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Congolese Music / Koffi Olomide - Alidor [Clip Officiel]
« on: July 03, 2017, 19:42 »

Congolese Music / Tatiana Kruz - Goût (Clip)
« on: July 02, 2017, 16:06 »

Congolese Music / Ferre Gola - Kipelekese (Clip)
« on: July 01, 2017, 17:34 »

Ferre Gola dropped his 4th album two weeks ago, album produced by no other than himself via his Ferre Gola TV production. The album is a typical Ferre album with full of rumbas mostly about love and deception, as well paying tribute to his idols by trying to sing like them. Here's track by track breakdown of QQJD(Qu'est ce que j'avais dit)


1. KIPELEKESE ft.Tutu Callugi: Instrumental wise, this is a carbon copy of Tucheze and similar approach. Ferre did a good job on this song animating simple and some old crie to make the song appealing internationally.Tutu Callugi intervention its something new and did a great job with the little space he was given, which i expected as Ferre didn't want people to say that he did a featuring on a album even though he vow never to...i like the end part where Tutu goes, "lelo to zui diamant te, toko loba mbisi..hein hein"...I predict a HIT song.

2. MEA CULPA: This is my song, the melody and the chorus its amazing and the singing wow. Ferre sang in Papa Wemba type of voice and sang a part from one of Wemba classic song...This guy can kill you with "nuance" and he didn't disappoint on this song. another HIT song i predict

3. QQJD(generique): I was expecting another Boite noire type generique which i loved but i was disappointed. This generique lacks authority, it sounds like a 2nd generique or 3rd..i feel sorry for the animators on this album, they didn't get the chance to fully express themself like Kunzardo did in Boite Noire. The "ya Jean" crie sounded way better in concerts but again it was ruin by the useless instrumental that lacked direction. To make things worse, Kipelekese is being promoted like the theme song of the album. Forgettable generique

4. JUGEMENT: nothing to say, we all know how successful this song has been. a HIT

5. Kinshasa: This song is about womens who like to go out with married man...Ferre definitely needs a new back line of instrumentalist, you can't keep using the same times throughout this album i thought i was listening to a continuation song from Boite noire. There's a vocal from Chico and conversation type sequence featuring Charly solo and some female and a bit of Muana Congo(his only contribution on the album).   

6. Fautif (Marchouse's song): I like this song, nice and smooth flowing...nice vocals from a guy i cant remember his name and the female singer and Chico. a HIT

7. Tailleur: lol the chorus of this song its funny...i dont know sang in the beginning of the song but i like it...vocals from Vibration and Rice. I predict a HIT cause of the chorus lol

8. Ekoti ya Nzube ft. Leticia: I find this song boring and i don't think they put any effort. I think they tried to copy that Papa Wemba ft Nathalie Makoma song but didn't do it for me

9. MANNIX: no comment, lovely song. a HIT

10. ELANGA: I love this song, the melody and the way he tried to sing like Papa wemba was just amazing. This is definitely something new i never heard from him and the saxophone solo at the end sounds familiar. a HIT

11. TITANIC: The melody sounds like a Fally type of song but other than that this is a great song and sang in a high note....nice vocals from Echappe and Rice again killing it with catchy vocals on this album. a HIT


1. TSHILUBA(Illunga's song): oh man i hope they promote this song hard. Illunga surprised me on this tshiluba song, especially the second part of the song, just wow...on repeat everyday. Whoever played the lead on this song knows his shit, that solo guitar wow. a HIT

2. Match d'amour: The only good thing about this song its the chorus...a bit too flat.

3. Court Circuit: This song didn't do anything for me

4. ROSSIGNOL: When Ferre wants to sing he will sing his heart out and this song doesn't disappoint...the melody alone gives it that emotion and the vocal by Guy Gola wow, he has come of the best vocal on the album. a HIT

5. Apprivoise (Nicholas's song) ft Chikito: This is the only song with a vocal from Jenny Atula...lovely song. a HIT

6.MONOTONIE: This is my song, start from finish...classic. "nga moko mokolo bord ehh",catchy chorus...lovely vocal from Djanny Pacha. a HIT

7. Inondation (Guy Gola's song): This song its nothing special and sounds like a Boite Noire recycled song.

8. Moribond: This song's melody sounds like a song from Qui est derriere toi album...but a nice vocal from Mineure, "ba petite bazo teka" lol and again Rice killing it.

9. Ma meilleure Chemise: sounds like another recycled song from past album.

10. Jack Pimba: I just like the vocals from this song...Tshelele got a vocal and Fils, with some vocal from Chikito.

11. Pasi: Not bad...Chico deep voice can be heard on the chorus...nice vocal from Mathy Degol and Vibration.

QQJD, VOL 3(Yellow)

1. OKALIKOTA (Rite Nzele's generique): Something different Ferre tried on this album...i like this style of songs that turns into seben...this is the authority the first generique lacked especially solo wise and other instrumentals. a HIT

2. Poisson d'avril: The hell was this song about and i don't know who convinced him to release it first as the album promotional song...Madness, boring.

3. WUMELA: This Tabu Fatu woman always seems to land good songs from musicians and this one is another hit. This song has that Koffi style and sound. the solo guitar at the end adds the cherry on the top...Rice killing it again on this song....nice simple chorus to go with this lovely rumba. a HIT

4. Realite: If you close your eyes you would think "Poisson d'avril" is still playing. This song shouldnt of been included on the album.

5. INTERNATIONAL: I like this rumba, just flows right with the hip with a lady on the dance floor...I dont know who did that vocal near the end but his good. a HIT.

6. Avenir: Nice vocal from Rize ya Gola, surprisingly got less vocals on this album than expected, no wonder why he left...the guy who's trying to sound like Nicodem should just stop it.

7. MOBOBE (Echappe's song): Nice rumba from Echappe, this guy can really sing but i feel he was a bit let down on the melody department but other than that this is tolerable song. a HIT

8. Patience: Forgettable song, another vocal from Chico but somehow he will complain and another vocal from Balotelli and Echappe.

9. Moteki Mbala: Another song that sounds like a continuation of a song on the album. not worth it

10.Pito Lukaya: worthless song

11. Nickson Lleya: started well but than back to the flat rhythm.

I really expectted more from this album, it has some out standing songs like MEA CULPA and JUGEMENT but not the best album from Ferre. How can you take 5 year to produce such monotony. Ferre next album needs to be a mix of different music style...too much rumba its killing him, it gets boring. Fally and Werra know this, thats why they are making an effort trying new things, which is something Ferre needs to do to stay relevant.

*My opinion, you may not agree with me, which is fine  ;D

Good luck to him

Manzambi94 will love this, deep voice atalaku on lead... ;D



GIVE ME Feat. Wally Seck.....another song i predicted for success

This guy thinks video interview are like radio...lucky for us the interviewer showed the video when he left Lacoste and made him look like a fool

Record labels in congolese music seems to be the new trend and those who have it do not seem to fully understand the role of a record label...example Wanted Record with Tatiana Cruz album. Before her album, Fabregas was shown in various interviews promoting Cruz album and they did a big press conference to announce the release of her album but since then nothing after that and Fabregas has quickly shifted his attention to his group album and that's all he talks about now. How can you be taken seriously as a label when you don't even know how to promote your artist through and through. Not even 3 month and we have already forgot that the poor girl released an album because her record label don't know what to do after that...Joke

MARLENE DE REVE (Clip Officiel)

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