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it starts with questions about robinio where he alternates between sarcastically positive answers and sincere ones,and leketshou drags it on and on and on until finally talking about fabregas to the pleasure of deplick who seemed to have a lot of things to get out of his chest
he says thank God that people now have an occasion to see his true colours,because you can fake as much as you want one day your natural self will always appear  and he will answer point by point to every attack fabregas threw at him
he starts with the fact fabregas said deplick is in a way lower league in terms of artistic talent,and he tells him to do a flashback to their first ever recorded vocals which were in chantal bis in temps present(before le representant was brought in) and he wonders why the allegedly more talented fabregas  did  a vocal like a comedian and which meant nothing special while him the less talented did a vocal first matching the song but making a lot of sense  so fabro was out of order to say that especially as he never ever said anything wrong about him as an artist in his interviews and he says since fabro wants to go that way then indeed there are in a different league one sings like a comedian,has funny and awkward stage antics and one sings with soft voice to seduce women
second thing which pissed him off about fabregas is how behind the scenes fabro says to people he wants to produce  deplick and if deplick came late when called he'd humiliate him in front of people,he says he did not like that somebody who pretends to be his friend does not even say to himself that he wants to be his producer,which he would not mind as long as he receives good money,but he hears it through  guitarist and writer mobe so in the past months he went on tv to expose it before it becomes too spread and journalists start to ask him a lot whether he is  in fabro's label( kinda like beef appeared between baby ndombe and lacoste)
another thing which hurt him the most is how fabregas bragged on tv that they cant compare him with guys like deplick robinio and co because they came to him to beg for money several times and he says what happened is when him deplick left maison mere,given how in most of the cases when you leave maison mere  they turn you into an enemy,he had received some money to rent a house way before leaving and they used that to embarass him by ordering him to pay it back or he'd be jailed,and influenced his ex to create something false to put him into trouble he needed money to pay judges since in congolese justice except the high level political   prisoners,almost everything can be started and solved with money and he lacked  300 dollars to complete that money they asked to let him remain free since to be honest he was not prepared to leave maison mere so he had money issues,and fabregas gave him 300 dollars to reach the amount they wanted and the same day he already started hearing from people that fabregas told them deplick came to ask for money
and he says he will be direct and honest to fabrice,and says fabrice what kills you is that you talk too much and alludes to how  even with fally most of the problem came from fabregas talking bad about to people very involved in the music industry and it reached fally's ears and ever since that he never ever asked fabregas anything and he is ready to give that 300 dollars back if needed and punches his table out of anger when leketchou claims fabregas claims he helps him even at rent and home issues level which is false
and thats 4 years or 5 years ago so thats petty by fabregas to bring it into discussion until today
and he says he will not go the same route as fabregas to actually reveal all the positive things he has done for him but he knows it,fabregas knows it so does God  he will never use most of the good things he did for fabregas as an argument in their discussion
leketchou asks what their problem deplick says the problem is that fabregas has developped a nasty superiority complex,he likes to belittle people and he is glad that people can now see it by themselves
another problem is the song epave which was sold to both of them and fabregas claims he wrote the song and proof is deplick is not educated enough to know words like tragedy which he claims to have added in the song and says by saying such things fabregas indirectly insults his late parents and uncles and aunts who despite being super poor paid for his school fees until finishing high school and says fabregas must re assess his french skills since he had developped snob attitude of thinking that speaking french even when asked in lingala makes him smart yet he does not understand simple phrases like what him deplick said when asked by journalists about epave that its the songwriter who did them dirty and he added a french expression which means he cant be mad at fabregas because its not his fault but writer's so he does not see what angered fabregas to attack him over the song
and he exposes pre records of the song writer which already had tragedy in it and exposes discussion with writer who was apologizing for the fact fabregas sang that song by force when picking among the lot he sold to him and fabregas has not even paid him yet he avoids his calls
and he says he had actually decided not to sing the song to avoid problems but since fabro already had bad intentions about him for a while look at what has happened but he still will not sing the song
and for him the song is the least important of their issues before both on and off tv there are a lot of things going on
 and he says he accepted being in trouble in maison mere to protect fabregas because he really loved him deep from his heart,and reveals he was the only one of the maison mere musicians who knew fabro was asking passport to late yanki to pretend a western union while he plans to go to europe to record album and if he was a bad person he would have snitched( and if you look at it well deplick's situation in the group radically changed from the moment fabregas left because he was suspected to follow being his best friend) and he already knew also when fabro was doing pre records with ibrator adada and co while still being an active maison mere member
and fabregas says deplick talked about him because he has no success so he did that to be relevant,and he says if it was really his intention he would have finished his version of epave in studio quickly and released so that people compare and he insisted on that decision despite staff advising him to sing it because its the game
fabregas should be mad about the writer,not him, and goes on to reveal that the writer also sold a similar song to him and brigade,and another one sold a song to celeo and him and since he is smart he has dropped it from his list already to avoid problems
they had not been talking anymore for a long time and one day journalist gloria olangy tried to pass him fabregas through her call and he said if fabregas has things to tell him he knows his number,but he really did not want people to know they had fallen out long ago but here that fabregas has made it clear,perfect proof being his decision not to sing the song and fabregas should have seen in his decision a sign that he does not want problems but instead he made things worse
he says all whats happening proves that fabregas' "attitude mumpe,peace with everybody" is bullshit and hypocricy
his real target was to make peace with fally knowing he has an interest behind and we have seen how he turned koffi into an enemy after koffi helped him so much,the way he pretends to be werra's most polite "son" after dissing him,dissed heritier several times then was quick to picture himself with heritier on plane and about heritier he says this is how real men act they had their issues they dealt  with it directly in private( probably helped by the fact they discovered they have some family link) and the day he sees heritier he will shake his hand because he did not need to deal with their issues by gossiping to people or attacking him on tv
and if he had anything negative against fabregas he could have shown it long ago when they shared rooms on trips and he slept with mouth  open wide he could have thrown insects and things like that to do him dirty
leketchou asks him they cant make peace  and he says no because he does not want to make peace with somebody who is not honest and who will do things just for his image,and leketchou adds that its sad because they used to be so close that people even suspected them of being gay and he says today both of them are married  they have exes  and if you look for the list of his exes you will only find women while if you look for fabregas' well.... but he did not say more about that and leketchou gives shoutout to a man that could be  one of fabro's exes  and tries to shade him about his lack of success and he says success depends on God,it comes  at some moments and under some circumstances and as long as somebody is alive never belittle him and gives example of wazekwa who had 4 albums and became a proper star at his 5th try,he only has an album so far so its not over

