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lol..."Mr est que-il est de chantal ici"

lol....i used to think werra and Alain Mpela are brothers...they sure look alike

Tresor always goes over board when it comes to taking shots at rivals.....he used to do it all the time when he was Fally's spokesman.

No he didn't run away from Metropole, Garcon Plasir said he left because there doing some renovations to it and it will take up to a month.

As you can see from this video it doesn't sound like they are going back there or did Marka mention

Congolese Music / Re: Carine Mokonzi at La Zamba
« on: May 12, 2014, 03:15 »
Maison Mere de Heritier wata na

from 15:13 to know Maison Mere will come on TV and say Ferre run away because he had enough of Maison Mere taking his musicians ;D

mutu ya zododia moko boye

Koffi and Fally have one but it's not working and Werra use to have one back in the day(Sous Sol era)

i remember werra's one but i wonder what happen.....Fally's musicians really need it more

2048 is a great example....i dont know why congolese bands dont bother with it

dont do drugs kids

10min was enough to stop watching these buffoons


are you serious?? Ever since Deplick joined Maison Mere he has been a first teamer.

part timer....comes and sing then back on the bench

ermm...your title is misleading....i watched the whole interview he didn't talk about Ferre nor his musicians

Deplick should just leave

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