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Both JB and Fally personally got her locked up....this is what they should do to Sankara, Bogus, Mosaka and all those idiots who go on tv to talk nonsense and insult people

Congolese Music / Chikito Makinu - Bolingo Okanga
« on: September 29, 2014, 00:14 »
Can't deny the talent in this boy

 ;D ;D ;D Vieux Ebola acknowledged the name and makes fun of himself

This guy went too far

He went as far as saying one of Koffi's son raped his own sister and that Koffi's mum still sells rotten food in the market while his dad still struggling with messed up leg...ehh...this guy instead of promoting his album, he's spending time talking rubbish about Koffi...mawa

lol..this guy

Sorry guys but i really cant be bothered to write a full summary, here are the main points he talks about:

  • Olivier Tshimanga lying about playing all the songs on Boite Noire, warns him to stop as he wasn't happy when he made that claim
  • Chikito being disorganized, going to clubs to waste his money on alcohol and if he wnated to create a group he should of done it in Matadi where he came from and that he doesn't have time for him as the fans of Ferre gola already dealt with him by posting a pic of him from that Bandal concert when he joined to remind him what Ferre has done for him to became the chikito of today
  • Sankara being a clown, wife left him because of stupidity and his kids don't speak and should bring them on tv to prove him wrong
  • How Maison Mere cant handle the truth thats why they attack people like Celeo, Ferre and others who tell the truth and that Sankara should respect Celeo because he has a house unlike him and that its none of Sankara's business where Celeo's house is located
  • Fally being complexe by constantly taking pictures with other stars and lying their are his friends and that Ferre is the leader of 5th gen because when Ferre was already in WM 4x4 singing, Fally was nowhere to be found but instead selling stuff under a bridge. also that is Ferre who showed all of them a musician in a group should have a resident paper in europe to allow them to go return whenever they want

Congolese Music / DEPLICK - Cri de bilengi ( CLIP OFFICIEL )
« on: August 31, 2014, 13:46 »

lol...Chikito's passport bit gave me jokes ;D

Brief summary...Regarding the departures and the so called instability in his group, he says there's no instability, thats why you don't see him on tv justifying himself, hence when he recorded and released his first album Sens Interdit none of them were around and all the songs in Boite Noire are his. He wishes them all luck and he has no problem with them and he has maintained a good relationship with some of them, example he still talks to chikito whom two days ago asked for his passport but was told when he joined the group he didn't come with a passport, so good luck...also some of those musicians who left not all left on their own term, some were kicked out.

about featurings, he says every musicians has his own strategy and featurings are not really his main focus...he says he has done some featurings in the past but he just not the type to come hype about it on tv or take pictures like some musicians do.... ;D Fally. he says they are recording another album but refused to confirm if its a group album. He says neither Fally nor Werra are his competitor and that the reason why their single for primus its taking long to be released is cause the generique was 9min long but primus told them to make it 6min for tv purpose and that they will be filming the video next week.

are they still with the group or what?

Im glad Kabuya is mad man, how can he say to Fally during a concert "prez sango nayo epanzani"(23:30) ;D


Fally calls other congolese artists "complexe" when he's the biggest one

Look at this kiss ass

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