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and he is one of the rare light skinned singers who first were seen as guys there just for their looks and the way the suck their lips to tease girls (lol thats the stereotype) and who turned it around big time,now he is seen as a very good singer and thats it lol

« on: September 11, 2017, 20:31 »
yeah thats why in kaniaka ibrator says "musala na ye kobengana baninga na ye bakola na quartier" only mugler has not fallen out with him yet

that's a great thing for him, werra is always very dangerous when he is up for it and thanks to his "werra" character(different to the calm noel) he is up for it most of the time


He says that him and reddy knew wazekwa already as a talented writer and him luciana was insisting to koffi about having a very talented guy who could contribute to his career  and wazekwa was already singing and playing guitar and he remembered one of the songs wazekwa used to sing back then and he adds that unlike what people think wazekwa did not copy koffi but rather brought something different to him then as papa wemba saw in him a good singer he developed it himself later while koffi was already much proven and he does not really know why they became enemies

his real name is michel ngandu which blaise bula transformed in michka
Is he related to Roger Ngandu or the surname is just a coincidence?

He is roger's nephew

« on: September 11, 2017, 09:33 »

He says tutu caludji trained him to become an atalaku back in staff london with ferre,bill,genta and co then he went to big stars and later to anti choc and years after to zaiko then went solo  and now he is with montana and feels like he is back home as for him montana reminds him of big stars
he says the difference between animation in the past  and today is that old animation always had a clear explanation while today its full of  different sexual hints he has respect for all and accepts the success they are having but he'd prefer them to have it with clean animation
he goes on to talk about the guys who became stars from staff london and he says among atalakus tutu caludji,himself theo mbala,genta,atshuda of wenge el paris,petit reagan formerly with blaise bula and the most recent example is ambulance of maison mere,as singers ferre,matshuda formerly with him and so on

yes still will heritier but he is suffering from a conflict between his mother who is quite a strong character and carine mokonzi who is adamant that if prince gets any opportunity again then she's not as close to heritier as she thinks or prince's mother and him should bow down to her and her accept again to attack people in her name

The young fella is starting to add some serious variety to his voice,thats the way to go,he'd have struggled long term if he wanted to keep trying to be 100 per cent babia

« on: September 10, 2017, 20:51 »
exactly or even when the leader wants to please the guys sometimes for example in a month by let say spending 20000 on salaries it happens that the favorites hijack it and go buy 100 champagnes or so
congolese music off stage is basically jungle

« on: September 10, 2017, 16:52 »
The generation of fally ferre is even worse,this is part of how(plus the high level matolo and sponsorship) fally ferre and to some extent bill reached serious wealth that quickly
that generation " are making up" for what they could not get with their leaders
fally adopted a system of getting paid just after every concert(but obviously peanuts compared to him ) which is not always respected while koffi after the golden generations goes for text messages you can be a quartier latin member and not receive a text message for months for rehearsals let alone concerts so obviously you wont be paid but if you are lucky to always be texted you'll get it sure and certain

« on: September 10, 2017, 15:08 »

wow 12 years already,i dont remember witnessing a shorter career than his 2001 to 2006

Congolese Music / Re: Tribute To Flamme
« on: September 10, 2017, 14:33 »
That song to me seems like a cut and paste..the part with Bill and Celeo was done separately

yes it is,the part with werra was done in europe with werra eboa and co plus brigade prince as atalakus,while the part with bill celeo in kinshasa when flamme left maison mere
he just played people to believe he had achieved the "impossible"

