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Debaba Mbaki, Pompom Miyake, Iboss Le Grand (R.I.P.),etc. . Other leaders would not accept a copycat or a musician singing like him in his band.

Congolese Music / Hahahaha Jose Cartouche was so funny
« on: June 28, 2018, 00:05 »


Live at Fikin just after the release of Anti Terro.

Anti Terro brought JB Mpiana really back, but did not really fill the exceptions of people, who were waiting for a new TH or Feux de L'Amour. JB Mpiana & Werrason had alot of power in Kinshasa, DR Congo, Angola & Congo Brazzaville in those days. Their concerts had always a big crowd. Will there a generation or an artist come who would have same big influence they had from the split of Wenge in 1997 until 2006 or let say to 2011 ?

I was thinking that the beef of JB vs Werra was over after singing Ezau, but their Fara Fara at Fikin 2005 said something different with Werrason later on JB's Ezau with the song Temoinage contradicting the things JB sung.


Si Si Si, Wake Up, Mista, Ultimatum, Kaokokokorobo, Sai Sai & Prudence with himself Didier talking in this video.


Koffi will celebrate his birthday there.

After the 3 days event of Werrason in 2015 which created damages because of the huge attendence and some spiritual things who happened on the background and the new boss not wanting concerts there, made Congolese artists not perform there for years neither the Parking-place, only foreign artists like Stromae were allowed to perform there. What made Pullman Hotel (former Grand Hotel and Intercontinental) change their view ?

Congolese Music / (Rare) Manda Chante - Bouclage (videoclip)
« on: June 26, 2018, 21:37 »

with a young Apocalyps


The moment when ex'Quartier Latin guitarist Mbetenge Domingo was angry just because someone interpreted his solo's. It smeems that gets irritated very quickly. I remember him leaving Quartier Latin some days before Koffi chante Lutumba in 2011, just because Koffi gave the Chef d'Orchestre role to Champion Vualu (who playes now for Heritier Wantanabe). Nevertheless he's talented guitarist and did a good job on Bord Ezanga Kombo, Abacadabra & Danger de Mort and being the brain of the three albums. His prime came on the wrong moment, because he came on the moment when the focus on musicians of bands started to drop with in Quartier Latin everything being focused on Cindy Le Coeur. He worked later with Ferre Gola on Boite Noire, QQJD and Derangement and many other artists.


talking about the suspension he got from Koffi back in 2002 and the moment when he was left behind in Kinshasa. Saying to other musicians that if their leaders left them behind in Kinshasa that it isn't the of the world and that if they decide to leave the band that they have not to insult their ex'leaders.

Congolese Music / Was Ferre Gola serious here ?
« on: June 16, 2018, 09:22 »

In this short interview Ferre Gola says that he dreams about a final of DR Congo against FC Barcelona. With all those Fally-fanatics attacking him on social media. But they forgot that Fally also made a blunder one month ago. Saying that the city Goma is in the west of DR Congo. But he was lucky that that blunder didn't go viral like that "decembre le 14 fevrier".


The moment when Werrason gave Ali Mbonda the opportunity to put 2 songs in an album. His nickname changed from "La Main de Fer" in "La Main d'Or".


Hmmm the 242-album isn't very bad like the way people say. It's just that the generique is bad and the sebenes. But the songs are good. It's not a super album, but it's ok. The thing which I don't like about this album is the sound of the drums. But that is often the problem with albums recorded in Brazzaville & Kinshasa. But people don't notice it, because the generiques have always a good drum-sound. Abacadabra of Koffi & Power of Fally are example.

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