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During olympia tour


The likes of  jipson ibrator but na filet are also around,it was a reunion to discuss about copyright issues,the future of congolese music...

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something which has not happened in both congolese music for ages,after zaparo etats unis has also arrived to europe and says that he came to record  and he is waiting for roga roga  to come and finish the thing for their new generique meant to be out on christmas

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He says he is proud of his former colleague and little brother goldberg and he hopes he will continue like that


Blood pact and things like that and the title is "the price to pay"


He says he was with blaise since wenge bcbg and when blaise got his project of solo album hijacked by monsieur simon for a second jb album and was upset he was among the guys around blaise motivating him to go solo  and naturally became a co-founder of ponderation 8  and he was asked  how come he did not travel to europe and he says strange things happened in that tour because those who sang on album barely travelled  and its new guys who went easily and that he heard that there was some witchcraft involved in that strange situation but he cant confirm it
and he says  blaise wanted tutu caludji to do animation on his album but tutu hesitated because he was afraid to go against the rules and eldorado who came to give songs to blaise said he was seeing a kid in streets of ngiri ngiri who looked very promising and  when eldorado brought  him to blaise house there was toussaint baku the soloist who played while him didi tried some makeshift drums and blaise was so impressed that he wanted to keep reagan at home and the same day he sent didi and other people to go see reagan's parents to keep him at his house  which was accepted and koffi  was one of the older artists who supported ponderation 8( jf also said in the past in an interview that koffi would take him and depitcho to blaise and werra houses to show them support)
but its like koffi spotted reagan and started to have secret plans, and he says   one sunday,he was getting ready to go to tv shows( he was living at blaise's house) somebody came to  blaise's house saying reagan's uncle  who came from village wanted to see him and obviously blaise could not refuse and even told them he was ready to send car to get him back since they had a concert by the end of afternoon and to their surprise they heard at home that reagan was on tv with his family to announce that they prefer him to join quartier latin and blaise when he is very angry he barely talks and he was very very shocked and angry but they managed to perform that night
and since in kin news go very fast,it was spread quick that koffi poached reagan from ponderation 8 and in koffi's next concert crowd was really agressive  on the quartier latin members and koffi could not perform because people did not appreciate that he "stole" reagan with his reputation of  taking musicians just to weaken uprising groups,and another koffi concert was again disturbed  because koffi recruited john scott also while  delta force was trying to prove they can exist depsite the death of pepe kalle  and surely koffi realised  he might have not done things well since none of both lasted in quartier latin and recorded album they were recruited for
then maybe ashamed or for whatever reason reagan's family never came back to blaise to try to apologise or whatever and reagan started wandering around which coincided with blaise having a visa for him(back in the days parents could apply with pictures of children on same passport) so  blaise literally put reagan instead of one of his children(who went to europe later)
when ponderation 8 went to europe,him didi trying to reunite the remaining members to have some public rehearsals and reagan was sometimes coming then went to antichoc where he did not travel either and there his downfall became uncontrolable  because he was already hit with the blow of missing europe and seeing his career in danger and another time was too much
then he'd wander in streets of kin  singing his famous vocal "nasambela ndenge nini yango" for people in street for the odd 100 congolese francs
didi then said he left ponderation 8 for bcbg because at some point with the extended stay of both blaise and the group gone to europe it became too difficult to handle the group
then once in bcbg he participated along with abraham djino fudji and co in the "revolution" and he left just when they were starting to participate in albums because he had a visa for family reasons,and after a rehearsal prior to a concert he went to see jb and seguin came close to hear what he could say,and he openly told jb he had a visa for europe and jb had his typical ehh reaction and regretted that he did not stay to sing on album but at the same time understood europe was a great opportunity so he wished him good luck and told him he was always welcome if he wants to come back
then when he went to europe  indeed he was a bit upset with blaise but they meet a couple of times,just not regularly because he  has various other jobs  just like blaise but he could not miss out on reagan funerals because they lived together at blaise's house and he was like a little brother to him so he came to kinshasa earlier than planned for funerals and this helped in really now totally settling his issues with blaise  and they will have a tribute concert together soon with other ponderation 8 members arriving from europe 


He says he was very touched by the news of reagan's death because he used to see him as his own son(he even used to joke that God knew they'd meet because reagan's name is kizubula so they have bula in common in their name) and that he did not take control of his funerals because of pressure or to prove a point to somebody,he found it natural to do it because reagan was the president of ponderation 8 which had never been replaced until today in that role so he holds a special place in the group's history
and also he was very moved by a video sent to him of his mother  who went on her knees asking him to forgive how they accepted to offer him to koffi behind his back and that he could never resist such a video  and he thanks all ponderation 8 members  from europe and from kin who all participated aswell
aicha asks about his friendship with jb since primary school  and blaise says nobody knows him better than jb which is why even if music separated them their friendship is intact,whenever they see each other its always a pleasure
he says jb got interested seriously about music since primarily school days and even more when turning a teen and was insisting that he joins wenge and later alain makaba also joined in to try to convince him to come  and he ended up arriving in 1983 and still remembers the song he was tested on which was his own song and they adopted him straight away and stopped rehearsal that day to go and chill especially as they knew he was makaba and jb's close friend
she asked why he seems so disinterested about his musical career,to focus on various other things,and he says he has always been like that he never had the plan to be a full time musician even in 4X4 he was doing other things outside music in his spare time
obviously he likes music a lot but he does not like the conditions surrounding congolese music, he's tried to change things but he got one of hell of fights so he left and went to do other things in europe
in the congolese music to live well,no matter how rich you pretend to be already you still have to sell songs to people,to beg for money whenever you meet a rich businessman or donor in general and he does not like that anymore and he made the firm decision to stop doing matolo 7 years ago so his income mainly came outside from music to fund his music and he takes example of his son junior bula aka junior ala prod who is now one of the best hip hop rnb beatmakers of france and who earns really good money because the system is well organized in france so when he goes to kin and still sees tv and radio's exploiting their music without paying them any rights and things like that it hurts him and makes him lose motivation which is why he comes and goes
and she asks about album and he says he still in legal process with his lawyers and that he regrets the mess around his album and reveals that money was even paid already to guys to shoot clips but until today he has no news from them but  he will do all he can and he can remix album  in the future if needed in order to promote it and he laments the fact  on congolese tvs they play foreign music for hours for free but any broadcast of congolese clip you have to pay every channel,then bribe one guy to strategically broadcast it at moments potentially great for bigger attention,and another one in case another artist hijacks broadcast and stupid things like that
 she has about his reputation to be a very strict person since 4X4 and he says he was wenge's chef d'orchestre and yes he was strict but for good reasons,he was not using his role to abuse people but he likes things to be well done,and in order to do things well you have to be serious,so it was normal that when somebody turns up at rehearsals late he would not let him rehearse so that he learns for next time
 he says after a good while in europe he is back to kin for now,to perform once a month  or more if there are contracts but also for his other activities outside music and reveals that some of the europe ponderation 8 guys will soon come to kin

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This guy acts like koffi does that "ayiiiii" gimmick in studio when his toes hurt a door or something :D :D :D :D

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In this video the author presented fally his parents,his only sister from same dad and mother then his brothers and sisters from different mothers,i think  she forgot bony

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