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I love this album. You also got Champion Kanda, Kady Bass, and Papy Cocaine in that squad.

Sakoko did a fantastic job reinterpreting the original King Kester sang. Others would be scared to take on that challenge

One of Aime Buanga’s practices that hindered his ability to become a big leader was that he didn’t dress the part like other leaders did. In this clip, the singers are better dressed than him

Papy Cocaine had Zaiko as only professional band. He joined them in 1997 leaving them in 2009 when Nyoka Longo decided to go back Kinshasa and him putting stones in his lugagge hahahahahha. He tried then to rejoin them in 2012 but Nyoch refused and he's now living well in Brussels. He's a brother in christ now. It's a long time that I've seen him. I guess that JF Ifonge influenced him to become a brother in christ. Because back in the days they used to go often to the clubs in Brussels with his wife being unhappy and locking him up in his bedroom sometimes.


Funny to see Sakoko, Alvarito, Jordan Kusa and Marcation.

Anyone have a video or photo of the 98’s zenith with the whole groupe? (Bourro savane malale sam babia modogo mboshi somono do binda ect...)
Because all i have of this concert is some memory of koffi in french news in 98 when they made a little documentary & i remember koffi on stage, jump on do akongo’s back & they all weared red jackets. But i was 5 years old (yes im an hypermnesiac)

You mean this one ? From 1:03 min

There doesn’t exist a video of Zenith ‘98. Koffi didn’t wan to release it because of the split with Academia. He only released a VHS called “Zenith ‘98 a guichet fermer & Droit de Veto a Kinshasa”. Which had just little extrats of their show at Zenith (Dieu Voit Tout, Fouta Djallon, Fontaine & SOS), the rehearsel of Quartier Latin at Oshwe for their show at Stade des Martyrs, 3 videoclips of Droit de Veto (Rond Point, Sens Inverse & Droit de Veto), a preview of the song Number One (the called Soukantima), extrats of their show in the stadium of Mateco in Yaoundé and some little interviews of the musicians and dancers.

Here you got the full VHS. I used to have the same video. I hope that someone uploads it in a better quality.

Nalela Miziki uploaded the extrats of Zenith in a better quality.

True Olympia is one of the 10 most mythic musichalls of the world. They never put Bercy and Zenith on that list. Normally the French governement. have to pay Congolese artists for having promoted their musichalls in Anglophone countries of Africa. Because who knew Bercy, Palais des Sports & Zenith and even Olympia there ? People in the world mostly know Madison Square Garden, Albert Royal Hall, O2, Apollo Theatre, Carnegie Hall & the Broadway Theatre.

Papa Wemba himself doesn't know how to dance and everybody knows that. Koffi Olomide used to mock him back in the days in those old polemique-videos with him saying that he was only shaking his arms. The only concert where I saw him doing some effort was his Zenith of 2000 with Nouvelle Ecriture. With him saying on Fula Ngenge and Elongi Ya Jesus and never saw him dancing like that again or before. Except those rare videos of the 70s, but those days they used to dance very differently then now.

JB Mpiana invited Papa Wemba & Nouvelle Ecriture as guests to perform with him at his presatation-concert of Feux de L'Amour at Intercontinental (Pullman Kinshasa Grand Hotel) and when they the sebene started of Cavalier Solitaire he was doing nothing hahahah while JB Mpiana and Aimelia dancing very hard. Or maybe it was "charisme, jamais sapeur akoki kobina ndombolo yaba likaku. Eko sopa yo pe oko toka". Wemba also didn't like that stuff of atalaku's with him keeping minimisize them in interviews even when he recruited Alpatshino.

from 4:50 min

I don't see it as a problem. Why had everything to be focused on them ?

I think that its a way to showcase the dance-talents of their musicians instead of focusing everything on themselves which is now the case with the musicians of G5. Even in concerts Werrason, Defao, Koffi Olomide, etc. would give their singers the time to show their danceskills which is rare nowadays (also a little bit because they make not make sebene-songs anymore). Don't forget that Koffi wasn't a good dancer. Before 1997 he used to dance well because those dances weren't really difficult and hadn't to use your hips alot or to jump like a Bouro Mpela. But look at Olympia at Olympia or other concerts after 1997 you see that couldn't dance well. But since 2015 he's giving everything and dances even better than Nyoka Longo lol. Apart of Arche de Noe you can see Koffi Olomide dance a little bit in Mea Culpa.

Madilu can't dance he made a big afford during his concert in Bata which surprised Werrason, Wazekwa, Nyoka Longo and the musicians of Extra Musica. They never saw Madilu dancing like that. Marie Paul isn't also a very big dancer. I remember Celezino dissing Adolphe Dominguez about that in Vita-Imana. Saying that Marie Paul is a big leader and that he's better in everything then Adolphe, apart the dance-section with him comparing Adolphe to Andele of Empire Bakuba lol hahahahaha. You had to see Marie Paul's Kiwanzenza in the Ko-Debout videoclip I couldn't with laughing.

from 8:40 min. Celezino had to be a comedian like Giani Fayi and Vue de Loin.

