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Yeah she is around 25 now all those guys we knew as kids not that long ago are seriously growing

« on: September 18, 2017, 16:41 »
i also noticed that,quite strange given how far jb maintains himself from media(even if it does cost him somehow in his career)
i would not say somebody is behind it but at lot of things are making me think jb is one of our big artists in contention to get treatment papa wemba received in his last years then loads of praise and positive once he is not alive
it does also happen to werra and koffi too but they either counter it quickly with some buzz or when they release but i really can feel jb is heading towards the situation papa wemba went through were you could just see a majority of his videos full of negative comments or only negative things being highlighted

« on: September 17, 2017, 20:37 »
after watching today's shows i give fally 100 per cent reason lol in the sense that 90 per cent of the guys i saw on tv today acted also like they are the best so its a completely common thing, ferre calls himself imperator de la rumba in a country where the koffi simaro and co are still alive,when werra talks you can see he bleeds confidence over being the best,koffi actually SAYS  he is the best,jb does  that moto pamba talk then gets fired up and boasts aswell, bill clinton is the man who did everything in congolese music and so on and son

exactly i was having the same doubt ferre had that hair from les marquis then changed then did it again so it could have been a bit confusing  but fally's one sounded obvious that it was the droit chemin look

Congolese Music / Re: LEADER ISSUES
« on: September 17, 2017, 16:53 »
 yes but i was always frozen out because i was clearly not a yes man, so it ended up being the leader and me being mates or pîre vieux pire petit outside music
when i talked about  the "europe" part it was kinda personal lol it even happened once that i got people sent to beat because i had a plan which would drag away one artist from the system and act like a proper professional artist the way it is here
that system is how many of them staff guys make their living or even came to europe for some so when somebody threatens the advantages they get through that they go hard on that person
another thing which did not help my case lol is that unlike most i was refusing to commit to kindoki or motivate artist to do it and i was not there  to bring them girls
you know in every concert there is a section of guys dedicated to that, picking girls in the crowd or those on stage who came to give money and they are in charge of getting numbers and bringing them to the boss
 the more they do it the more they are taken to europe and so on

Congolese Music / Re: LEADER ISSUES
« on: September 17, 2017, 14:31 »
because the system is like that,even the favourites leaders always liked that to be limited somewhere you'd see people popping up telling the leader "keba mutu wana akomi kozwa lupemba trop" (be careful this guy is starting to become too succesful and lucky)
the generation of fally ferre heritier and co all went through that for example
even the fabregas ibrator thing part of it comes from influence of people around who convinced fabregas he had to stop treating ibrator as an older brother and the rest as friends and make them employees who have no words to say
for example  the car fabregas "gave" ibrator and another one came from ibrator telling him since people like to  judge artists a lot on lifestyle sometimes even more than their talent it would be good if he could show to the world that he's reach level where he can do favors to musicians like big leaders so the cars who came from a donor where praised as coming from him
and after when those guys influenced fabregas the same ibrator got him mad by just suggesting him to start paying even a symbolic 100 dollars to employees or they might all rebel
the staffs if musicians operate exactly the same way doing nasty things to each other to go higher up in hierarchy of the boss,making the guy who has some personality be seen as a bad egg by the boss,when you come with another talk than the one of the yes men they will say "hey who do you think you are, it is because you come from europe,come on man"

i like how he  adapted the " batumboli roga roga" part to his own way(he was not going to play praise to roga anyway now that they are sorting it out to become again an united extra musica international lol)

« on: September 16, 2017, 22:04 »
quite clearly yes,but then again i doubt any of them thinks less of himself,all love to think they are the best
two of them clearly claim it koffi and now fally and sometimes werra when he is doing those too fired up talks with a lot of "ssssssssssssssssss""
hopefully for him its just a nickname thing  like the way djo k gave him pretty much all the big nicknames in spanish el matador,el famosisimo and so on and not the feeling that he has achieved everything


even musicians do not really understand,like abraham rightfully said its not something new that jb releases after years
if we take the twenty years post 4X4  jb and bcbg released  titanic th internet within three years then anti terro 4 years almost later then three years later kipe ya yo quel est ton probleme the same year then 4 years later soyons serieux then 6 years later now balle de match(minus echauffement last year)
that's slightly over average an album each three years,he should just ignore his reasons and release,he will neither make a million of profit on album nor be the most succesful album ever anyway

« on: September 15, 2017, 22:59 »
manda needs people around him and lets not forget that its his first album since 9 years and half
when you see the treatment some artists get as soon as the go past the 3 years....
 His producer charlie kadima has taken 11  months or so of radio promotion before release,then seems to have stopped efforts after a decent start  and let manda rely only on the odd kin sunday shows here and there

yes but they had to sign contract and make decisions together(this is why jb and werra got rid of makaba masela and co quick so that they have 100 per cent of decisions and money to themselves)

I cringe when I watch this concert you can just feel the tension it reminds me of jb and makaba in zenith, what did they do to adolphe in this concert and how did he react

he had a golden and  fur jitrois outfit he wanted to wear  which disappeared so that werra dressed better,yeah exactly almost a similar situation alain mpela ferre and co sent on secret mission to make as little as possible the impact of the second leader
thinking about it that bercy is probably the only one where musicians changed clothes three times

« on: September 14, 2017, 21:42 »

here is jb's "children" like himself calls him denying it

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