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He's alone doing playbacks in night clubs under the shadows of his big brother Aiglé. lol

« on: May 09, 2022, 10:25 »
What impressed me most about this show was the talent of the rhythm guitarist,whoever he is, he's mastered guitar,within seconds he can play anything he's asked to play and with perfect precision.

The boy is losing it. After the loss of band members and some flop shows,he seems to be disorientated or maybe that was 'ngulu business'...... He seems to want so much polemique right now,i didn't like Pakistani jibe polemique against Robinio,that's unacceptable,i have lost respect for Fabro and his ataluku Chomi because of that stupid racist joke.

Congolese Music / Re: WHO HAS THE FULL VERSION
« on: May 09, 2022, 10:16 »
The language sounds Ghanian.

I was expecting an album full of nonsense like that rumba trap song but am actually pleased. I don't like that particular track rumba trap and the other one with a title in English otherwise am actually surprised that Ferre was this creative ,am pleased with the project overall,he needs to quickly release a couple of videos for the top songs especially the one done with the Ivorian
 Josey who sings perfect lingala.

Werrason and Fally really know how to wow international audiences,JB and his BCBG did so uselessly ,I couldn't believe my eyes and ears ,I don't even know if there was echo on the drum or what but I don't know what Seguin was playing. JDL and friends even took their "leader leader eyinda " nonsense all the way to Dubai,so embarrassing.

This is good.

I find Innos too smart for the so called chronifuati and even his competitors,the boys is very intelligent, his answers are clear but those that interview him,his rivals and their fans always misinterpret him. He's in his own lane and seems what his competitors do doesn't bother him at all.

Congolese Music / Re: Are Congolese artists aware about this ?
« on: December 29, 2021, 23:00 »
They surely watched Papa Wemba’s documentary of 2003 by BBC and those many books about chekula, etc. I remember Nicolas Sarkozy when he was a still mayor, being mad about Wemba’s documentary because of Archeveque Lobobo not having papers but being able to buy expensive clothes and saying that it need to be stopped once he get in power.
That stupid Hungarian, I wonder what Is wrong with White french people, First they steal our Land then they take or resources and get made of a Congolese has Money with no paper? How.many French people with no paper go to French African countries ti act like big bosses and sometines even sleep with Little girls? But you don't see no one speaking about them, French people are stupid, there Is even that presidential guy Who wants to run for the elections Who says ti strip all of the former ex colonies's people.of their citizenship, and this gets me really mad because people from those colonies Senegal, Congo Brazza, Camerun, Côte D'Ivoire etc. Lost their Life to give France the Freedom that France has now, and now these ungrateful bastarda treats US like some dirty immigrants
Kindly desist from racist language,you can still air your points without  the sort of language you have used .

It’s the only thing they can do….. ;D ;D
Hahahaha true. JB is bloody lazy

Patience pays indeed. He's now one of the remaining longest serving QL members.

« on: December 24, 2021, 18:54 »
Excellent stuff. Nothing to add or subtract,am totally happy with everything!

This fire! Part 1 is better. On this one this one Marchouse and the bassist really hammered,hmmmm very complicated rhythm partitions! Charly Solo is okay,at least he has played a few more partitions compared to his previous works but Hadji for me does it on solo.

There are some good licks but It Is clear that Abraham lacks a skilled and experienced guitarist with creatività, despite this guitarist playing well he played things that were not impressive and yes he played the licks of Heritier in MAMD but too be honest they are the only parte of the Songs I like. This parte at 3:28  It reminds me something but I can't Remember what Songs.
The soloist is good, all the licks are good you cannot blame him for the owner of the song and the animators borrowing animation from other artists. The last two parts of the sebene have Heritier's MAMD and from 3.28 it's JB's Titanic it's normal to use popular licks especially when praising or giving credit to others. It's clear what the intention was in the borrowed licks,he praises Werra in the the MAMD licks,at least the only fault there is lack of shout out to Heritier then the second part 3.28 lick is a shout out to JB. Good generique for someone new on the market.

Quite a number of great singers who had good songs on the album JB had been promising to release for years have now left so what songs is he going to release?
The guy JB lacks seriousness, personally I have even lost touch,i don't even know who is who in BCBG anymore because I rarely watch their shows as they are all predictable, I can literally predict the next song to be played at any BCBG show and the most irritating part is the useless praises "leadeur, leadeur, eyinda" by JDL,so annoying.

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