« on: September 10, 2017, 14:14 »

to understand well the origin of light music we have to go back to 2005 and artist heritier watanabe on the verge of going from being one of the many stars of wenge maison mere to being the main man after leader werrason
in fact,as heritier knows he is bound to get much more opportunities to express himself as an artists thanks to his new role  he surrounds himself of several songwriters,vocals providers and so on in order to be as efficient as possible
among them the likes of ibrator mbuzi,mobe molondo,djodjo lina,adada....who will introduce to him fabregas who they also was working with
then as we all know from 2008 2009 fabregas will become an important member of wenge maison mere and him and heritier will be more or less sharing this crop of private artists and sometimes heritier asking to do some work they did with fabregas(the biggest example being him doing vocal ibrator wrote for fabregas in the song meilleur couple) or vice versa
the turning point which will indirectly lead to light music birth is zenith 2010 of werrason and wenge maison mere as few times after the succesful concert heritier tells fabregas "i can feel it,in few years it will be me leading the show at this hall,i just can feel it)
heritier's comments will have two effects on fabregas the first being that it will start making him think about a potential solo career and the second is that he will fear losing the private group to heritier as heritier who is in a stronger position in the group is able to treat them a bit better
he will then task adada to program a few songs in case either he has to release a song in maison mere(which he will never have done by the way,always singing werra songs) or go solo and at the same time that crop of friends start to feel very eager and ready to become professional musicians
omba is the first singer to leave the "group" as his mentor jean goubald introduces him to koffi followed by atalaku plata ngwangi who start some session work
knowing that heritier hesitates a lot about whether he has to leave straight away or take time before leaving most of the guys try to convince fabregas and that they will help him with their songs so that its a win win since he has some exposure already so he can help them get some aswell
while on tour with maison mere in 2011,fabregas calls some of them to ask them to start proper pre records in studios and went he comes back he informs them he thinks he is gonna seize the opportunity now as they have too good songs which he could lose as they have other customers aswell and he feels the moment has come for him to become more than a guy who sing that funny type of singing they created in matete and prove he is a proper artist
he goes on tour again having secretly done some preliminary voice records but knowing he will leave and will find a golden opportunity with the fact he meets his current wife terry alino
he briefly returns with maison mere and returns on his own to europe as visa is not over yet and takes with him the pre records ibrator adada yasser arafat but na filet thierry mugler and co did in kin's studios and records his album amour amour( the name of the church/sect he prayed at) and thanks to technology gets ibrator and co to record in kin while he is in europe  and send to him for mix and mastering
when fabregas starts to return to kinshasa he decides to officially form his band with his friends of the private group from and as he aims to do something different to fally and ferre who do not have a band name automatically given to their band the way werra clearly has maison mere,jb has bcbg ,koffi has quartier latin...discusses with them over a potential name
they hesitates over nova musica,fab music and a couple of names,in the mean times fabregas goes back to europe and ibrator starts using his funds to do a bit of promotion on tv with the then very professional carine mokonzi and doing along with other guys playbacks in nightclubs
when fabregas returns again,a name is found by ibrator's younger brother as they transform lumia musica which is one of the names they preferred into light music as to say a music  which allows a lot of soft accoustic unlike other artists who fully go with electric and electronic sound
light music is then born from the private group and some guys like yumbi,sprada lindalala or heritier's older brother pongo pontiac remain with heritier in private group while fabregas starts to present light music and promote album first true concerts in his area of matete
 the particularity of that group compared to others being the insane number of songwriters within a same group ibrator,adada,yasser,mobe,but na filet

« on: September 10, 2017, 11:46 »
Great dance, yes, Congolese leaders and singers do not believe in a system called retirement or stop with music since you are getting old, is always make music until you die, Papa Wemba, Kester, Franco and many others did music until their last day which is sad and bizarre sad because they do it because they need constant money to feed their families and bizarre because in a good country they could have made good money to rest when they are old

part of it is fans' fault, most fans need artists to be very very active(and have big impact) people could not care less about their health unless they start to show signs
you'll notice that for example jb and werra are starting to take some breaks which in the past they would never take even in craziest dreams or fally or ferre i guess with the recent deaths they have take it upon themselves to take some break regardless of the big demand of fans
you can see that there are artists of that generation who are almost in that retirement mode  because and thanks to less demand like bozi,evoloko and co

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