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« on: December 14, 2019, 02:39 »
42 years ago was born one our musicians who strongly foresaw stardom way before living it, happy birthday to him
happy birthday to his former spokesman tresor kongolo aswell, i am sure its one of the things which created a bond between them in the past


Album should be released in max a week


the second link was her farewell concert  and since that she says she is disgusted of her past and  that she was victim of strong mystic attacks  and hopes to not be tempted again to go back in the game  after all she went through recently and was saved by God and she clearly did not make the switch because she was past it,she still was the biggest in their game of female coupe decale


he reveals he got his visa for france back in the days the day papa wemba's funerals started,and it was a tough period for him because he had been victim of burglars more than three times that year and had seen people starting to mock him a lot and when he arrived in europe people advised him to stay for a while given what he just went through
then he started to do what was required  to get longterm papers which was not his original plan,a lot of people were mocking him and taking pictures of him in public transport to humiliate him but he could not care less because he knew they wanted him to be completely down and he remembered what was his goal and he was only interested by that and he ended up getting his papers  in one year and half  of the 3 and half he spent in france
and the message he wants to send to us fans watching them artists is that in life you dont have to lose faith in yourself and determination because of people trying their best to see you fail and rejoice at your failure because in life everything can change in a matter of seconds you can be poor,disrespected by people then boom an opportunity out of nowhere and your life changes and a lot of people are sending the wrong message in their showing off,many do it to belittle people not to inspire people,give people hope and it affects some who are weak minded which is why through some of the things he does he wants to show them they have to believe in themselves  instead of feeling inferior to other people or think happiness was created only for other people than them
when he arrived in kin he has noticed that a lot of young people are impatient and want money and fame quick no matter what it takes,because of how some people gave them a wrong image of what succeeding in life should mean,while sometimes you have to be patient and build your thing slowly and goes back to his own example,people even said he was so broke and down that he was drinking those 30 cents beers homeless people drink and if he had let it affects his mind he would not be there in kinshasa at that moment
aicha tells him that people say he is jealous of other people especially fally,and he says he would have been jealous if he had never experienced big things,he has experienced having 100K in your hands(he had some nice side business in agriculture and other things,and he was robbed 90K of it),he has had nice cars,has a nice soon to be wife,he has kids,he has experienced success very well so what would he be jealous of
in his mindset,he does not see himself inferior to anybody as long as he breathes,he knows that he used to be much stronger in the past but still he is not in the bad situation people like to portray of him so he is perfectly happy  because he does not lack whats more important in life
a lot of people mock him for having stayed to look for papers but they should remember france is not like DRC where you can use relationship to do whatever you want,whether you are a millionaire or the poorest man you will queue up to buy bread,at the doctor and so on
he knows it that his success is not as crazy as in maison mere but what is more important to him is that people still cant ignore him which means he has God's hand on his life
he is asked about other artists  or people around artists who say he is finished and he only had a tiny little bit of success in solo career because  he sang with fally koffi and ferre and he says since its as easy as that  he is waiting for them people to sing with them and have the same result
he is asked about the fact he is not cool anymore with any of those he had feats with  and he says he has no personal problem with any of them,but he wants to be respected back because he respects people its as simple as that,and that for the two guys of his age  he supported them when they started solo career but he did not accept the way they wanted to control him once they started to rise which is why relationship changed
and he insists that for him respect has to be mutual regardless of who possesses what,his age or whatever
She asked about his trophies which people belittle and mock and say they do not even know why he got them and he explained that he was nominated in achievement category for atalakus and for best clip with lopez sambi,and he does not see whats so shocking about it,and he had been there last year and did not win which is normal and he likes it that people are so interested in his life,because the career of a musician includes all that,his music,his hilarious moments,his moments of fun and so on and by the way he has seen that  people try to twist an image of him partying with papy mboma where he is dancing to fally's humanisme saying he did that to ask forgiveness,and he'll ask for forgiveness because he did what?on the contrary its him who was insulted and people saying his children are disabled
he danced to humanisme for the simple reason that he is a honest person,he does not like the person of fally anymore because of his behaviour but he likes his music and there is nothing be ashamed about in saying or showing that but if fally waits for him to bow down he will wait forever
he used to follow those gossip pages,but he understood the level of hatred towards him when he released lopez sambi and the way they did everything to undermine his work so he left all those pages because they were unfair but its the same pages who posted and claimed he did that to apologize,which shows clearly how biased they are,because he did videos of him listening to ferre songs and he did another listening to formidable and he says by the way his favourite is the claudine kinua song but they never posted
and artists who claim they do not listen to music even of people they do not get along with are hypocrites,because like it or not from the moment you leave airport until your house music of everybody is played  and aicha goes back on asking about what people say about him that he works in europe and he says indeed and its not anything to be ashamed about,apart for music,for the sake of integration in the country,he went back to class and  has a diploma as an engineer and he was working normally
he is asked to react about sankara mocking him and saying he arrived in wenge with torn clothes and that he is the most finished of congolese artists and he said sankara can continue his comedy if he wants but the truth remains the truth he arrived in maison mere already dressing well,and anyways when wenge maison mere started,sankara was not close to musicians and he should tell people the dirty missions he did to become as important as he became instead of talking about other people he is a brother but he should stop trying to belittle grown men like them and that sankara mocks him that he used to sell petrol in streets to survive and he says he was not selling it but he was going to buy it for his late mother who used to do several little jobs to feed them as their dad passed away  and he remembers a day were he got stolen money on his way to buy it and it coincided with a day wenge musica 4X4 was performing and he had opportunity to see werra and jb chatting in front of concert hall before their entrance and today he is their petit and it makes him proud when he sees how far he came from
and she says sankara has changed a little bit towards him because he praised formidable he says he had understood that the fact werra's relationship with most of the dream was not good was used by people to over praise somebody from an other group and the fact werra himself gave example that ex members should be polite to him like fally is to koffi,he wanted to put him in a position where he has to finally acknowledge his own musicians and he would love to go and meet werra in person but he is waiting for permission since werra is not a random person he has plenty of guests everyday so he cant storm at werra's house like that or at a werra rehearsal
and he also mentions something he finds weird in congolese music is that congolese musicians would not mind bowing down to the same donor despite their rivalries and can  hardly show properly their feelings when donor helps a rival but when their musicians talk with a member of rival group they are fired,and if they had balls they'd have the same logic with donors they'd blacklist donors for same reason which they rarely do which shows how laughable it is when they pretend they are  bad boys if they accept to hurt their pride  for money but will bully weak poor people who are just desperate to survive
about his music  he thinks given the context its better not to have a group waiting for you  while you go on private trips to europe and working hard to receive a salary which in months combined is still lower than plane ticket for african trips,so he disbanded his group in the formula it had and he has a couple of guys he can call if needed and they'll work and he pays them straight away and each of them goes his own way

