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No, he was very bad. He was after Mobutu, the most hated guy in Kinshasa. He killed alot of people, he stole married women, he also liked to humilate and intimidate people. He didn't like to have handsome guys around him. If he saw a guy with looks near his table if he was visiting a concert at intercontinental, he would then send his guards to send that guy away. But for people working for Yoshad Production (Francis Kalombo, Zacharie Bababaswe, etc.), his soldiers of SARM "Service for Military Action and Intelligence" (which was made to stop and/or kill UDPS-supporters and opposants of Mobutu) and musicians like JB Mpiana, Werrason, Papa Wemba, Marie Paul, Blaise Bula, Manda Chante, etc. he was a hero. Because he was giving them alot of money with them giving big praises during concerts (l'Homme Fort, Tempete de Desert, etc.) or a song dedicated to him in return. With all bandleaders and musicians trying to be close to him and Yoshad Production, knowing that they would get alot of money from. It's just like how all musicians of DR Congo are trying to be close with the children of Sassou Nguesso (Claudia Sassou, Denis-Christel Sassou, etc.) these years.


I don't think Papa Wemba is comfortable I can see it in his facial expression even the guy on the right.

lol, I saw many videos and picture of Wemba smiling and making jokes with Saddam.

Yes, but if they have a good relations with the minister of media or culture, commission de censure, tv-bosses, etc. then they can lift it in one day.

JB Mpiana wasn't suspended for that, but I remember JB Mpiana being suspended for Anya Star showing her underwear during a concert at Grand Hotel Kinshasa which was some months before that.

Look what Anya Star did on 3:18. She went to far by doing that. I guess that she did that, because she couldn't handle the way the girl before her danced better.


Talking about his career in SVP La Gamme, Quartier Latin, Wenge Maison Mere and Zaiko. He talks about his new project "Shulay chante Werrason".

Yes, she died this morning

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