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Can someone tell Deplick to go ahead and book Bercy pls....if a 73k Youtube view guy can book Zenith why not him  ;D


Lol I will be performing in Wembley arena first to celebrate end of confinement.

I’m also going to be performing at Zenith come December.

Another debate that’s going on is the Ferre home acoustic, was it or not acoustic. Fally’s internet journalists have actually sat down and called Olivier Tshimanga on the phone just to get his view on their one sided analyse they do, it’s  so embarrassing. The hate for Ferre it’s beyond belief now, didn’t Fally say he will get disque d’or within 2 months when his album came out but we still waiting, have they done analyse on that...Mbuta Lukasu has lost a lot respect for this. Sorry to bring up the 2 FF in your discussion but I was just thinking about the pointless debate I see in our community.

Congolese Music / Re: Ndombolo
« on: May 27, 2020, 20:58 »
Correct me if my wrong, the ndombolo crie was done in Wake Up by Koffi in 1996 and again in LOI.Koffi should be credited for ndombolo in my opinion, he made it a worldwide success. Wenge ndombolo was only big to Wenge fans but Koffi world ;D.

Does it really matter if it was full or not full :o, I’ve never seen other counties do this debate, it’s always us...Congolais bato ya soni smh.

Waou the head judge on the case of DRC government corruption case has passed today

This country I don't know what else to say or feel just unhuman

God bless his soul for standing up against the threat even if mean losing his life

I think he died for Corona or other natural causes Kahmere is going to go to jail it is a miracle he lasted that long stealing. I hope this is a serie of a long justice causes of the people who steal money from Congolese people

This man didn’t die of any natural causes, he was simply killed. Kabila is still in power killing everyone who dares to question his freedom and sees as a threat to his secret,  Look at how Mukuna has been played just after he did that televised debate with that foolish man of FCC.

This is the problem with Congolese people. Why be so hard with someone because he always tell the truth. To be honnest celeo is not a bad singer and his music is not bad . he makes good rumba and his generics are decent. But just because he does not tolerate the idea of other singer underestimating him makes him being a bad person.  He has some bad side too but lets face it. He has albums that contain great song that some how some people in paris or everywhere in europ like. And if he decide to play at the olympia to make them happy..where is the issue there.. This why our country will not change if people just keep on underestimating other because they think or feel superior to the others. This non sense need to be stopped.

Took the words out of my mouth.

Speaking of Bill, will we ever get this type of commanding generique from him again?

During the song Trahison, Bill didn't mention Mopao. Want happened between him and Koffi ? Was he also mad about Koffi recruiting Ferre ? Because I saw him once back in 2005 saying that Koffi was responsible for the disbanding of Les Marquis.

Don’t you find that funny that the person who’s claiming Koffi is responsible for the disbanding of Les Marquis is actually the one who is the number one responsible for the disbanding. My man went and sign his own skol contract and started claiming leadership and refused to sort things out with Ferre but somehow it’s Koffi fault lol.

èèèèèhhhhhh taaa ba congovibes bozoloba mouvement na nga eza zaiko bokanisi ko djiminer nga loizaa dit eza neti bayebisi oyo obetaka balle neti cristiano

Loizaa  ;D

Come on everyone, ain’t you lot a bit surprised that there’s actually a young musician in Zaiko BCBG, cos I am lol

Let me guess Ferre will be mocked

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