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For journalist and singer dicarson one


No other than soleil wanga,and you'll notice like jb fally has dropped his name from interviews
in the past you'd hear  vieux na nga de la patria,or grand pretre salvatorius de la patria or masta na nga guy vanbrawn de bodinat  but since some week/months  it has disappeared

Congolese Music / CELEO IS IN USA
« on: September 16, 2018, 20:17 »

ever since he's started travelling and getting long term visas the level of insults he was getting has dropped quite a bit,goes to show how much in our community its your lifestyle which earns you "respect" which is sad
back when he did not have papers you'd get up to 20 videos against him per week


 At 12 40

« on: September 14, 2018, 19:04 »

He starts saying back in early 2000 when big belly was the trend for any succesful artist jb joked to him that he can not stay skinny like he was at that time(he had to stuff his clothes to look the way he looked) and he gained weight then that trend was replaced by a trend of skinny/average guy and he never could lose it despite trying hard but now he is relieved that there are also people in his "game" like defao,jb,adolphe and his favourite naza who completely got that complex out of him
then later he says once he really was struggleing at home so he went to see jb to get some money at concert,and to get that money he said the radiator of his car had problems and jb took him by the hand and told him "bro if you want to ask  people for money you just cant use things like radiators because somebody can give you 30 dollars to fix it,you gotta say something like the car engine then you can get good money' and he joked that this day jb teached him a great lesson as clan wenge are experts in that

« on: September 14, 2018, 00:36 »

felix turns 56 today

« on: September 13, 2018, 22:31 »

By awilo and togolese singer nimon toki lala(she also did even a generique later with cnn if i remember well)
back when your trousers could make you lose your breath  :D :D :D :D :D so high up the heart


