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« on: August 13, 2019, 02:29 »
He was really living the fast life. Did he not once survive a car accident where one of the dancers where injured ?

 yeah he survived quite some accidents the one which was fatal to him was easily his 5th or 6th

« on: August 12, 2019, 21:20 »
no he was driving and doing a lot of freestyle but at fast pace

« on: August 12, 2019, 20:09 »
Fuck that hit hard

Yeah man, I'm in complete disbelief

 Guys have you seen the images of him driving  before the incident,hopefully he rests in peace and people learn from that aswell when they will manage to swallow emotion

Yeah, he was doing crazy stunts and driving at crazy speed in Abidjan with child spectators near by. On one occasion when I was in Babi I saw his crew speeding on La Rue Princesse where the clubs are. I'm surprised he didn't get license pulled even though it wouldn't have stopped him

and unfortunately congolese people have already started doing their wonders on whatsapp and co,with the image  of him lying on the floor and already half gone and saying say hello to papa wemba and tell him whatever about  some politics stuff
and an image of kabila on his harley or something like that with the caption why God did not take him

« on: August 12, 2019, 19:35 »
Fuck that hit hard

Yeah man, I'm in complete disbelief

 Guys have you seen the images of him driving  before the incident,hopefully he rests in peace and people learn from that aswell when they will manage to swallow emotion

It angers me that these stupid internet journalists are quick to always analyse Ferre in a negative way but when he does something good I barely see them praise or give him dues. They are the first to say  Fally is the only one playing concerts around the world but what do you expect when the rest of our artists get bad publicity even when they don’t deserve it. Pathetic

the worst thing is that the congolese fans of some artists have "passed the virus "to people of other countries,by explaining them perfectly well every of the polemic(with bias) so outside some artists ,we have seen in recent concerts of other artists in africa go down the same route,pictures of half empty venues,with comments both from congolese  fans of the rivals and from ivorians or cameroonians and so on,only the anglophone parts seem to be not too affected yet
they know marchouse celeo and  co and are influenced to believe its deep hate jealousy and so on while its in many cases,the game,and some truths also

« on: August 12, 2019, 16:20 »
 as if it was written somewhere,the song which made him famous was about a fellow dj dead in a motorbike accident,and unfortunately he also died from same thing
33 years old was still quite a young age 

Lol our music is finished.

why do you say that bro

« on: August 12, 2019, 14:54 »
i must admit i was not a big  fan of his new voice but a death is never something nice
debordo must be devastated him who just wrote a heartfelt "stay strong" message to him,somehow it remembers me of papa wemba's death
 arafat had seen the return of his most famous dancer bb sans os and they will not have had time to work together..

« on: August 12, 2019, 14:42 »
 i just saw news on ivorian tv that  dj arafat passed away after a strong accident

If Ken and all them "work" for Fally then why can't they just promote Fally anf F'Victeam instead of trying to belittle others? F'Victeam artists attacked Equaliser with tear gas? If so then that's totally hypocritical of the stance Fally took which is peace with everyone (at least in public) and not having his artists attack others in interviews. Has anyone ever got the F'Victeam version of 12? And how can Fally not share donors with musicians? People wouldn't even give them money because they don't know them (both Fally and their fault) so if people don't know you then how would they give you money, so they have to do big matolo (begging) at concerts since that ridiculously frugal $100 a show salary won't even cut it.

yes a lot of people have got "kati",alvarito for example when he went for american papers all of a sudden it was planned that he'd play with minor members maiko d'artagnan and co  and barely appear when atele kalombo and co come on stage,and they already made tyson rehearsal original and libre parcours
kanza if he had returned to kinshasa would have become masudi's backup and seguin stepped in with fally to know whats wrong but fally avoided meeting seguin
the last example of "kati" is internet journalist sarah tola,who used to be the group of fally's journalists,then started to be attacked by the very same crop of journalists as in the bouro case (ken ,manicke,migue niema...) because she was not dissing ferre and heritier who she knows outside music,being relative to a donor, and she contacted nana and fally himself who promised they'd stop but it never changed they went and attacked her insulting even her children and things like that so she left
its zamba(the meanest side of their version of 12) which as bit rare,the example i can remember is that adebayor guy who used to be with ferre,before being with ferre he was in  a group of guys supporting fally  in bandal and after he meet one of the rival artists of fally i dont remember whether its ferre or celeo he got beaten hard  then decided to leave and years later joined ferre

they did the tear gas thing not just once,two or three times,the last being months ago when he was in kin and getting out of a nightclub, and tangofort and boussole were sent,luckily for him there was samsonite there doing security for abraham and daida who went chilling and he got him into his car while the party took half an hour to restart after the tear gas mess


