians so they can drop some musicians if they think over a certain number of musicians is too much for them to handle so that cult to leaders for taking you on tour is not always right
fally assisted him in nothing about his european papers,did not pay lawyer for him or anything else so he does not see why fally should be praised for that and about the fact he got cars thanks to fally he said he was the only of his time in fally's group to have bought a car and sent it to DRC(the rest bought some second hand cars back in drc) and the only one living in one of the nice areas of kin,because he knew how music's industry is in drc and knew how to fight for himself to be well like colleagues from other groups did and also he did it because he wanted people to have a good image of fally(back then and until today fally has the reputation of having success and his musicians living in conditions very very far from what should be the standard of  asomebody of his level and him and kanza used to show another image ) and she says but you did that thanks to fally's contacts he said no because fally does not want to share donors with his musicians so you have to find relationships yourself which you can rely on to survive like the game of DRC's music requires
and about the fact he got his wife thanks to fally he said there again its completely false and the fact he came to studio with his wife fally was surprised because his wife is a donor from the industry who used to deal with koffi himself when fally was in quartier latin and who him fally was not even approaching so they cant say he got his wife thanks to fally
he insists that he thanks God that he got his opportunity to earn a name through fally but that does not mean he has to owe everything good in his life to fally because if all was due to fally then  all those who were in fvicteam in his time there would have been like that,which is not the case,which shows he made a difference compared to his colleagues because he was smart enough to fight like a man for his good and he still live well despit having left fally 8 years ago
and that fally has been saying to people "that ungrateful guy i wlll do everything to destroy him"(by the way the kosa leka song on power was basically done to attack equaliseur before it became also about celeo and ferre) but he is a children of God and their plan will not work
yes they say he has no success,fair enough,but the most important thing in life is not to be rich or succesful,but to be happy
and he is happy he has kids,he sleeps with a peaceful mind,did not give his booty to somebody for money....
The little success he did he took great profit from it to build a stable enough life so he has nothing to envy
then she asks a question to him to say who honours our music according to him with clear indications that she only wants to hear fally's name only and he says there are several guys doing good things for our music,like for example his friend heritier and hints that  she expected him not to say fally but he is an honest person,he can disagree with fally's behavior but it would make no sense to deny that fally is a great artist who does good things in his career,his children listen to fally's music until today at home and know he used to be with fally and he is proud to have been with fally but he can not be fally's slave

Congolese Music / NEW SONG YO PE BY INNOS B
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he says he was singing in school group where he studied alongside his friend jb mpiana bnut already knew alain makaba even before knowing jb because they had a common best friend and when they were in last class of high school modogo and suzuki were 4 classes behind then when they graduated jb was already in wenge musica  and him sam and other guys of the group created flash musica as they wanted to continue with music while going to university and the generation of modogo lebou and co was not in the group at the beginning,then he brought in suzuki and modogo,guys like rocky blanchard lebou also arrived and  koffi discovered them as jb had told sam to come with the group at funerals of blaise kombo and blanchard was the first to be spotted by koffi,then blanchard took one by one suzuki,lebou,willy bula,modogo...and he remained with guys like  sunda bass who was the younger brother of the original founder of the group and its koffi himself who came at their rehearsal to get him to join him and from then koffi had always called him presiden,the guys were surprised to see him at next rehearsal in quartier latin as they thought he'd stay to make the group continue to exist and hopefully one day become a big group and  he says he is really grateful to somebody like babia chokoro  and also willy bula who helped him a lot to improve as a singer and to learn lyrics quickly,he says babia could not stay  10 or 20 minutes without singing and since he played guitar already they were always working to extent that sometimes they'd be chilling and babia would start again to invite him to sing and he'd say come on bro thats enough already so he is really affected by his loss because he became like his own little brother and he is the one who called him "yasham"which became the way musicians were calling him in quartier latin
he added a song shambuyi in magie and he did not appear in clips since he did not travel with the group but it did not bother him to stay behind with eric tutsi because it gave him time to really learn older songs of koffi to really gel with other singers
and they sang the song as it was with his name tshintu samuel in it  despite him being in kin so it shows he was considered
