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this is one of the very very rare interviews of maitre ficarré where he briefly talks about his time in wenge musica then goes on to reveal he has taught guitar to many who plauyed or play in big groups(he names motingia from zaiko,adé lokela form victoria and alludes to charly solo from ferré and many more he doesnt mention)
for him,the identity of a group depends a lot on soloists,and a group which whanges too much their soloists find it hard to maintain their identity
he gives his own example in bcbg saying that the fact he has been around for decades helps keeping that wenge feeling
he advises young generation of soloists to remain faithful to their groups because after all wherever they go they will still have problems,and that instead of being in hurry for personal fame and then changeing often groupsn,they should take their time and keep learning to improve their guitar skills
about teaching guitar,he reveals his project of a music school and says he will need financial help to realise it

koffi says he will just stop releasing albums after next years and performing public concerts but will accept private concerts
 he  has started working on that album already in his home studio and in studio ndiaye  in kinshasa
he has  almost finished the building of his audiovisual production company which from what i know,will have a studio, a concert hall, a tv studio for interview....
koffi said he would produce cindy and maybe some of qurtier latin members if he sees they deserve it,or  some people outside but cindy is definitely at the heart of his project
as for that coming album,koffi praised cindy saing that she is singing much better than in her own mini album

Congolese Music / Celeo urges congolese artists to be united
« on: July 24, 2013, 19:20 »

ferre and lacoste are in conflict since the preparation  of a concert reuniting all the ex musicians of maison mere generation 1 who were available in kinshasa
the condition was that either everyone was there either no concert( everyone of the main singers ferré,jdt,baby,lacoste)
ferré refused and apparently said he could not perform with guys who are not on his level anymore,something like that
 and ever since,lacoste often attacks him on tv,even when he released  his last album

 the rhumbas are delicious,so far difficult for me to pick a favorite chair de poule did very well
 i agree with sly on bercy muana, he has become extremely talkative since he joined ferré,but so far he doesnt have azny w of his animations he did with ferré superior to what he did with wazekwa,whereas in his time with wazekwa i dont even recall seeing him on tv

Congolese Music / Reply To: I am saddened by this :(
« on: July 24, 2013, 11:48 »
i agree that its time for group albums,same goes for fally
they must stop that "my group's name is fally ipupa or ferre gola" bs and let the guys shine
koffi,werra,wemba,mpiana and co are who they are due to their talent but also benefited a lof from having solid groups
whereas,fally and ferre(and most of their generation)seem obsessed about themselves
i mean  both already have more solo albums than jb and werra is half less solo career time

mayi ya kamba is holy water in the religon of simon kimbangu
problems betwenn ferre and maison mere have started long long ago but there were long periods of silence
it stated when  they did les marquis and sankara insulted him,few times after there was a tv show by djo k  where mothers of big congolese stars were invited,jb's mom,adolphe's mom,wazekwa"s mum and ferré's mom mama marie makiese an she was shown the image of sankara insulting  ferre and indrectly his family and she cried
for the recent beef,i thinl its slightly similar to the fally maison mere beef of a few years ago
the fact  ferre did not rate werra among the best in a niterview,adn the fact that for them he acts like somebody who owes nothing to werra hurt them so that martyr concert was a golden occasion to teach him a lesson,since they think ferre is arrogant
now they shower praise on fally and ferre in his interviews talks much more about mukulu

Congolese Music / Reply To: THANKS!
« on: July 24, 2013, 11:32 »
sly you the man!!!!!!
the only time in my life i checked my mails that much in hope of something was when i started looking for a job lol
thanks a lot

Congolese Music / Reply To: Wenge BCBG
« on: July 24, 2013, 11:30 »
chai is leaving,he wants to go solo,he already has a producer for his album and also has those of his own group who he did not send to the group of his cousin lacoste avaulable
sunda bass is also rumoured to be going,there is something happening in bcbg right now,some old guys will lose their authority in the group and they fail to accept it,sunda is secretly negociating with maaison mere and quartier latin for a contract
i will update if i get further info
talking about new generation in bcbg,here is a new singer recruited  two weeks ago and straight away used in studio by jules kibens
btw soooooo soooooooo soooooo good to read you again guys,i missed you a lot

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