In jb's studio


Like i have said in past days,bouro had been received a lot of attacks from fally's fans and his journalists because he did not praise fally in his interview,did not name him and the way he said in his times with quartier latin he was not under order from chiefs but from koffi himself since chiefs executed koffi's orders,then alvarito and equaliseur also received a lot of attacks for teaming up with  bouro to perform in angola
then fally's journalist ken mpiana sent his journalist to do interview with bouro but with intention of doing most of interview with questions about fally but twisted in a way to make bouro lose it then use it against him but equaliseur who asked to see the questions before interview told the journalist to go back and come with better questions
and it got ken mpiana and prince babia's mother manicke very pissed  and they kept attacking and he says if somebody who you are saying is finished declines interview with your employee to avoid needless polemic does it mean you have to hate him?and asks it to the journalists next to him and she says she was denied interview by ferre after people reported her interview with ken insulting him but she understood
and equaliseur adds that fally's journalists should show respect to bouro because each of them including their boss watched bouro on tv and they ended up being colleagues in the long run
she asked why he does not beef with quartier latin where he performed,with fabregas who he did a feat with,with maison mere( who rejected him because of a fally call)but why he still has trouble with fally and why he does not activate kakipakakokolo like fally if he gets attacked and he replied they have desactivated it themselves
and she tried to say ken and co are not working for fally and just defend them as fans and he says if that was true then he would have told them to stop long ago because it does bad service to his image,but he knows the game of music he knows that group  so its clear that if they have not stopped yet its because he likes it
and he insists that its strange that they say their finished yet they are hurt by them refusing interview
then she asks about the celeo incident,and he says its 12( in fvicteam they call it kati or zamba) and its their habit because that same bodyguard also  attacked him some time ago  in paris ,they love doing that and creating stories about people  to tarnish their reputatio and she says people say celeo is just a jealous guy  who  just attacks fally for buzz and he says no and that its to avoid same claims from people that they decline interview since ken's employee planned to bring fally's name a lot throughout interview
he says he  is not a hypocrite since they have sent several journalists to attack them he will respond and he has been receiving all sorts of attacks since he left in 2011, they did the prison trick on him (which failed thanks to the police authority of that day being somebody he did shoutout to a lot),they sent musicians of f victeam to attack him with tear gas at a tv station( i remember the video on youtube of him and kanza wearing torn clothes after being attacked)
nobody pays his bills,feeds his family and himself so he respects people but he wont accept bullshit
she says fans called her to say he should bow down to fally because his first boxer he wore he bought it thanks to fally,he got europe papers thanks to fally,he got married thanks to fally  he says first point is false because he already wore boxers before joining fally's group( man musicians and their fans argument to ridicule people are so low) and that his father is a very important person at roads office so the fact he does music does not mean he necessarily came from a poor background,he says he is an honest person yes the fact he worked with fally gave him some spotlight naturally but he did required efforts to build from that opportunity,for the papers issues he says its not koffi who gave longterm papers to fally its not the leader who gives you papers and he did not come to europe on lists because he was a relative of the leader but because he did his job which leader found useful for his group because if we go back to genesis of the group there were so many atalakus tested including guys like blaise createur,so if he was picked in final selection its for a reason,and by the way for those europe lists its producers who handle any legal responsability of musicians so they can drop some musicians if they think over a certain number of musicians is too much for them to handle so that cult to leaders for taking you on tour is not always right
fally assisted him in nothing about his european papers,did not pay lawyer for him or anything else so he does not see why fally should be praised for that and about the fact he got cars thanks to fally he said he was the only of his time in fally's group to have bought a car and sent it to DRC(the rest bought some second hand cars back in drc) and the only one living in one of the nice areas of kin,because he knew how music's industry is in drc and knew how to fight for himself to be well like colleagues from other groups did and also he did it because he wanted people to have a good image of fally(back then and until today fally has the reputation of having success and his musicians living in conditions very very far from what should be the standard of  asomebody of his level and him and kanza used to show another image ) and she says but you did that thanks to fally's contacts he said no because fally does not want to share donors with his musicians so you have to find relationships yourself which you can rely on to survive like the game of DRC's music requires
and about the fact he got his wife thanks to fally he said there again its completely false and the fact he came to studio with his wife fally was surprised because his wife is a donor from the industry who used to deal with koffi himself when fally was in quartier latin and who him fally was not even approaching so they cant say he got his wife thanks to fally
he insists that he thanks God that he got his opportunity to earn a name through fally but that does not mean he has to owe everything good in his life to fally because if all was due to fally then  all those who were in fvicteam in his time there would have been like that,which is not the case,which shows he made a difference compared to his colleagues because he was smart enough to fight like a man for his good and he still live well despit having left fally 8 years ago
and that fally has been saying to people "that ungrateful guy i wlll do everything to destroy him"(by the way the kosa leka song on power was basically done to attack equaliseur before it became also about celeo and ferre) but he is a children of God and their plan will not work
yes they say he has no success,fair enough,but the most important thing in life is not to be rich or succesful,but to be happy
and he is happy he has kids,he sleeps with a peaceful mind,did not give his booty to somebody for money....
The little success he did he took great profit from it to build a stable enough life so he has nothing to envy
then she asks a question to him to say who honours our music according to him with clear indications that she only wants to hear fally's name only and he says there are several guys doing good things for our music,like for example his friend heritier and hints that  she expected him not to say fally but he is an honest person,he can disagree with fally's behavior but it would make no sense to deny that fally is a great artist who does good things in his career,his children listen to fally's music until today at home and know he used to be with fally and he is proud to have been with fally but he can not be fally's slave

yeah its an older guy than him ya sina who gave him along with muana kongo many of his kikongo animation

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