« on: December 12, 2019, 14:23 »

 today i received a lot of messages of people asking me if i had seen video or heard fally's interview on french radio RFI where he was responding to questions of the journalists and fans from all around the world and that at some point a fan from congo said "you have been doing hella featurings abroad,when will you have feats with congo based artists" and apparently he gave a rude response and could not even remind  him that he had feats with congolese artists before because there are some he considers as haters of his success today
has anybody watched it? my friends are like "tala mutu na yo makambu asali " but i am yet to see image by myself

« on: December 10, 2019, 15:34 »

its in the style of vieux jaloux,almost sounds like the continuation  in terms of text

« on: December 10, 2019, 12:29 »

With sabena musamaria


I dont know if its due to the radical training he used to impose himself(in his early years to improve his power and stamina he was playing drums with a bag of cement or something like that rather heavy on his knees and he was meant to never let it fall but still play well)  but man he hits super hard


i have yet to watch the whole interview very well,but here is an interview of nicodem with his brother in law leketchou and he talks about his time with ferre saying that yes ferre liked him yes ferre gave him some opportunity but it was half hearted and at some point in concert when he'd arrive people would confuse him with ferre at times and it caused jealousy and he talked about the famous fight in europe between fally and ferre musicians  and another in kinshasa and he says ferre does not have soldiers anymore leketchou mentions marchouse and nico goes down the route of "dont talk about that guy,he does not play guitar he just insults people"
he also revealed that he is the cousin of olga mbuyi the mother of davina gola and said indirectly that he is not too happy with how davina talks a lot in media ...

« on: December 08, 2019, 23:52 »

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