 like title says i have been hearing that one or two fans of another artists  seriously bothered celeo throughout his participation to tutu caludji's birthday event and celeo of course ended fed up and it ended up in a fight


Here is heritier announcing a release by deplick and  a football match in angola between both of them's fanclubs


I will translate on memory because i watched it already twice
he says  he did not chose to become a musician it came naturally,at age of 6 he was already playing mbonda in the church his mother sings at
then with his brothers in a group called maisha soul and then came in 2010  the music competition which offered him opportunity to start becoming who is today,he says when he got picked along with two other guy in the regional competition to go to kinshasa  he felt that people were mocking him and saying he is too young he'll go no where in that competition at kinshasa level and it gave him motivation and he won,the prize was 25K dollars  and he gave some to his former school  which he refuses to disclose and the rest went to his family obviously being only 12 then
and  it was hard for him to continue going to school because that competition changed people's perception of him,as soon as he'd arrive at  all the schools he went to in few years after competition people would go crazy and becoming difficult to handle
so he decided to started a home program so that he can graduated at home,only passing final exams at school and he got his high school diploma like that
like the concept  of the show is there are some original questions different from the usual interviews,and he was for example asked when he lost his virginity and he said when he was 19
he said he learned a lot next to akon who he kinda sees like a father since akon has children of his age,he meet a lot of stars in USA and jokes that if he knew that one day in DRC it would have become that you get proper respect and consideration if you meet american stars he'd had well kept a lot of pictures and promoted it
he says the fact he could not  always understand most of what akon and people around in USA said  hen talking in english with the american accent,he decided already at that age to work hard to be able to understand and talk in english as quick as possible because everywhere around the world even if the official language is something else than english you'll always find people who speak english so its crucial to have that asset for his communication
he saysto his fans they should not be worried by the fact he does not release that much songs,because he prefers it to be like that in order to prioritize quality over quantity,he does not to release half baked stuff just for the sake of looking active
he is asked whether he has a problem with gaz mawete and said he was annoyed  to often get that question because there are videos proving gaz started clashing him out of nowhere,maybe advised by people that its how congolese music's game is to be seen as relevant, or maybe sent by someone behind the scenes and he reveals that he actually went to see gaz before he became more famous and they were cool,and now he cant fake friendship with gaz who dances his songs on social media  to have a nice image but still throws shade at him while he should have kept good contact with him who at his age is already having years of experience of producing his songs himself and handleing a lot of things and he would have appreciated to help him out with his experience despite being younger than him
for him gaz does not need all that comedy because he has already earned himself a name through some songs which ended up catching attention after years and years of trying and him innos certainly does not need to fake friendship with gaz because he likes to be honest,maybe they'll become cool agin if gaz apologises but not on tv for his image,rather in private coming from his heart and with no hidden agenda
he was also asked about his relationship with fally and he says there is no need to lie or sugarcoat it everybody knows they are not cool like in the past,and he is tired of explaining what lead to that,them journalists should have courage to ask fally also and he also saw once that fally acted like he did not hear the name they were asking him then responded quick to next name so if they want to know whats going on maybe they should insist
he knows that a lot of people might not believe him or give him benefit of doubt  since he could literally be fally's son but he knows the true story and at  a personal level he could not give a damn about the backlash caused by that situation but due to the arguments used to attack him he believes he has to stand to defend people who are in similar situations
people who attack him for fally say he is rwandese since he comes from the region close to rwanda and call him that guy from the village so he stands up against that stupid mentality which had done harm to a lot of talents from other cities who tried to come to kinshasa to open their music to a wider audience and they say he does not speak lingala well,but there again he stands for the many people in similuar situation and who are victim of ethnic prejudice in kinshasa,because people in kinshasa tend to think if you are congolese you have to be fluent in lingala while they forget there 4 national languages so its not people's fault if they know other languages better given where they were born
he also adds that he finds it stupid how in DRC people see you as super intelligent if you are fluent or kinda fluent in french,because its not the language which defines how intelligent you are but rather how you think the way you put things into perspective  and so on
abdoul kaba asked about a post he did saying something like "apologizing to somebody who is not ashamed to argue with women opens door for him belittling you when talking to his people" and he says it was not  aimed at fally and asks whether people realise that being hurt by that punchline means they assume fally would really be like that,so what is worse,his post or the fact fally could be like that and he says those people who are constantly on his back analysing everything he does and says shouldl not they have zero chance of making him lose courage to fight  for his career
and he goes on to say,its the same thing for social pages who never post hen he performs abroad in front of presidents and other nice events for a 21 year old guy but they are quick to post whatever they see as polemic related knowing people would roast him about his nationality and things like that but if it helps them feel that their life is better,good for them but he does not forget what is the most important for him which is music and to do his best to  always extend his history
he also went into the traditional think of saying people name to see his comments and he reacted with words of praise for koffi,werra,ferre,jb and he said jb's daughters are beautiful and he might slide in their DM's  and he anticipates the names of gaz and fally saying they are also great artists since he knows already their name will be somewhere in the series of names
 he is asked if he ever ate at  one musician's house and he first said no but remembered that he ate at werra's house before they shot  the clip of their feat eloko


