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i am sure koffi is still pissed about missing the plan of a song with both of them on his solo album knowing his skillss and theirs as singers it would have been a banger

lool God spoiled werra with imagination/craziness,i remember when he went to saddam to ask for a tank to make a more spectacular entrance than zaiko at their fara fara,only him can have such original ideas :D :D :D

they expect jb to praise them way more than he does for ferre and heritier and co  while they forget that all leaders have something in common when you as their ex musician do not have the attitude or the language which pleases them  they'll ignore you or attack you
he mentions bompema just  like he always did at the end of omba some of the ex members he still in close contact with afande,tutu,winnie mandela,kadishow,zambrotta,ma pitshou and recently he added metro and bompema
for me he should add the likes of titina and mbokaliya he praises them a lot in group rehearsals but i wonder why he does not talk about them in interviews or on stage

from the thumbnail you can see he is bloody pissed,i struggle to understand whats their problem except chai who said nothing so far
out of them only djino really released something and potentially deserved the praise which are making them angry jb keeps praising ferre and heritier based on their hits like he did for robinio the same year,for fally for almost a decade..and actually he is not anywhere near as close to them than he was with fally who even attended bcbg reunions at times and gave ideas

 yes that period was bad for him he even went back to kin against his doctor's desire to perform for one year or two with strong treatment and not being at his best,he recovered at the francophony concert then there was also the justice affair in belgium

 didier and werra have no problem but talk rarely as far as i know its often tata who when he is with any of them who brings the other into the discussion
makaba and jb are good  last year they ate at restaurant like 5 6 times  and makaba attended a bcbg concert but for whatever reason it was not recorded and not talked about only tolbert solo said  makaba gave him advice after concert and congratulated him for the way he plays 4X4 songs well


Durrell visited roga at rehearsal or concert and they played the Z1 generique and roga visited kevin mbouande and his patrouille des stars

Congolese Music / Re: ROGA ROGA & EXTRA MUSICA - 242 (AUDIO)
« on: March 14, 2018, 17:56 »
and even worse roga jumped on that beef between zaparo and etats unis to  make generique almost being divided in two if not for jesus sur la croix at the end i guess it only went at the end because it suited arrangement better
album did not come out actually they potsponed to 23 for whatever reason which explains how it has disappeared on some platforms

yes there was a project but  it depends too much on jb and werra,two things are not going well,they dont agree with everybody getting same contract and the fact those who organize want to associate everybody from aime buanga to ferre  while technically both think they "did" wenge and still consider el paris as something different to wenge and obviously in the current polemic ferre being involved will "give him reason" that he was indeed a wenge musica member and not somebody 100 per cent made out of nothing by werra

blaise tata makaba and masela had no problem with each other at all so they naturally kept being friends
 adolphe made proper peace with jb in europe at wazekwa's house,then with werra around maisha days with especially when he lost his dad werra attending funerals
blaise and jb were not talking to each other directly just through their kids who are very close until they meet in europe in 2008 as junior bula wanted jb at his birthday,same with makaba who was not talking to jb directly until 2007 2008 and jb was the only wenge member at his new wedding then they've had up and downs with makaba being furious of having to wait for hours before entering jb's house whereas in the past he'd go straight to his bedroom if needed easy and now he meet jb a couple of times at restaurant and tries to convince him to become bcbg's arranger outside the group which makaba will accept if he is given total control with him there is no 50 50 its either all or nothing
werra has been well with most of them for long too but its that mix of his old shyness and that bit of arrogance(jb also has)  which maintains a lot of distance but if they are face to face he is very open,i was once told that he saw ekokota at a tramway station and he shouted " robiiiich like they called him in private,ahhh koko na bango ekokota and almost jumped on him of joy as he did not see or hear about him at all for 15 years"
quite clearly they are nowhere near as close as they once were but adolphe played a big role in improving it to the decent level it is now,in the past all of them were like " as long as they are alive and fine its all good"


From 38th minute

 lol i recently heard him say on tv that he is the guy who made clan wenge exist after split because  kansuele ferre was copying jb and carlyto while he came with something new so after jb and werra its him

 yeah in 98 it was very very secret,until today there are stuff which happen between them which even the seguin sankara and co do not know
its then in 2000 that some of the guys were informed that the rivalry could be business and they started having friendship in private
while beefing on tv the best example was blaise element and sankara beefing each other hardcore on tv then sharing same bed
like i said earlier,they still loved each other but sometimes they were letting competition dominate them which is why they still have it easy to have some fallouts here and there  in music but when they sit down as ya bedel and ya noel like mampata calls them none of all that exists
 Its like kes koffi and wemba deep deep down they loved each other but the game made them do silly things to each other and also fake beef

if we take titanic out considering its still wenge bcbg as a unit,i'll say best th,then internet,then y a pas match,then kipe ya yo
well its a bit difficult because overall the level is similar and either sound is on point or its suspect like in anti terro and part of soyons serieux
th is definitely an elite album

