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with Petite Balaise, Christian Kingstall, Ramatoulaye, Durell Loemba, Roga Roga, Espe Bass, Quetin Moyascko, Regis Touba, Oxygene, Doudou Copa, Abilissi, Kila Mbongo

Congolese Music / Archive; Wenge B.C.B.G. Live at Bataclan 1998
« on: November 04, 2015, 12:59 »

I really wanted to know what's real reason why Wenge Musica 4X4 in '93 fell out with Saddam Hussein and how they reconciled the same year and fell out again in '95. the same thing about Wenge Aile Paris the same year and how they reconciled in '96.

Because i'm hearing farious reasons;
*Sadamm wanted to see money of the album Pleins Feux '92.

*Saddam was pissed about Wenge 4x4, because that they didn't want to give him the passport of Manda Chante, who joined Wenge Aile Paris. And because of that he threw Aldophe Dominguez in swimming pool during a party in front of many people, which was a big humilation, he kipnapped J.B. and putted him in the trunk of his car and he disrupted Wenge's concert at Palais du Peuple with soldiers, after being angry against Werrason who provoked him during the ad of that concert.

*In 1995 Wenge 4x4 fell again out with Saddam. Because Saddam was angry that one of his girlfriend preferd JB instead of him, with as result Saddam forbid Wenge releasing albums and performing in Zaire and trying to convince Aime Buanga to rejoin Wenge EL Paris and to recognize him in Zaire as the official founder of Wenge 4x4, with forbid Wenge 4x4 to use the name Wenge.

*Saddam proposed Wenge Aile Paris a lot of money to return again in Kinshasa for some concerts to prove Wenge 4x4 with Manda Chante joining them, which created problems with Aime Buanga & Ricoco being against (not trusting Saddam and accusing Marie Paul & Francis Kalombo for wating to have total control of the band) and Marie Paul, Francis Kalombo, Zing Zong agreeing with the contract. Which finally led to Wenge Aile Paris separting in two camps (Wenge Aile Paris/Aime Buanga, Ricoco, Collegien Zola, Diva La Marquise, JF Ifonge, Cesar Loboko with Damien Dimonekene as manager) who stayed in Paris and (Wenge El Paris/Marie Paul, Manda Chante, Zing-Zong, JDT, Savanet Depitsho, Rento Vena with Francis Kalombo as manager) who went to Kinshasa. With finally as result that Francis Kalombo abandonning them and Marie Paul, Zing Zong, Savanet quickly returned to Paris, fearing for their life, after arguing about the contract with Saddam's production company Yoshad Productions and Saddam Hussein forbid them releasing albums and performing in Zaire.


after their Europe-tour '99 and Stade des Martyrs. This was one month before the release of Solola Bien. I guess that Didier Masela had already left the band and that Ali Mbonda joined Wenge B.C.B.G.


Will he react on Fally's comment about being a Turk ???

Congolese Music / The most underated generics of Wenge Maison Mere?
« on: September 13, 2015, 01:25 »

I wonder if they ever had made a videoclip of these generics.

Congolese Music / Tracks with the same begining
« on: September 11, 2015, 00:42 »

In 1998 Koffi Olomide announced his solo-album "Attentat" just after his Olympia performance and gave some extrait of Non Assitance and guys like Babia Ndonga, Sam Tshintu and Bouro gave aside Rond Point (of Droit de Veto) also the extrait of the begining of the song Nul n'est Parfait. So was the intro of the second generic "Speed Life" that Academia did to piss of Koffi Olomide?

Here we got the generics of the albums Titanic and Intervation Rapide both released in November '98 and also got the same intro.

Congolese Music / Is that Koffi's new nickname ? kiekiekiekie
« on: September 10, 2015, 22:25 »
He watched to Koffi's wikipedia and when he watched to <<surnoms>>, i saw aside Acram Oje, this "Vieux Ebola Niama zoba tufi ya mama na yo poya kokumba yo na cimetiere na kitambo"

Congolese Music / Archive; Reddy Amisi ft Koffi Olomide '98
« on: September 09, 2015, 21:43 »

Reddy Amisi feat Koffi Olomide and Mboshi Lipass on the animation along with Somono Dolce Parabolique

Reddy Amisi feat Koffi Olomide on the most beautifel song from the album Etoile '98. Till today Reddy gets very angry, when they ask him why this song wasn't succesfull like his featerings with Dindo Yogo, Papa Wemba or Joly Mubiala.


from 1:01 min the koyimbi-ko animation


Guyguy Fall says that he is the god of all the singers from Brazza and that Doudou Copa, Levyson and Herman Ngassaki are his children, but refuse to accept Reddy Amisi and Werrason as his fathers and that he copied Werrason, when they started Extra Musica "Bon Pied, Bon Look"


I found it strange that Papy Jah wasn't present in the videoclips.


Papy Jah on the animation (It smeems that he liked the animations of BCBG alot)

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