When I bought that dvd I was looking Celezino's everyday 4 times because it was so funny with him dissing Ferre, Gipson, Bill, Depitsho and Adolphe with him also advicing Nyoka Longo to fire all his musicians. "Mbala moko na beti cachet. Allez la-bas, dehors na Kisasa!!!! Mudebrouillez, debrouillez-vous votre vie la", "Yango Bill akendaki kosala ba ching-chang, soki ba samourais kuna" hahahahaha. It looks like Zobozi (RIP) was inspired with this video to say that Gipson and Roi Soleil are singing like Mpongo Love and Mbilia Bel. Because of the way Celezino was comparing Ferre to Mbilia Bel.



Wow look at Werrason’s arrival in Luanda. You can see that he didn’t except that crowd at the airport which him sing about that in Kibuisa Mpimpa. “Po na Angola bayambaki ye lokola Roi”.

The video will be deleted in some hours.

Congolese Music / An old article about Koffi Olomide (1998)
« on: November 16, 2018, 13:56 »

Talking about reports on france 2 does somebody remember the report on papa wemba's bercy where there was a sorcerer in the locker rooms and later a pastor aswell

I think that David Pudajas laughed very hard about those dances.

I noticed that Wemba’s and Koffi’s Bercy were the only shows who were showed on M6, France 2 and Canal+. While no one of the French press talked about Werra’s & JB’s concerts at Bercy only those diaspora tv and radiochannel MCM Africa & Africa N1. Was it bad marketing of both guys or didn’t they have a strong management and staff like Koffi Olomide & Papa Wemba ?

Koffi Olomide was even interviewed by French newspaper Liberation and TV5 before his show at Bercy. The same happened before performing at Olympia.

Talking about reports on france 2 does somebody remember the report on papa wemba's bercy where there was a sorcerer in the locker rooms and later a pastor aswell

I remember the sorcerer, but I didn’t notice the pastor. The same sorcerer was also on stage when Wemba made his entrance, but I wasn’t taking it serious. I thought that it was part of the show and that he was a member of the folkloric group. Those things didn’t help because Wemba’s Bercy wasn’t sold out like that of Koffi & Werrason. How was that possible ? Because the concert was on the new year-eve. Even JB’s Bercy had a bigger crowd. I remember that fanclubs were promoting that show strongly with t-shirts and posters, like they did with Zenith ‘99 and Koffi’s Bercy of 2000.

The booklet showed how big and respected Papa Wemba was. In VHS of Nouvelle Ecriture he showed some of his trophees.

Why did Gauthier Mukoka not go on the Europe tour with Nouvelle Ecriture was he still in Kinshasa until his death?

Yes, he was still in Kinshasa and died somewhere in 2006. He was an excellent bassist, but very addicted to drugs. Its drugs that killed him. I think that his life would have been very different if Papa Wemba took him to Europe in 1987 when they decided to settle Viva La Musica in Paris.

I noticed that Wemba left alot of keymembers behind in Kinshasa in 1987 guys like Lidjo Kwempa
& Awilo Longomba. I guess there were problems in the band and that he wanted to take revenge against them.

Thank God that does not happen.

It continues but in another form “Combattans”. If you look well they kind like started with their vieux “bledard” copying it. Didn’t you how they humiliated Manda Chante in 2006 in London ?

Lol, they used to be cool guys. But don’t mess with them. They used to give those musicians hard times in Europe hahahaha. They also started that thing of interrupting shows in Paris, Les New Jacks used also to do the same thing in Brussels.

Why did they do that?

Alot of reasons. They had to pay them to perform in their city, because their area not them and those artists won’t do that they would interrupt their show. Look how Werrason’s concert at Cirque Royal was messed. All concerts of Koffi in Brussels between 1998 until 2006 ended up in fights. Other reasons were musicians getting their girls with them not accepting it that a “bledard” stole their girl with as results musicians sometimes running in Matonge, Gare de Midi, Gare du Nord if they saw them hahaha.

Seriously? But that songwriter had a lot of creativity.

Kinshasa is a place full with talented artist. That’s why most artists prefer to settle their band in Kinshasa. Atalaku’s for example always far away to het cries in Selembao, Bumbu, Malueka, Camp Luka, Kingasani & Masina. In the same area you got very talented songwriters, but they mostly don’t get the chance to be close to bandleaders since that they are dirty in their eyes. The only artist who used to be cool was Papa Wemba and sometimes King Kester Emeneya, but they are then not considered as artists. With then their musicians getting those little parts of their songs and using in as vocals in the songs of their leaders or collegues.

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