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He looks like he's loving life there with selfies everywhere

Is this guy forgetting that he had several interviews regarding his departure from MM but why is he talking here as if he's been loyal throughout. He looks sick....something not right about him

Looking back throughout the past years, It'll be a small triumph if any of us manage to get out of 2014-16 list of best generiques with anything than Fabregas's "Mascara (ya mado)", Koffi's "Ekoti te", Werra's "Katafumbwa", Brigade's "Affaire ya Rando", Ferre's "Seben", Fally's "Libre Parcour", Wazekwa's "Fimbu" or even Robinio's "Yeyo" in our head. That's really saying something when you look back in the past years which contained full of insanely (and at times, infuriatingly) catchy generiques.

With big hitters like those blasting out of  every Congolese nightclub and party you find yourself in, you forget that any other songs actually existed. while everyone was getting rightfully giddy over Heritier's first solo project which dropped this year, there was a lot of generiques throughout the past 3 years which went right under everyone's radar or just not promoted enough by the artists themselves, in retrospect, they really shouldn't have. Though i could sit here all day with you, just shooting the breeze and playing all the generiques from 2014 to 2016 that i think went without the fanfare they deserved or miss judged it at first (I'm guilty of that), I've decided to do you a solid and put together 5 of the very best. Plug in your headphones, pour yourself a glass of JD and seriously enjoy these terribly underrated musical revelations.

1. Cappucino LBG "Kindoki"

Where do i start with this one....The first generique of his solo career and in my opinion he delivered artistically but he killed it with lack of promotion and staying  way too much in Europe. This generique has it all, from crisp solo guitar licks, catchy and danceable cries to well arranged and performed dance choreography. Whoever did the arrangement for this generique deserves credit cause they did a great job with the sound quality as you can hear not only the mabanga properly but it was well placed. The video quality is amazing and the choreography are just danceable to the fullest.

2. Ferre Gola "Derangement"

What can i say about Ferre when it comes to generiques that I haven't already said...hmm...He made two mistake on this generique, 1. He decided to fully attack Werra which started after the stade concert and 2. he used a crap studio which did a horrible job with atalakus voice sounding too low and faded guitar sound. This generique had very good danceable cries like kiriku's "Kotele , "dodo" and Rite Nzele "Ungratitide" had the aggressiveness of Golberg a Bill type atalaku which every group seem to love. What i loved most about this generique was the choreography and the theme it had and that modefied Koyimbiko dance (from  2:12 ) which had me on practice mode for weeks.

3. Celeo Scram "Bako Bela Mutu"

Easily the second best ever atalaku in Maison Mere history....This slow paced but danceable seben only had one issue, it was dropped when he was suffering financially and lacked professionalism but it was still a good seben with Ya Zing (Kapaya's brother) on reminded me of Celeo of old, especially the beginning. I love the guitar licks on this seben and everything just flows right with breaks at the right time.

4. Pegguy Tabu "Choco Factory" (Feat Kabuya, Equaliseur)

It just amazes me how this generique wasn't a hit...The video vision was something new and for a guy who doesn't make much of Congolese type seben I was  surprised by the talent with Fally type seben and having none other than Fally's ex  atalaku Equaliser featuring with his ex member Kabuya. Video quality and choreography was expected as he's more european based and has the mean to produce such....The first part it's just wow

5. Heritier Watanabe "Retirada"
This is only on my list because of the heavy criticism it has faced since it was released and people actually preferring Deplick's "en Afrique" more. The only downside of this generique is the arrangement of the mabanga, it was all over the place and can barely be heard. Kunzardo was on fire but Plata cries and the dance that goes with it just gets me moving. Nice and simple video with cries after cries to go with the dances. I believe it will catch on.

I highly recommend ignoring whatever warning your music playing device of choice may give you about the volume you choose to play these songs at. My advice is to make like Spinal Tap and turn them up to 11. They might be underrated, but these generique are much appreciated in my book... Enjoy

One of the song I reviewed on his album....The only edge Heritier has over him at the moment  is the promotion part which comes with good producer

This album was hyped big from the day he left Maison Mere and I must say he has delivered....Here are the stand out songs for me from Retirada:

*you need a good sound system to enjoy the musical aspects of this album*

☆VOL 1:
● D De D (im big with melodies when it comes to rumbas and this song does it for me...good arrangements and the duet at the end was just perfect....lyric wise it's your typical love song but well sang)

●Abeti Faux (another well performed duet but this time with a female singer who sounds like Claudia Bakisa with a catchy chorus....the melody reminds me of Les Marquis song)

●Affection (Diego Milito finally doing what he wasn't given a chance to do in MM...beautiful song. Heritier's voice on this song really gives goosebump...nice vocal from his musician at the end)

●Bondela Jires (some salsa for those who like these type of music)

●Give me (This song will be big for English speakers like myself...I'm surprised that he can sing so naturally with better English accent than Fally, Ferre or any other Congolese artists who in the past attempted to sing in English...the beat and short lyric of the song was done just perfect...catchy and simple afro beat song)

☆VOL 2:
● Marlene De Reve (group song with vocals from his musicians....Diego Milito well used....featuring from Grace Mbisi annoying laugh as if saying her enough wasn't enough)

●Je suis Jeune Je suis Wata ( my type of seben with Celeo and Bill type duet between Kunzardo and Yumbi)

●J'aime Mon Mari (my favourite song...beautiful duet with Diego Milito and the instruments and chorus just wow....downside is that the vocals of Diego and other sounds as if it was recorded over the phone..strange )

●Cala Boca  (another club type song but this time in french with another catchy chorus....his producer knows how to avoid monotony and this album it's full of diversity...again he sounds natural singing in french)

●Cure d'Ame (no comment...a shout out to his petit Fabro)

●Toure ya Gaga

●De Luxembourg (The female singer has a nice voice...Padache, Champion and Lofombo leading  )

●Carriere d'Honneur (seben na seben....basically a cd version of what we've been hearing from the concerts..if Brandon thought is the number 1 animateur in team wata then he should think again cos Kunzardo is everywhere)

●Magastar (Diego Milito again shining)

●Brusquement (reminds me of Miels song from Malewa)

This album has the Droit Chemin feel....a classic and I have a feeling this album will take him far and do wonders on his international career especially with David watch Koffi release something to steal the spotlight lol

Congolese Music / Héritier Watanabe - D DE D (Clip Officiel)
« on: November 10, 2016, 14:39 »
Just beautiful 10/10....this boy knows music

« on: November 08, 2016, 19:38 »
Congo music fans are going to have a lot of new music to enjoy between now until next year fall......Ferre, Fally, Werra, Heritier, Koffi, Lacoste, Deplick, JB Mpiana, Kabose, Celeo, Wazekwa and Abraham are all slated to drop albums or singles. Although track lists and album/single titles haven’t been released yet for some but others like Ferre with Manix, Fally and Werra are already dropping hints about what’s to come.

Alot of artists are hyping their upcoming album/single but in all honesty, how many of those artists do you really care about if they release or not...So i want to put this one to you guys...Which album are you looking forward to the most?

Congolese Music / Retirada's generique (full clip)
« on: October 31, 2016, 14:19 »
Kunzardo always on point with his story telling animation style

Who will succeed? Let's enjoy

Madness....Tresor Kongolo news it's a shock to me, big mistake by Ferre.

Ain't heard or seen the guy since his second rep in la zamba. Has he left already?


The aftermath continues

Congolese Music / New!...Héritier Watanabe - B.M(CLIP)
« on: July 13, 2016, 16:11 »

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