 and in v12 he just did clips too and in the clip of zokere we can see babia mocking him friendly when he appears in clip instead of modogo,so his proper contribution to quartier latin in albums started in ultimatum as he sang his song miss nicole and several vocals
then in droit de veto him and modogo had no songs a bit surprisingly especially for him who became chef d'orchestre while he already had a customer but he did not want to show he is upset because he could have missed olympia tour
when they were preparing olympia tour in kin koffi went for three months in europe and the group was under his responsabilty and they even had some concerts without koffi with money being given to administration of the group
he replaced keyboard player ondoma as chef d orchestre and he believed koffi liked his professionalism,always arriving hours before rehearsals always very dedicated to work,and he adds that he did not saw his status of chef as an opportunity to bully people because for him a good chef has the responsability to create harmony between the boss and other employees
and when koffi returned he said he was not able to do list because they were doing witchcraft on him and he said if they arrived at rehearsal they should not talk to him and that those who would make the list sam would have the responsability to drive to each other their house to inform them
the day after a lot of musicians came to his house to live with him to make sure they are automatically on list then they travelled to zimbabwe and kenya but could not return to congo because of political problems so they went to europe straight away with modogo rosette and binda bass following them
koffi called him to his room and said " pres' can you do the list of singers to take to olympia,i need 4 singers actually 3 plus yourself which reassured him because in quartier latin being a chef means nothing in trips you can stay behind depending on koffi's mood and he said to koffi 4 is too hard since they were more than 4 singers koffi said okay 5 then and he said bouro depitsho suzuki babia and koffi said why didnt you put mamale instead of suzuki and he said to koffi 6then? and he ended up telling koffi to do the list himself
and koffi told him to inform suzuki he wont be on the list and it took him one week and he still could not tell suzuki so he went and told koffi to do it himself and koffi informed suzuki and blanchard they had to  return to DRC and when modogo arrived in europe he told him straight away that he wont return with the group and so did somono when he arrived then at some point of tour they went to germany in the city of monchengladbach and in the train he was sleeping and when he woke up he saw somono champion do akongo depitcho binda champion and mamale talking and one of them said "a traitor is coming" surely because how they know how loyal he was to koffi and he asked who the guy was calling like that and somono who is not the type to hide things said straight away that they are planning to form a band then they started to convince him and during the concert at some point depitcho is chilling with female fans and koffi exposes him on mic and somono responds " hey depitcho do your shit man do not mind him" and koffi was surprised
bouro had already left long ago and gone to his parents in belgium then some of the guys of the reunion switched on them
koffi called him and said "pres' ask musicians what can i do to please them after this succesful tour" and the musicians said they wanted cars and they'll deal with fret issues themselves and koffi said no he'd rather buy them radios which got the musicians furious
pathy bass came to ask for his passport and he gave it to him and frank asks if he did not fear problems with koffi and he said thats the guy's identity he should be free to ask for it and stay
and the group went to tanzania without him and modogo and he convinced modogo to follow them and to their surprise when they arrived koffi told them to give their passports to champion and he  understood that something was going on and koffi surely planning to demote him of chef d'orchestre role and he gave passport but he kept the temporary resident paper knowing he could help him to move if he does not get passport back and ondo informed asked him why he came there because koffi was furious against him and waiting to punish him and he ended up refusing to perform at third concert pretending to be sick and nono ba diamant told him that if he returned to kin with the group koffi would do him dirty  so he contacted somono in europe to start making plans to go to europe as he had the temporary paper they had for their stay during the tour and producer who had a lot of issues with koffi came to them and see if they could go back to kin and bring suzuki and blanchard  to continue performing instead of koffi since koffi is being a diva and he told him they need their passports to go and get suzuki and co and he handed them the passports
and the day of return while musicians were eating him and modogo  went and packed their clothes and sneaked it outside by the second exit door and when they are about to go out and leave with their bags they meet other musicians who were coming from the restaurant and they pretended to go buy something outside of hotel and at the moment they were entering taxi koffi was coming to hotel with babia and koffi understood they had left when asking for passports and seeing that  sam and modogo's were missing