He said he joined wenge bcbg through boguys bompema who was from the same neighborhood and they were working together on his songs he'd give to other artists including jb  and jb asked bompema who is that guitarist playing on the pre-records he brings to him and then bompema introduced him and all the group welcomed him well and he had worked with some already like rio who was with him in madilu's group ,as soloists there was already ficarre and coco(plus in reserve patou solo,reagan and a few others who never made it)
ado says we saw that jb liked you a lot and was praising you in concerts and asked whether other guitarists were not jealous of him and he says i dont think so because jb was liking him the way he was with his strengths and weaknesses,just like he was liking ficarre or mbokaliya with their strengths their weaknesses their flaws as human beings...but jb is in a better position to say why people felt something special between them
and he says a true guitarist or a true artist is not too sure of himself when he does something,they just do their thing as inspiration came and its fans who make it become great
he is asked about what djino said in an interview that bcbg musicians are not well known enough because jb stopped public rehearsals,and he says an artist does not prove his worth based on so call popularity but based on what he has to offer and adds that since himself moleso did not play that much songs in wenge he does not consider himself like an important member of wenge history,he was bound to showcase his talent more but time and circumstances did not help so he is not on the same level as guys like makaba,ficarre,mbokaliya and revealed that he still knows perfectly songs of chemin de fer which he played and that its a wonderful album which will we discover when its released
he thinks what affected bcbg most at some point is the schengen ban and difficulties to tour even in africa at some point and new musicians could not understand that there was very serious things happening and probably though its jb himself who wanted to block their progression and they basically did anti terro in africa to almost survive, him pathy remember having a bit of argument with ficarre who was not convinced about quality of studio in africa and feared they'd do a poor work and he told ficarre dont worry you are there, i am there,mbokaliya is there we'll do our thing we'll adapt to the situation and he adds that the best way for musicians to be known is to sing in songs if you are a singer,or to play instruments,in short you have to record what you have to offer and gives example of chai ngenge saying chai did not become famous because he was shining in public rehearsals or because jb was  taking him by the hand and doing media roundup with him but because for example he had a great contribution on album th so the generation of djino blossomed late because  jb was struggleing to record properly in those new conditions( i saw an interview of jb recently where he said  musicians had to wake him up as he was sleeping on the floor to record esau he was physically and emotionally drained and they had finished all their budget it was their last session if he did not record esau anti terro would not have been released because they ran out of money also having to pay french engineer jean marc de la vallee who came to south africa for six months) not because of lack of public rehearsals
 ado asks about an incident djino talked about,in the parts of anti terro done in kinshasa where him,eric mente,fudji and gessan sakoko participated and he accused jdl of being behind the fact he did not appear on cd,and moleso says he has to be very honest it was himself,first he went to ask jb if it was not too early to let them sing since they were still quite raw as singers and jb said no they have to sing people have to discover them and he explained why he tricked them saying the instrumentists since they could not do mabanga like singers give a couple of people to singers to insert in their lines,and himself moleso was at the forefront of defending that so that they can also gain some money and he even had sometimes to insist that jb starts mabanga with the instrumentists lists so that they can return home happy and come motivated the day after as they have the hardest part of the work,playing their instruments then guiding the singers to sing well on the notes and what happened is that guitarists gave their list on that song guy mbuala to them,but they refused to do it and gave an arrogant answer and since at that time he was a bit hot tempered he went for revenge on them,when they went to south africa,he went to see jb and said boss we have to talk and he says he is not finding their voices on the hard disk(him kibens sunda  were the artistic direction of group),he requested to do some work with pro tools software and jb thought they'll find it in the south africa studio whereas it was another one so it could not read their files,so him moleso returned to kinshasa on his own for few days and he asked to go with jdl since he had nothing more to do,so they went to kinshasa and he tricked them and when he explained to jb he was not finding their voices  jb got very very furious he never saw jb this angry
then kibens,richard mukena,bikou lebrun and boguys did the song instead(but it was changed to a mono lead song with no vocals)
He is asked about when fans told jb to get rid of the old musicians and say he is happy that jb did not follow because fans do not analyse things the same way as musicians,and jb loves those guys for particular artistic reasons and if they had to be replaced they had to be replaced with guys of a better artistic pedigree which was not the case  so they ended up working together and some groups made mistake of kicking people out and struggled badly after because the guys after were not up to the level of those before
and he adds that a true artist never gets big headed,once you get too big headed and think you are up in the sky its the debut of your downfall and gives example of himself being amazed at  a legend like pepe felly manuaku saying he has to learn a bit again while he is an absolute legend for all guitarists
people who pushed for the generation of kibens to be kicked out though that the new generation will come with something very exceptional but when they understand it was not that special they calmed down on protests
ado asks whether he was paid in bcbg and he says yes but he benefited much more on personal help from jb, and reminds when he started playing j'suis la in studio jb was so happy with his inspiration that he gave him all the money he had in his pocket,and several times he went to see jb when he needed money and received much more than his salary
and he reveals he left the group because he was going through a very tough period with the lost of his son,then the fact that combattants of UK were angry that jb and bcbg refused to come to protests against kabila because it could put them in jeopardy with congolese authorities,and one member of his family who was in the reunion informed him that they planned to do something to hrut jb and the idea they found was to break his arms so that he cant play guitar since jb loves him a lot,so he did not attend the next concert and since the group did not react surely thinking he just left like musicians leave in europe he felt it was destiny which decided they had to separate
and he says he has songs but he does not see himself doing an album and some people lack that self honesty and see themselves as stars and ready for that big gamble when they are not,so they go and record and it ends up going unnoticed and he does not want that so he continues to work with various artists


at 5 08  ngiama makanda aka werrason born 10 of july in 1965
masela ndudi didier born 12 january 1966
elongo lodi adolphe born 19 of january 1966
mwepu wa mwepu aka christian mabanga born 26 of may 1971
mbambu nkuka aka ali mbonda born 15 of august 1971
Gola bataringe aka ferre chair de poule born 3rd of march 1976
maladi kambuku aka japonais born 8 of march 1969
kapaya mwenie aka flamme born 15 of september 1976
kalonji mukeba aka bill clinton 4th of july 1979
bombe aboli aka papy kakol born 14th of march 1974
ntumba kayembe aka jdt mulopwe born 7 of june 1969
puna mabiala serge born 10 of december 1971
sesele nyandumu papy aka adjani born 20 june 1974
ndombe mby baby born 3rd of march 1974
tshendou michael pierre born 07 of may 1983
tshienda adikey aka didier lacoste born 24 of june 1972
mazimi movili aka celeo scram born 5 march 1978( its a clear mistake here)


Here he looks like the baby of operation dragon almost,just his beard which betrays his age lol
judgeing by the likes the comments are surely hardcore

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Isnt that edo dollar formerly of quartier latin with that one sided haircut?

« on: September 09, 2018, 17:41 »

Better sound that all the bercy videos alreadyon youtube

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