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oh for the love of God...will this album ever finish

music is what we want not polemique

He didn't have to bring it up.....these journalist are the ones who add fuel....its like they can't do an interview without polemique epola....i'm interested in the music not polemique of they said he said she said....

This journalist is a idiot....why is he trying to start beef between musicians....pathetic

Congolese Music / Re: WHY DON'T WE MAKE IT A RULE
« on: May 21, 2014, 12:34 »
Why don't we make it a rule that if you post in a language that is not English you also post the associated translation.some of us non lingala speakers are starting to feel left out again .

We talked about this before when the forum returned....i'm congolese and certain things i find it funnier saying it in lingala when responding to a follow lingala speaker directly, so why should we translate that when its not meant for everyone

Why was Mirage never given any vocals in Danger De Mort?? >:( >:( >:(....but it's okay because a year later he released his album Figure De Style which is a very good album.

I think he stayed in europe after "Boma nga na elengi" concerts, therefore he was replaced by Bouro Mpela


Obosani Danger De Mort??

Danger De Mort was a group album not Koffi's

Best chorus for me from this album

This whole album was dominated by Ferry, vocally and chorus

The only people who understand congolese music is congolese...that's why you hear about shit songs and artist like wazekwa being a hit in other African countries when in reality they produce garbage when it comes to rumba. 

Batu mosusu bakomi neti mbongo ya kala,valeur na bango esili........ ;D

His last best album still remains Monde Arabe

SAD....he will become like Papa Wemba

Quartier latin its official the new zaiko in term of no one pays much attention to them or know the people in the band.....

2084 actually sounds good...the solo guitar sounds sick....let me guess they didn't promote it or made a video

i didnt even know he does seben

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