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for those who did not know him this is tshanda formerly known as bebe tshanda or bebe rico,he filled stade des martyrs at 6 and 7 years old i highly doubt this record will be erased one day

« on: January 09, 2018, 16:49 »

easily the 5th/6th already

 lol dont worry bro i did not take it personal i just wondered because it reminded me of my thread

 lol dany thats my jb mpiana and the art of missing golden opportunity post  right?

quadra looked a bit like esobe in this video :D :D :D :D

« on: January 08, 2018, 21:37 »
 oh yeah top generique,but i am still not getting over that nasty shout out to julie mulanga :D :D :D

 it pissed the absolute hell out of many maison mere fans admins and possibly nsone himself but he will never ever talk he lets the guys do dirty job
and you know how is it when maison mere is into conflict loooooooool you'll get attacks left right and center

if i am not mistaken it had been posted earlier,the concert of jb with ferre and tata as guests did not go well at all to....let me say like arsene wenger euhhh welll it lead to them posting archive of them both attacking jb  and jb's camp also started to counter
 sometimes our musicians are soooooo childish my word
by the way tata is a big comedian lol he never had any problem with jb he did not stay with bcbg partly because he wanted that number 2 spot  blaise was automatically getting

 prince is great at imitating that type of voices,he also does soleil's voice very well


You can hear already some animation mboshi will later do in quartier latin lool my man adolphe always doing funny stuff

 yes i will do it  no problem


Can you write about "les annees vache maigre" 2002-2009 of JB Mpiana. How the 5 year ban came, his divorce with Amida, his trip to Kananga in 2003, the orginal Anti-Terro 2002 plan,Alain Mpela departure, the Fikin 2005 drama, etc. until

Yes i had planned it already with the title "the controversial second part of career of jb mpiana" because i noticed because i noticed opinion is torn between those who do not care about his life and who just notice the big changes or know everything and use it to mock him that he has fallen and those who understand how his life affected his career big time
in that post i think i will reveal some serious events including collapses just before concerts and things like that

 ngulu affair plus of course rivals or bitter vieux' pushing behind the scenes to influence embassies
at fally's first zenith a couple of musicians remained in europe  and if recall well same for ferre and it "gave" authorities "proof" they were also part of the ngulu system somehow, or they'd give very limited visas like the second zenith of fally and tell those artists if just one person does not go back its over and its almost what happened
and since wazekwa performed without his musicians  authorities said fally and ferre should do like him which they did not accept knowing it would have much less hype around

 Practically worth nothing is bloooooody strong as a statement(i guess a bit of werrasonism here looool ),the biggest  thing we always complain about with him is time for albums and marketing issues,other than that i dont think many artists would remain discussed had they had  the "chill and below his best" second part of solo career jb has had
as for the werra jb thing i think their egos took the better out of them and by the time nsone started to apologize for that angry reaction jb was already on tour and determined, but the good thing is both secretly agreed they'd become the richest of clan wenge and would play the game in public until they just so on that field split was positive for both
outside of wenge i noticed most splits and situations like that happen in guy's early 30's i guess they still lack some maturity at that time  so there is a lot of things they do and regret after

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