....and in few years when he'll get few reality checks he'll come with attitude sango( fabro being attitude mumpe) :D :D :D


 back in the days i remember in western africa,there was fake cd's of artists,and among them some ndombolo compilations and it was always in it until 2005 the last time i was there
polystar deserved at least a generique on lead in his maison mere stay, his greatest legacy in maison mere are malewa rhythm and primus rhythm guitar,i think he could have given something else the way mogratana did on wabelo for example

 i dont know if you are noticeing the same thing as me but people are starting to call fabro hypocrite,traitor and things like that again as it seems he has reconciled with carine mokonzi and they might work together again( knowing how carine likes to do heavy polemic in any group she works with,happened with  ferre fabro and wata)


After year of being attacked left right center by robinio(and surely knowing it could do him good promotion wise for those who still love polemic) fabregas decided to respond and he says robinio has been creating a fake  fallout with him out of nowhere,he was not his friend in the first place but he knew him thanks to omba( when all of theme except robinio were working as heritier's private group) and when he came in maison mere he was rotting in reserves while he was going to europe and was already a star, and  tells robinio dont you see that you look like a clown when you claim you taught me who to sing when you still have not convinced people about your singing ability with a successful rumba and also responded to deplick who claimed the song epave was his song  and he ironically says  good for him but he sang it  by force (thinking about it i can see something similar happening bill posted recently he was doing a generique la danse du charisme,surely him and pajo bought it to a same guy)


My man sang " UPDS party of the late felix tshisekedi" who is the current president of DRC surely thinking about the dad etienne

 like title says i just got info from a friend in kinshasa that defao was returning to kinshasa tomorrow and  people were reorganising fan clubs to welcome him,hopefully it happens and also hopefully there wont be whatever(often stupid)which would steal the highlights,def deserves to have a special return with a lot of buzz

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Heritier gets criticized quite a lot for his outspoken,too honest style but this guy tops it imo lol no filter


If i am not mistaken she was with mimiche bass before


in short he is saying that he had disappeared because outside music,he likes to work but also to learn a lot about the juridic side of music and the potential income music can generate if all is well organised
because them wenge and most groups just did music like that based on talent without learning further things about music as a job,and his strongest desire is to organise things so that music becomes a proper job in DRC
according to what he has learned,musical groups on juridic field  have the status of non-profit organization so except the discipline rules almost nothing is really organized so he fights so that musical groups  become proper companies with  official salaries,copyright for every musician from the leader to the dancers because every of them can benefit according to law some rights automatically per concert or per album,insurance and so on...because in the current configuration people can come and go out of group like they want or be  kicked out unfairly since there are no contracts
he thinks global interest of our music is more important than being obsessed with his personal career
however,he sounded pretty annoyed with the way producer did not handle promotion of his album and did not respect a lot of things they had agreed and said that he is in contact with his lawyer and they will decide in coming days what to do and the producer can expect to hear about them, and that since things did not go as planned and since he is first and foremost a musician he is back into music and might release something else and will have concerts in kinshasa

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