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Congolese Music / Re: THIS SONG SEEMS AN 1800 OPERA SONG
« on: July 01, 2020, 00:46 »
Now I see where Werra’s Opération Dragon theme idea came from lol

« on: July 01, 2020, 00:43 »
Brigade always gets his cries stolen lol. The same thing happened with Monde Arabe

Sorry for the late reply but what cries Brigade got stolen in Monde Arabe ? I thought Brigade was in fact in Monde Arabe

He got left behind when they went abroad or it was during the time he joined Maison Mere for short period before returning again to do Skol Longitima. They ended up recording Monde Arabe with CNN, Acide, Kerozene and Apoca.

Vieux nabiso ya London 8)

So he mocked Ferre saying Ferre’s wasn’t a live acoustic and it shouldn’t be called that but yet he’s turned around and done the exact same thing looool

Lol. Is a way to humiliate Ferre. See how he sang Liputa (one of Fally if not Fally's biggest song) but let out every Ferre's song? Maison Mere could send everybody to make the acoustique but they have choosen a clown like Sanlara to humiliate Ferre.

He sang Ferre’s song in there too, “Papy kake” part of Porte-monnaie. The guy is a clown what did you expect lol.

My mate is promoting this garbage hard on whatsapp and FB just cause he also got a shout out lol


LOL he's not playing that guitar, there's someone there playing and he's just moving his fingers. If you know about guitar it's easy to spot ;D

He needs to get Kapaya on

Ermmm what’s going on here lol

He is slowly going down, to bad this happened too soon........ Painful thing is that his fall will affect Congo music cause currently him and Innoss maybe are kind of carrying the flag up high.

No. I don't think he will go down. To be honest nobody cares about the other bandmembers pf Fally otherwise the song of "Chef" Atele Kunianga would have been popping but it got nowhere.
Fally's core fanbase are ladies of all ages from the smallest to the oldest who falls for him because unlike.many of the Congolese leaders (check how much belly Werrason, Ferre, JB and many others have) is fit and can sing decent. For that I listen to Fally's music couldn't care if Mopiwu, Gattuso, Alvarito Solo are there the only guys I am interested in are Atalakus but since I am not a lady wheter Fally sings on his owm or not wheter his videos are crappy or not I don't care and many others, especially ladied think that. Ask to your daughters or female relatives if they know at least one of the other guys except Fally. They will know none It is just that if you are 40 years old and with kids it is better to make things on your own and succeed or fail, rather than being in fear and be scared for your workplace. To this day I don't underdtand how Kakol, Diego, Mopiwu and all those guys who are plus 30 can stay in bands knowing they are getting very little money and then buttlick the boss amd make like he is the best in the world.

What belly does Ferre have and when did you see this belly  ;D...Ferre is fit (no homo), otalaka ye na soni? lol

I disagree, the Congolese diaspora in America doesn't promote their artist with the same fervor as other Africans in America.
It is not true. Innoss is actually from th Akom academy and the reasom why he is so successful it is because Akom thought him the American way of doing business and doimg great show to get fame. The problem is that if you want to have success in America you must speak English period. Akon is a French speaking artist from Senegal but he changed his music in English and became a legend on the American music. French Montana is from Morocco and he is pretty average but somehow got a bilion views with a song in English, Stromae is the most knowm French speaking artist but when he went to America people really didn't get him becayse he was speaking French while he got called by Major Lazer and other big artists to direct their videos. Congolese musicians should focus on the latin market instead I mean Ozuna, Maluma and especially Daddy Yankee became famous talking to spanish audiemces and really never caring about the States actually American artists now wants to work with Latin American artists because they are poppin. Latinosnin South America and Worldwide wants to discover their african roots and if they saw a person who sang in Lingala and couldn't be more proud to be more African you will see how much success thy will have. Take BM for example he is a Europe based musiciams whi sings in Lingala amd he was number one for ages in Barramquilla in Colombia, Latin America also have a lot of blak people whowill love to see their brothers in Comgo having success. America is just a small piece, Psy is korean, Luis Fonsi (Despacitp guy) is from Porto Rico and the song was with Daddy Yankee and they had the most viewed video in the world no American ever did that only Wiz Khalifa amd Drake which is a Canadian. Amd furthermore BET lost his importance a long time ago. I would prefer to win grammies than to win a senseless bet award to be honest.

Thank you

So how did Innoss’B not win after being ahead in the voting. What was the point of that Instagram voting if it didn’t count one bit. Hate to say but Fally was right, Burna winning just shows that their are more interested in giving to people who are from English speaking countries than others. They should just create another category for french speaking artists so that they have a chance of winning something.

Mokonzi yaba pedula asiliki

Congolese Music / Re: Werrason - Chasser le Corona (Clip)
« on: June 28, 2020, 13:29 »
You get paid every time we listen to you your music?

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