and they took plane and arrived in amsterdam and modogo looked at him and called him che guevara and there started that nickname and when they arrived he called pathy bass who was surprised and that night pathy lebou and somono arrived and they ate and chilled together but there still was no plan of a group and they called bouro and bouro came and there they started thinking about forming the band which we know as quartier latin academia and signed with french label secteur a,and got longterm papers thanks to their job and not through women for example like many cases
and he is asked why they went so hard on koffi and he says they did not went that hard they just had slogans and catch phrases,not like today where you see people openly insulting each other and the group collapsed due to people around fueling each of them's egos and the fact some started going back to quartier latin
he says they did not make much money in academia,they only toured in france and both congo's with sanction then at some point they went to ivory coast and jokes that a influent donor came to him to give him some money for them to share and he showed them it exactly like it was but somono was not trusting and told him to stand up and put his hands up so that he could check his pockets which is funny with him being the president,and apologized when he found that he had nothing in his pocket
and insists they did not make enough money maybe because they did not listen to their label who did not want them to go quickly in africa and wait for promotion which would create a ucrative world tour for them
he says his album will be out soon,but he does not want to have a band like in the past anymore he will come and assemble some guys who are with him at that rehearsal,a limited number so that every of them gets his due money and every of them being free to work with other artists,he longer wants the usual pres' status with never ending recruitment and so on


it starts with questions about robinio where he alternates between sarcastically positive answers and sincere ones,and leketshou drags it on and on and on until finally talking about fabregas to the pleasure of deplick who seemed to have a lot of things to get out of his chest
he says thank God that people now have an occasion to see his true colours,because you can fake as much as you want one day your natural self will always appear  and he will answer point by point to every attack fabregas threw at him
he starts with the fact fabregas said deplick is in a way lower league in terms of artistic talent,and he tells him to do a flashback to their first ever recorded vocals which were in chantal bis in temps present(before le representant was brought in) and he wonders why the allegedly more talented fabregas  did  a vocal like a comedian and which meant nothing special while him the less talented did a vocal first matching the song but making a lot of sense  so fabro was out of order to say that especially as he never ever said anything wrong about him as an artist in his interviews and he says since fabro wants to go that way then indeed there are in a different league one sings like a comedian,has funny and awkward stage antics and one sings with soft voice to seduce women
second thing which pissed him off about fabregas is how behind the scenes fabro says to people he wants to produce  deplick and if deplick came late when called he'd humiliate him in front of people,he says he did not like that somebody who pretends to be his friend does not even say to himself that he wants to be his producer,which he would not mind as long as he receives good money,but he hears it through  guitarist and writer mobe so in the past months he went on tv to expose it before it becomes too spread and journalists start to ask him a lot whether he is  in fabro's label( kinda like beef appeared between baby ndombe and lacoste)
another thing which hurt him the most is how fabregas bragged on tv that they cant compare him with guys like deplick robinio and co because they came to him to beg for money several times and he says what happened is when him deplick left maison mere,given how in most of the cases when you leave maison mere  they turn you into an enemy,he had received some money to rent a house way before leaving and they used that to embarass him by ordering him to pay it back or he'd be jailed,and influenced his ex to create something false to put him into trouble he needed money to pay judges since in congolese justice except the high level political   prisoners,almost everything can be started and solved with money and he lacked  300 dollars to complete that money they asked to let him remain free since to be honest he was not prepared to leave maison mere so he had money issues,and fabregas gave him 300 dollars to reach the amount they wanted and the same day he already started hearing from people that fabregas told them deplick came to ask for money
and he says he will be direct and honest to fabrice,and says fabrice what kills you is that you talk too much and alludes to how  even with fally most of the problem came from fabregas talking bad about to people very involved in the music industry and it reached fally's ears and ever since that he never ever asked fabregas anything and he is ready to give that 300 dollars back if needed and punches his table out of anger when leketchou claims fabregas claims he helps him even at rent and home issues level which is false
and thats 4 years or 5 years ago so thats petty by fabregas to bring it into discussion until today
and he says he will not go the same route as fabregas to actually reveal all the positive things he has done for him but he knows it,fabregas knows it so does God  he will never use most of the good things he did for fabregas as an argument in their discussion