the split of wenge musica will give birth to two sides  which are wenge bcbg of jb mpiana blaise bula and alain makaba and wenge musica maison of werrason,adolphe dominguez and didier masela
the camp of jb,blaise and makaba let jb be at forefront directly but they have an organization,jb being president,blaise chef d'orchestre and financial director and alain makaba continuing to be artistic director like in wenge musica
in the other camp,knowing adolphe considers jb as his own brother and still is too tempted to join jb's side, didier masela convinces werrason to hand president role to adolphe to make him feel very involved in the project
which he will make a great contribution to being behind arrivals of adjani,didier lacoste,celeo scram,flamme kapaya and keyboard player modeste(rip) aswell as trying to convince montana kamenga to join
as in the early concerts his popularity will start to grow and being the president he will start to be seen as a strong leader and around mid 1998 there will be a very secret meeting at birthday of late daughter of ficarre for who werra was the godfather
and during this reunion,jb and werra will set themselves two targets which are to become the richest artists of drc in 10 years and the second one being to dominate all their friends of clan wenge by making sure to reproduce as best as they can rivalry of their idols king kester and papa wemba
jb mpiana will be the first to start operation to get rid of the co-leaders by surprisingly stripping blaise bula of financial director role to hand it to maitre ficarre which will cause anger of blaise who physically attacks ficarre
later on blaise will announce at reunion that he wants to record his solo album(in order to reinforce his weakened authority)but being informed by alain mpela jb makes sure most of the group is against so they vote against as titanic is just out  and they hope to make great money from titanic tours
hearing that jb has started process,werra also starts on his side,but organising a reunion without adolphe to re claim president spot and orders musicians not to call him ya noel anymore but president and to call adolphe tata like a random member
and when adolphe notices the change he threatens to switch to jb's side were he feels he will more valued having with jb the longest friendship of clan wenge but people around step in to sort things out with adolphe reclaiming vice president role he had in wenge
masela's position is also weakened with the fact christian mabanga plays more at times and is promised to become the number 2 should adolphe and masela leave and on some concerts it happens that mabanga refuses to give guitar to masela or starts on purpose to play a song when its his turn to hand the guitar while in wenge musica they had a very respectful and peaceful collaboration
in 1999 jb takes another move to weaken blaise's authority by deciding on his own to appoint alain mpela as the new chief and preparing singer jules kibens in which he sees a similar profile of very educated guy good chorus singer and decent dancer to follow blaise's gestures and  antics closely in order to replace him easily and they will use the fact they hear blaise bula is rehearsing songs in private for his album and starts recruiting people after an argument in ivory coast and while blaise is stuck in hospital jb and co use the pretext of focusing on zenith rehearsals to explain their distance to this situation as they know blaise will surely understand he is not welcome anymore since nobody approaches him
in the same time alain makaba is gone to europe as usual and he will disagree with jb mpiana over the fact jb has made the crop of singers bigger by creating PPU with "le commandant" kibens,"la voix de l'an 2000" rio, chai ngenge,heritier,...And jb will use their disagreement to motivate mbokaliya and ficarre to up their level with the promise of getting starting spot at expense of alain makaba and several advantages
and when jb arrives with the group there is a strong argument with alain makaba who feels he has lost artistic control on the group and before jb goes on stage argument gets so strong that alain makaba strongly insults jb and threatens to beat him and jb shocked with such reaction can't hold tears and arrives on stage with a very emotional voice and he orders alain mpela to tell alain makaba he wont be allowed on stage until omba is played which is what happens with alain makaba sulking and having his back turned to crowd most of the time while he usually faces crowd and plays with a big smile and dances
and he ends up leaving so by the end of 1999 jb the co-leaders are all gone with alain mpela becoming the new number 2
in maison mere adolphe keeps becoming more and more popular while masela seems to start seriously losing influence and he does not even get money for months which leads to him once blocking werra's car until he gets paid
in 2000 werra takes operation to another level by sending members of the group to unsettle masela and adolphe and didier masela leaves in london as he is fed up with what's happening and he is so furious that he threatens to sue werrason over wenge name being the founder of the former 4X4
and later in the year with only adolphe remaining werra sees adolphe as a threat to his popularity having not gone to east africa with the group and performimselfing in europe with quite some success keeps sending minor members to unsettle him and its in that logic that there will be the famous case of adjani putting chewing gums in adolphe's jacket so that he is unable to wear his fancy jacket which would potentially make him "outshine" werra clothes-wise
at concert of bercy,adolphe has ordered for himself still seeing himself as the second president of the group a very expensive tailor made golden jitrois jacke t with president written on the sleeves and adolphe dominguez in the back and while he expects to keep wearing fancy jitrois clothes throughout concert he will have the surprise of seein his other outfit having disappeared and two  xxl uniforms instead of one initially for baby ndombe
nevertheless he'll have no other choice than wearing them and trying his best to  still play an important role but he will understand he is forced about and will end up leaving at end of 2000
 so within two years and half jb mpiana and werrason will have managed to get rid of the 4 other administrators through dirty and ruthless tactics and by the end of 2000 we'll have instead of two group of three admins wenge bcbg de jb mpiana and wenge maison mere de werrason and from then the post-wenge musica era will be very very centered around jb mpiana and werrason like they planned

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