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Congolese Music / Re: F'VICTEAM - HORS SERIE
« on: July 10, 2020, 20:10 »

I agree with you about Arnake finding his own voice but Deplick got his own voice. Deplick songs are successful and people actually know it but this guy he annoys me the way he forces the Ferre voice and if you listen to him closely you will notice he struggles to maintain the voice, that's why you see him go up and down when he sings because he's out of breath most of the time.

Only in Congo

If this was Ferre the whole Congolese media would be busy looking for more information and multiple interviews to humiliate him like they did with Davina case.
Oh come on JV! With all due respect but what’s with you Ferre fans loving to play victim all the time, at the end of the day all of them are wrong and if we’re gonna be really honest Davina was still a kid when that scandal broke out and it sounded worse than this, but we shouldn’t be using kids as for polémique purposes to say “if this was this artist everyone would...” We all know almost every artist has a child they don’t claim.

My point is some artists get treated worse by the press and some are favourites and they turn the other way when scandals like this appears. My guy Gola is and has been a victim no doubt.

If this was Ferre the whole Congolese media would be busy looking for more information and multiple interviews to humiliate him like they did with Davina case.


Lool he’s right about that. Koffi is busy hyping up his daughter social media followers while JB kids are busy handling millions in their

This is some funny article if it’s true lol Koffi won’t be happy. It seems like a response to what Koffi Congo

Anti Ball left so I doubt he would want to promote the song

Lol this forum helps me get through the day in the office...soo much jokes  ;D


Congolese Music / Re: Styv - Liboké 2.0 (Official Video)
« on: July 07, 2020, 10:28 »
He used to be with Chiffre Neuf @3:00


That’s why we don’t know him  :D

To avoid being emotional on this plartform is understanding that 90% love Ferre, Simple. (Fally, Koffi or JB fan, just know there are too much Ferraris here) even if he makes less or more progress in his career he will be praised and sympathized.

There will go as far as comparing him with people who are far from his league.

See it yourself.


Par Hazard Clip Officiel

Par Hasard Audio

Check the names roasting Ferre. JV is one of the biggest fans of Ferre but you see how he is roasting Ferre do you want to see even the Fabregas, Koffi, Werra etc. Roast or I must stop here?

Quick Diaclaimer JV, Romeo Seben and POLE POSITION are fan of Ferre yet it doesn't seem like JV blindly followed Ferre and said Par Hazard was good. POLE POSITION will say everything Ferre does is good but as you see other ferre fans disagreed with him.

Next time someone wanna say something he must come with receipts. Period.

Thank you...Respect. 100% point made

kiekie Tantine ;D....Fally's fan are overly emotional and take things to heart to the point they will hold a grudge over little petty disagreement..just like women ::)

Things like that it’s enough to make you hate a person for life.

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