leketchou asks what their problem deplick says the problem is that fabregas has developped a nasty superiority complex,he likes to belittle people and he is glad that people can now see it by themselves
another problem is the song epave which was sold to both of them and fabregas claims he wrote the song and proof is deplick is not educated enough to know words like tragedy which he claims to have added in the song and says by saying such things fabregas indirectly insults his late parents and uncles and aunts who despite being super poor paid for his school fees until finishing high school and says fabregas must re assess his french skills since he had developped snob attitude of thinking that speaking french even when asked in lingala makes him smart yet he does not understand simple phrases like what him deplick said when asked by journalists about epave that its the songwriter who did them dirty and he added a french expression which means he cant be mad at fabregas because its not his fault but writer's so he does not see what angered fabregas to attack him over the song
and he exposes pre records of the song writer which already had tragedy in it and exposes discussion with writer who was apologizing for the fact fabregas sang that song by force when picking among the lot he sold to him and fabregas has not even paid him yet he avoids his calls
and he says he had actually decided not to sing the song to avoid problems but since fabro already had bad intentions about him for a while look at what has happened but he still will not sing the song
and for him the song is the least important of their issues before both on and off tv there are a lot of things going on
 and he says he accepted being in trouble in maison mere to protect fabregas because he really loved him deep from his heart,and reveals he was the only one of the maison mere musicians who knew fabro was asking passport to late yanki to pretend a western union while he plans to go to europe to record album and if he was a bad person he would have snitched( and if you look at it well deplick's situation in the group radically changed from the moment fabregas left because he was suspected to follow being his best friend) and he already knew also when fabro was doing pre records with ibrator adada and co while still being an active maison mere member
and fabregas says deplick talked about him because he has no success so he did that to be relevant,and he says if it was really his intention he would have finished his version of epave in studio quickly and released so that people compare and he insisted on that decision despite staff advising him to sing it because its the game
fabregas should be mad about the writer,not him, and goes on to reveal that the writer also sold a similar song to him and brigade,and another one sold a song to celeo and him and since he is smart he has dropped it from his list already to avoid problems
they had not been talking anymore for a long time and one day journalist gloria olangy tried to pass him fabregas through her call and he said if fabregas has things to tell him he knows his number,but he really did not want people to know they had fallen out long ago but here that fabregas has made it clear,perfect proof being his decision not to sing the song and fabregas should have seen in his decision a sign that he does not want problems but instead he made things worse
he says all whats happening proves that fabregas' "attitude mumpe,peace with everybody" is bullshit and hypocricy
his real target was to make peace with fally knowing he has an interest behind and we have seen how he turned koffi into an enemy after koffi helped him so much,the way he pretends to be werra's most polite "son" after dissing him,dissed heritier several times then was quick to picture himself with heritier on plane and about heritier he says this is how real men act they had their issues they dealt  with it directly in private( probably helped by the fact they discovered they have some family link) and the day he sees heritier he will shake his hand because he did not need to deal with their issues by gossiping to people or attacking him on tv
and if he had anything negative against fabregas he could have shown it long ago when they shared rooms on trips and he slept with mouth  open wide he could have thrown insects and things like that to do him dirty
leketchou asks him they cant make peace  and he says no because he does not want to make peace with somebody who is not honest and who will do things just for his image,and leketchou adds that its sad because they used to be so close that people even suspected them of being gay and he says today both of them are married  they have exes  and if you look for the list of his exes you will only find women while if you look for fabregas' well.... but he did not say more about that and leketchou gives shoutout to a man that could be  one of fabro's exes  and tries to shade him about his lack of success and he says success depends on God,it comes  at some moments and under some circumstances and as long as somebody is alive never belittle him and gives example of wazekwa who had 4 albums and became a proper star at his 5th try,he only has an album so far so its not over

 like title says i have been hearing that one or two fans of another artists  seriously bothered celeo throughout his participation to tutu caludji's birthday event and celeo of course ended fed up and it ended up in a fight


Here is heritier announcing a release by deplick and  a football match in angola between both of them's fanclubs

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