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Congolese Music / Fally-fans mocking Hertier for this
« on: September 09, 2018, 01:36 »


Bozi Boziana, Theo Mbala, Michaux Chamberton, Sec Bidens, Simolo Katondi & Corean Polystar preparing their album Film Ebaluki.


Papa Wemba first interview after his time in prison and Nouvelle Ecrita's concert at Grand Hotel as bonus. Viva La Musica and later Nouvelle Ecrita were so strong and popular and they were able to perform even without Wemba's presence. In 1984 they did 8 months without him and in 1979 he joined Tabu Ley's band for 6 months, leaving Viva in the hands of Emeneya. In 2003/04 Nouvelle Ecrita spent 16 months without Papa Wemba, but still performing in the area's of Kinshasa,in Brazzaville & Pointe Noire and pulling then big crowds. This all changed when Wemba wasn't motivated anymore with Alpatshino, Sampaio, etc. leaving Nouvelle Ecrita in 2006.


After performing at Elysee Montmarte, Ferre announced a concert at Zenith. But they cancelled it quickly. I think that Ferre thought that it was to early.

About his performance at Elysee Montmarte, it created a lot of polemic. Because Fally performed a day before him. People said then that Fally’s concert was very boring and that live-concert weren’t strongest point with the most people prefering Ferre’s performance.

Heritier Watanabe representing DR Congo in the European Parliament. So Werrason isn’t the “Artiste pour la paix de l’Unesco” (aka Ambassadeur de la paix) ? Werrason was exagerating with that title. That title wasn’t fitting to his image in my opinion. Sending gangster to beat people or threaten journalists, sending his musicians and Sankara to insult their rivals and ex’ musicians. That title fitted more to Ray Lema, Lokua Kanza and Papa Wemba.

Congolese Music / Toofan ft Koffi Olomide - Ambiance Congo
« on: September 04, 2018, 11:45 »


Wenge Maison Mere’s first concert ever in Montreal without Didier Masela & Celeo Scram


Koffi Olomide & Quartier Latin live in Paris, celebrating Koffi’s birthday party.


Orchestre Anti-Volcans with gospel singer Olivier Kalabasi on the bass-guitar.

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